December 16 - 21

Journey into the heart of Sacred Hampi

Have you ever experienced the magic of Hampi, India?  

This is a very sacred place for me... the place I was sent to bring in the 21 Dec 2012 shift and a place I have received my strongest frequency transmissions.

and I want to share my experiences with you

further stepping into what I am here on this planet to do to help YOU to raise your frequency and expand your field to help you wake up to your gifts!

To walk your path of planetary purpose.

Directly after my Goa Goddess Retreat I am taking an intimate group to the rocks of Hampi on a temple activation pilgrimage to my favourite sacred place on the planet.

The land and spirit of nature is so potent and I am going to be sharing my own activation practices and special places with my Hampi Activation retreat group.


Dates:  DECEMBER 16 - 21


The price includes all activations and guidance from me.

Then transport, food and accommodation charges will be in addition (but expect cheap and basic India prices).

This is more of a pilgrimage than a luxury retreat and I would love you to be a part of this powerful and important activation.


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