I am here for you... 

I remember when I started this journey as a health coach I felt as if I was meant to be supporting people with healthy lifestyle; to heal their relationship with food (as I had done), to love themselves again, to invigorate their energy, release emotional blockages and come back into a state of harmony and flow. 

And yes...

I do and have done all of this... 

But just like the little voice in my heart always told me, my path was destined to lead me to spiritual mentoring and facilitating my clients to remember their divinity, activate their special gifts and become the conduit of Spirit that we all naturally are.

I am here to help you remember

and to make sense of the things that you have been experiencing as you raise you frequency and upgrade your software.

I am here to help you navigate the strange new world that we are co-creating together, as old souls, light workers and way showers.

I am here to hold you in the healing field of my frequency and help you activate more than your wildest dreams. 

Together we will lift the lid on what you believe is truth and create a ripple of awakening across the globe.   

This has been the most transformative time of my life thus far. I loved it! It was the first time I ever connected with myself by being grounded in my body and not my mind. It’s effects are still being felt [I think they always will be]. SJ gave me the space to grow in a safe and nurturing cocoon filled with love and nourishment. It was more than healing – it was invigorating. SJ opened up a world I didn’t know I had access to, and I am so grateful for that, and for every experience that we shared together.


  • Learn to to trust and move in harmony with the Universe.
  • Improve relationships & call in your soul mate
  • Harmonise your masculine and feminine energies
  • Soften into your divine feminine – become the powerful & sensual Goddess that you are
  • Remove blocks around sexuality and raise your Shakti
  • Learn daily rituals to energise, activate and live the beauty way
  • Feed your soul and connect to your heart – tapping into your creativity & intuition
  • Activate your gifts, finding clarity on your purpose
  • Learn how to create abundance effortlessly
  • Hear the wisdom of your body & intuition
  • Learn how to work with Spirit and strengthen your field 
  • And most of all fall deeply in love with your-self just the way you are

want to know the best part?

as an energy worker, in working with me you will be super charged by the light frequency that I am working with right now.  Removing your emotional blocks, odd energies and taking you effortlessly into communion with your higher self. 




6 week:

  • 3 open-heart chats (fortnightly) with me over Skype
  • 6 weeks worth of email support
  • Handouts, activations & homework to keep you focused
6 Week Mentoring Package
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  • 6 open-heart chats (fortnightly) with me over Skype
  • 3 months worth of email support
  • Handouts, activations & homework to keep you focused
3 Month Mentoring Package
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  • 12 open-heart chats (fortnightly) with me over Skype
  • 6 months worth of email support
  • Handouts, activations & homework to keep you focused
6 Month Mentoring Package
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So many amazing things happened for me and I feel now my life is finally pointed in the right direction and I can follow my passion! I realise that by being the best I can possibly be and living my dream it will enrich my life and my family’s too!