Embody your divinity in Kauai

 I'm so excited to be cofacilitating a beautiful week of yoga, dance and ceremony in the Lemurian paradise of Kauai, Hawaii. 

Join myself & Satu Tuomela for a 10 day journey deep into the heart of who we are, rising and rejoicing in the remembrance of our divinity!   This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to retune your body in one of the most beautiful and healing places on the planet.

It is said that Kauai is the very heart of Lemuria, the ancient civilisation that embodied the frequency of pure love, divine grace, compassion and bliss.  Simply by BEing in this land and participating in our sacred work we will unlock the wisdom of our cells and open ourselves to remember what we have always know. 

I have goosebumps at what this week will birth in all of us. 


Dates:  4 - 14 FEBRUARY, 2018

LOCATION - A deluxe villa in Kauai, Hawaii 

Together we will journey through:

  • Daily embodied flow and yin practices 
  • Ceremonial rituals & goddess invocations 
  • Tuning into and harmonising our chakra system 
  • Clearing and activating the sacred womb portal
  • Elemental shamanic dance journeys and sacred dance  
  • Working with Ascended Masters, Goddess energies and the Lemurian codes and opening your channel to be an open vessel for the Divine
  • Learning tantric techniques to awaken your sexual energy and creativity
  • Workign with the energies of this land on Gaia

PLUS, there will be lots of free time to explore the wonders of the island... surfing, treking, nature quests, waterfalls, caves, dolphins, whales, incredible scenery....everything that will set your Heart on fire and feed your soul!

I promise, it's HERE!


Journey back to your heart
Open yourself to love
Awaken your divine gifts
Live life in your fullness as a powerful and passionate woman
Reclaim your true nature

and remember who you are!



Book your space for only 1550€.

  • Please note that this is a 10 day retreat and kids are more than welcome to join.
  • The price includes all sessions with us, accommodation + breakfast.  There are many restaurants in the area and we can also cook together in community.

To claim your space, all I need right now is your $400USD non refundable deposit and the rest can be paid via payment plan in the next few weeks. 

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