Hello awakening woman... 

I see you as you walk this path of remembering who you are.  In fact I walk by your side as a fellow priestess, diving deep into the ancient mysteries and embodying the infinite wonder and magic of our true nature.

I personally know that trailblazing this path can be lonely and isolating (at times) and calling in the support of the sisterhood to help keep us moving forward is essential.  Although we posses the deep knowing that we have all we need with in us, those who walk with us in this life shine the light of clarity, offering us tools for expansion and share specific keys to unlock the codes of our being.

It is for this reason that I am now offering a 12 month mentorship program.  To share the tools and experience I have gathered over a lifetime/s of learning and the last 7 years of teaching and to hold space for your own embodiment.  


We begin in April in beautiful Bali on a 5 day residential immersion where we will gather with our sisters to sit in circle, sharing, learning and experiencing the potent energy of this deeply healing island.  The tools we learn on retreat will be integrated over the next 12 months, as we gather on monthly calls and 1:1 sessions to fine tune our frequency and maintain our momentum.       


I am excited to announce my first residential mentorship immersion, following Wild Goddess Bali Retreat in Bali.  

Dates: April 23 - 27

This 12 month program is for women who:

  • are ready to expand and full embody their divine gifts
  • to put themselves out there in the world and be seen
  • to step up as facilitators of feminine embodiment and women's work

We will be:

  • diving deeper into the ancient mystery streams
  • working with archetypes and goddess energies (the Rose Lineage and Hindu goddesses)
  • plugging into energy of the earth and the stars, becoming the clear conduit for the new earth codes 
  • embodied movement practices and shakti yoga ** the yoga and dance style I teach on retreats does not have a specific name and it is always evolving.  Together we will explore our own personal style of movement guidance ad learn to teach like ourselves.
  • the flow through  of the chakra system and the elemental system 
  • receiving the wisdom of the feminine cycles and blood mysteries
  • activating the power of the womb and yoni temple.  Releasing old imprints and experiences to reclaim sexual sovereignty and creative flow
  • calling your Spirit back into your body, uniting heaven and earth in the now
  • the art of space holding and compassionate facilitation 
  • the creative process of storytelling, thematic weaving and dreaming your own rituals 

There will be a healthy dose of the on and "off planet" with wisdom brought through from many different codes and traditions including many practices and rituals to add to your sacred tool kit.

My intention for this journey is open you up and allow your divine essence and gifts to come through, fully anchored, embodied and ready to be shared with the world.

You have a unique voice and energy to share.  The world needs the codes you are here to deliver in your own way.  I am here to help you find your voice and flow.

In addition to embodiment and activation practices we will also be covering empowered feminine business, sacred economics, branding, building your website, marketing and social media (this was my main business in my former life before answering the call of the Goddess).  Basically a download of all of the tools and wisdom I have to share from many years in the biz.   

I am feeling this as a 12 month mentorship with more residential options along the way.  As we expand and activate, so does our container (and our content) so there will be the possibility to go deeper (and reconnect) in other locations around the world over 2018 & beyond.      


  • 6 nights in a luxury villa in Bali
  • 2 vegetarian meals per day
  • Training manual
  • 5 days practices, meditations, sacred dance & teaching
  • Goddess embodiment photoshoot (for your branding photos)
  • 6 x 1:1 mentoring calls over the following 12 months
  • monthly group calls for 12 months (potentially on going)

Prerequisites:  Applicants must have attended one of my more recent retreats or are coming to Wild Goddess Bali 2018.     


There are few different packages for you to choose from (all in USD):

Quantum Activation:  $4888 (YOU SAVE $945)    

  • Wild Goddess Bali Retreat (twin) - valued at $1850 
  • 5 day & night pass to Bali Spirit Festival - valued at $650
  • Mentorship (including residential Bali immersion) - valued at $3333   

(combined saving of $834)

RETREAT + MENTORSHIP:  $4444 (you save $739)

  • Wild Goddess Bali Retreat (twin share room) - valued at $1850
  • Mentorship (including residential Bali immersion) - valued at $3333   

Mentorship:  $3333 

  • Mentorship (including residential Bali immersion) - valued at $3333   

(only valid for those who have already attended Goddess Retreats with me in 2016/17)

for those choosing Mentorship only and also wishing to attend Bali Spirit Festival for a discount I can arrange a package for you - please ask. 

Monthly payment plans available so you can pay off over 12 months.

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This has been the most transformative time of my life thus far. I loved it! It was the first time I ever connected with myself by being grounded in my body and not my mind. It’s effects are still being felt [I think they always will be]. SJ gave me the space to grow in a safe and nurturing cocoon filled with love and nourishment. It was more than healing – it was invigorating. SJ opened up a world I didn’t know I had access to, and I am so grateful for that, and for every experience that we shared together.
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I am here to help you remember

to hold space as you integrate the new codes and move through each initiation

to stand by your side anchoring and embodying heaven on earth by our design

holding you in our unified field of activation

busting through the programs and stories and waking up to the infinite nature of what we are

So many amazing things happened for me and I feel now my life is finally pointed in the right direction and I can follow my passion! I realise that by being the best I can possibly be and living my dream it will enrich my life and my family’s too!