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what is the success of being a woman ?  


Womenwe are wonderful.

We have found new ways of tapping in and owning our womanhood, sisterhood and divine feminine essence.  We have already journeyed far to know ourselves and are beautifully evolving into the next era... rising and shining as we remember who we are.

And we are far from done.

We are not just shining lights rising out of the ashes into purity.  We have amazing depths waiting for us to explore. To be felt. To be lived.  It’s time to take radical responsibility and drop deeper, to dance not but one layer of new truth.... 

It’s time to dance it all. And to drop deeper.


How do we know if we dropped deeper in truth and love?

If we don’t feel we have accomplished something nor feeling we withheld from letting manifestations happen.

If we don’t feel ‘like a Goddess’ the way it looks in the images, but we feel how the Goddess is pure divine embodiment, guiding us.

If we can feel and feed Eros, our sexual essence without having to be sexual, as an action.

If we don’t have a necessity to look or behave a certain way, yet let life flow fully through us and be full of life from deep in our cells to pouring out of our skin. 

Yes. we are beautiful and there is more beauty to gain.

The beauty of relaxing into life, love, truth. 

Relaxing into awakening. 


Experiencing the pleasure and nourishment from it as an entrance and limitless gateways into free falling into the depths of your ever expanding being. 

Dropping deeper and deeper in the real power of the 'Mature Feminine' and feeling the expansive nature of who / what we are beyond the labels, concepts and the masks. 

The feminine

Beyond being a woman life itself is feminine. 

Life. Nature. Our nature. 

All that we experience is being brought out by the feminine.

And we bring it into consciousness, and let consciousness and presence create the Sacred Space to experience, beyond identifying with the experience. 

We die and birth in every moment, in every breath. 

With the major question we want to work with: which place do we birth fróm?

What do we have rising up in ourselves? What frequency do we really bring out? 

And how can we keep rising it? 

The mature feminine

Where we are no longer driven by ‘being better’ or ‘being smaller’. Where we don’t blame, or play out games, strategies, manipulations. Yes, also the subtle ones. 

Where we can really trust we are super powerful, exactly perfect as we drop into full authenticity and vulnerability. 

Where we keep on shedding our skin.

Where we can overcome ourselves over and over and be that huge vessel of love and wisdom and not abandon our truest selves.

Where we can really be taken by life and her rhythm. And straight into alignment.

Where we open our wombs and seeing what is alive. 

But why?

In a world that is moving so fast, we have to keep up to speed with our embodiment deepening and consciousness rising. 

And that does not mean rushing to an imaginary finish line, that means slowing down… connecting deeper and listening in… 

When we clear our unconsciously held stories and allow ourselves to feel safe and held by Spirit, by the earth, by the divine energy that we are, we have the capacity to be the sacred vessel for the deepest truth, the most silent peace, deepest love and fiercest wisdom.

And now is the time to let go...

and free fall deep into the mystery.

For there is a next level to go. 

The feminine mystery that has a heartbeat of her own, deep from the earth, connected with the Divine. One with the Divine.

What we have to learn, is that each of us has a unique connection with that heartbeat, that whisper from deep down. It’s beyond concepts and beyond what we know. Allowing the Unknown to take us, and trust it.

We need to make space and come to silence.

So we can hear.


Change is not hard, it is about allowing it in every moment as is the nature of life.

Stepping out of the way to create space for the ever evolving truth. And we are being called to do so, for today and tomorrow. 

to journey into the true gold


We want to take you on a journey, where we can fully relax and feel held and feel safe to dive deeper to uncover the true gold in each moment.

We thought we had to be successful...

In what, we ask?

In the next achievement? In the next concept? In how we ‘should be’ as a career chick or an evolved woman? 

Oh, so subtle the next pitfalls can be. 

And so easily to get caught in it.

Our answer:

the success of being a woman is...

becoming fully embodied and awake to the magic that we are.


We can wake up deeper into our cells, more profound and dance the responsibility we have to go beyond the victim – rescuer - perpetrator dynamics. To come beyond choosing again and again ‘the other side of the coin’ we get presented in our collective field, in our society, in our relationships. To stay with an opinion, an idea, a form. 

Now, we step away from that, into a whole new field. 

We invite you to surrender and let life, love and truth penetrate us deeper, as we penetrate life, love and truth deeper ourselves. 

As we tap into that, we get to embody more expanded wisdom, juicy and fully inspired life, from the real rhythm of your life.

We need to call on our mature masculine spine to hold us, so we can show up fully instead of the immature spine we so easily keep on holding on to and with that, we have our immature feminine out to play.

++ We let men be men, in their own journey of growth and maturing. 

++ We may reclaim our eros, our delight and purpose from there.

++ We can allow our huge power to come alive, expand, not shrinking back.

++ We will come beyond the fear loosing the men around us, the fear of blowing them away.

++ We understand that the cycle of Nature is pure feminine life force, always on time, no need for 'masculine schedules' to plan when it’s best for 'Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter' to arise. 

++ We have to drop deeper, so we can rise higher.



A city retreat with integrative journeys from tantric, shamanic origins with teachings and dances of modern day wisdom. 

We tap into body wisdom, collective and cosmic wisdom, and a deep listening into the magic of the moment: the only place we have access to the divine.

Come and discover with us...  

CENTRAL AMSTERDAM >> October 5 - 7, 2018

with Puja Love and Sarah-Jane Perman



Friday 7pm - 10pm: 

Women's temple evening, dropping into the body wisdom, resting into the support of our womb, the earth, each other.  Enlivening ourselves with embodied dance, womb awakening and sisterhood... take a look at what is inside and get a sense of the deep dive that is to come. 

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm: 

We drop deeper into the sacred support of our container to remove the layers, and look deeper at who we are.  We journey down into our personal and collective underworld, reclaiming the earth medicine, opening the portal of our womb... to feel... to hear... to receive what we need... the light and the shadow.  As open vessels we receive the transmission of the feminine, the Divine Mother codes of the Isis Magdalene Gaia Sophia lineage... and we remember who we are beyond the stories and the limitations we place on ourselves.  We return home to the heart of who we are.        

      Lunch will be served on Saturday & Sunday

Together we will:

- plug deep into the earth and synch to her rhythm.  Womb to womb receiving her transmission.  Allowing us to rest easy and feel safe to let go.  

- meet the many faces of ourselves, our stories and wounds  We will receive their wisdom and offer them up to the sacred fire of transmutation knowing that we are bigger than any trauma we can hold.

- explore the container of sisterhood and what is feels like to move as the Collective that is "womb"man.  Activating our wombs and loving up our body temples with touch, movement and breath.

- explore the creative current of Shakti that is alive and well in each of us.  Ripe and ready to be expressed.  Open to share her unique gifts with the world.

- open as channels for the transmission of the feminine.  The Isis Magdalena Gaia Sophia lineage.  The wisdom that is alive in each of us.  We will explore our connection to the bigger picture of the rise of the feminine on our beloved planet earth.  Accessing the celestial and subtle frequencies to experience the infinite being that we are.

- embody the fullness of ourselves.  As living divinity.  As living magic.  As power beyond measure. 

Not broken.  Only sleeping.

this is your full permission to wake up to the truth of who you are.         



180 Euros ($220 USD) >>

Friday - Sunday early booking discount (available for the first 8 women then increases to 230 Euros ($290 USD)

40 Euros ($50 USD) >>

Friday night ceremony only 




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Puja Love >>

As a Sensualista and Tantric teacher, she passionately guided many men and women to get into their fullness, heart & power of their masculine & feminine core. She showed them a way to an empowered and embodied life: spirited, fulfilling, intimate.
She teaches in workshops, retreats, festivals and private sessions all over the globe.

She has been a Tantrika for over 19 years, worked as a holistic psychotherapist & counselor. She loves to deepen the Art of Loving and Conscious, Sacred and Energetic Sexuality.

With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality.

How does essence lead a daily life? The answer she found: by being a True Lover and living a Tantric Life. Puja is the creator of Tantric Temple Parties. While she is traveling and working all over the globe, Ibiza and Holland feel like a base. To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine aliveness, peace and love. 


Sarah-jane perman >> 

Sarah-Jane is a passionate wisdom keeper and way shower with a clear mission to assist in the birthing of the New Earth and help others remember who we are beyond this human experience.

Movement has always been her medicine and she has been a dancer since birth always excited to explore new ways of feeling and moving Spirit through her body. Spurred on an inner knowing that there was more to this human life she dove into a traditional yogic path, trying on many lineages before finding her own unique style of Shakti flow. She then opened herself to metaphysical realms and the feminine mystery streams and her perspective of this human experience shifted forever. She acknowledged her bigger service mission of anchoring the light on earth and assisting in the activation of others through her own embodiment process. She accepted her role as an energetic catalyst for those ready to wake up to the bigger picture and rise as the creator beings we are, ready to share our unique codes with the world.

It was through her personal experience of disharmony and disconnection from her wild feminine nature that lead her back to the path of the womb priestess. As guided by the Goddess, every day is a process of unlocking the codes, learning to trust the feminine, dropping deeper into the void, riding the current of Shakti, expanding into ecstatic bliss and discovering a greater intimacy with every minute of this life.

Many love Sarah-Jane for her authenticity and raw realness as she shares her transmissions from her heart. She holds powerful sacred space and weaves alchemical journeys of yoga, dance multidimensional energy & sound healing, breath work, shamanic and tantric ritual, womb activation & sacred movement practices. She will plug you into the circuitry of the Earth and open you up as a conduit, gently helping you to move through your blocks, anything that holds you back from embodying who you truly are.

As well as facilitating Wild Goddess Retreats world wide, teaching at festivals and serving her global sisterhood in her Sacred Mentorship program she is wife to her wildly creative husband Joseph and mother to her star babe Sammy-Owl.