Return to the Temple

EGYPT Pilgrimage // October 12 - 22, 2019

We are hearing the call to return to the temple. To remember the wisdom of the lineages that we have lived as priestesses and priests, serving in the temples, working with ancient technologies, gold, sonic frequency, the mystical healing arts of the Egyptian mysteries.

My own guidance has taken me to this land many times over my life - in the physical and etheric realms - beginning in my ninth year when I had an obsession with Egyptology and was lucky enough to visit with my mama, sleeping a top of Mount Sinai, exploring the vast temple complexes and lying my body on the sacred earth.

This land is in my cells and I have always known at some point I will be bringing groups of men and women to gather, awakening the knowledge that is inside and anchoring the light through our body vessel to stabilise this Gaia grid point. This has always been clear although I have been waiting for the full yes to dive in.

And now is the time… to gather my brothers and sisters and return home.

When we visit these sacred sites and open ourselves we have the opportunity to receive the powerful codes that lie within. There is no randomness to their design. These temples are created for activation, the symbols and geometries, the sonic resonance chambers that are specifically designed for healing and awakening.

This journey will be open to men and women, as a symbol of Divine Union we will weave the energies of feminine and masculine, of Isis and Osiris, both within and without.

The following itinerary gives you an idea of the journey we will experience.

Each day will have a main temple focus (aside from and our arrival and main travel days) and our time will be spent in a combination of group practices (men and women will separate for some) in our boat temple space, on the land at the temples in public and private access sessions, plus there will be space for you to integrate and receive your own transmissions.

Journeying in a group like this has many benefits….

A team to guide and hold you on every step your journey so you do not need to think about a thing, and a group container to amplify the energy and the experience for all. Our group practice work is designed to open us as the vessels we are for deep remembrance and awakening of what is already inside and to receive the sacred codes and technologies of this land. The experience will be different for each of us so be clear on your intention yet not too rigid in your belief about the “shoulds”. This is your opportunity to plug in, receive….

and remember…

DAY 1:

Arrive in Aswan and be collected from your flight and chauffeured to our luxurious boat temple space. Spend the day settling in and meeting the group. Breakfast and lunch will be served and we will officially begin in the afternoon with an opening circle and group practice, followed by our welcome dinner celebration.

DAY 2:

We sail to Philae to commune with the Goddess Isis (Auset) at her sacred temple. We immerse ourselves in the Divine Mother codes, plugging into the nourishment and infinite love that Isis brings as she anchors the energy for our journey with our roots deep in the earth. Here we igniting the womb flame of creation within us and activating our divine purpose for this initiation.

DAY 3:

We set sail for Komombo, a double temple dedicated to Sobek and Horus (Heru). The energy of Horus, the falcon headed Sun god relates to the pineal gland and third eye. He is the seer and guardian of the spiritual realm. Sobek is the crocodile god representing fertility and power, integrating the reptilian aspect of human DNA and the base chakra, overcoming fear with the right use of power and healthy sexuality, the potency of the fertile principle in nature.

This is a temple of duality, honouring the dark and the light and signifying the journey of unification of the two. Divine Union. Divine Perfection.

Day 4:

We relax and sail to Edfu through the Egyptian countryside witnessing the beauty of the unspoiled Mother River Nile. In the afternoon we visit Edfu and the Temple of Horus, one of the most beautifully preserved in Egypt. As we have learned, Horus is associated with higher vision and clarity and the eye of Horus greatly relates to his myth and power. The left eye represents the lunar, the moon, the intuitive, the feminine energy. The right eye is connected to the solar, the masculine, the action, and the yang energy.

Horus was married to the Goddess Hathor, and his temple is a mirror image of Dendarah (Hathor’s temple) yet another symbolism of the balance of masculine and feminine. Here we balance the lunar and the solar energies inside of us and awaken our intuitive centres to access a higher perspective of our duality.

DAY 5:

We continue our sail to Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt. Today we visit Karnak temple - the biggest temple complex in Egypt, dedicated to the Gods Amun and Mut. Here we take a journey through the lineages of the Egyptian dynasties, walking the leylines, harmonic pillars and obelisks built to create a resonance housing the cosmic realms. We also meet the lioness Goddess Sekhmet in her small chapel dedicated to her and her consort Ptah and their son Nefertum.

Sekhmet is the Solar lioness Goddess of compassion and courage and carries the feminine fire that heals through destruction. She is a renowned healer and known for her magic and ability to hunt down an imbalance at its origin. Here we receive her transmission, backed by her male consort Ptah, the Architect Creator. Khnum the Moon God. The sacred lake and seven dimensional gateway of Ausir (Osiris). Igniting our own personal revolution and a purification of anything that is not true or out of harmony with our essence..

We will also visit the sacred lake of Karnak to assist in our purification ritual.

Day 6:

We journey by bus to Dendarah, the temple of Hathor, the Goddess of love and grace. Hathor carries the activation codes of divine love and sacred sexuality, her symbol is the cow and her tools are music, sound, healing, dance, sacred sexuality and all the gentle nourishing qualities of the mother. She is the one we call on to awaken the current of Shakti and activate our abundance codes.

The temple stands alone surrounded by an ancient wall, giving the captivating sense of timelessness. With magnificent pillars with Hathor’s face and Nut the Sky Goddess on the ceiling as the overarching principle of the Divine Primordial Mother. 

The experience of birth, rebirth, nourishment and healing is the highlight of this temple as we walk through the gates of time experiencing long forgotten unknown and untold mysteries that remain resonant within the walls and harmonic pillars of the temple, into the hidden underground secrets watched over by the celestial heavenly realms of Nut the Sky Goddess, Galactic mother of all.

On this day we ask for activation, to clear the shame and barriers that withhold the full radiance of our sexual alchemy.  

DAY 7:

Today we rest, enjoying the luxury of our boat and integrating the big energies of the past days. We also visit Hapu temple, a shrine to the God Amun and there is the possibility to explore more temples if we have energy.

DAy 8

We pack up and farewell our boat and fly to Cairo where we check into the Marriot Mena House right on the Giza plateau. We spend the day relaxing by the pool and dropping together in group circle practices. There is also space for nourishing spa treatments.

DAY 9:

Today visit Sakkara, the healing temple of sound and light where ancient techniques of healing were practiced through harmonic resonance from the architecture itself.

We will also stop for lunch with a special guide and receive a powerful blue lotus transmission.

Day 10:

Our final full day together will be spent at the Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx. We will activate in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, opening our voices with a sacred sound activation, plugging us into the Galactic Center, the Solar resonance and crystalline healing frequencies, opening us to higher levels of consciousness. We will then spend time exploring and feeling the transmission of the Sphinx Temple… and our final closing dinner celebration together.


  • Group practice and transmissions with Sarah-Jane Perman & assistants

  • All freshly prepared meals and all drinks including bottled water

  • Accommodation in luxurious twin rooms with private bathroom 

  • Temple tickets

  • All ground transport 

  • Plane ticket from Luxor to Cairo 

  • A dedicated Egyptian mystical temple guide

  • Temples:

  • Isis Temple

  • Komombo (Sobek & Horus)

  • Edfu (Horus)

  • Karnak & Luxor Temples

  • Dendarah (Hathor) Temple

  • Hapu Temple (Ramses)

  • Sakkara

  • Giza Pyramids & Sphinx


  • 7 nights on our luxurious Nile temple boat cruise plus all meals

  • 3 nights at the Marriot Mena House on the Giza plateaux plus all meals


PRICE: 2200 Euros EARLY DISCOUNT // 2500 from MAy 1

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