Priestess Temple of Activation


This is a sacred temple space for sharing wisdom, rituals, activation techniques, meditations and whatever flows through us all.  The more off planet the better.  This is a space for us to learn from each other and to up-level in these times of acceleration. 

This is the space to ask the burning questions about your spiritual advancement that is happening so fast for many of us.  The women who have already gathered in this group are very activated and have incredible gifts to share so I invite you to join us too!  



Each week we meet for virtual activation ceremonies

As part of this temple space we will be meeting for optional weekly activation ceremonies and energy activating calls, each with its own special topic to be explored.   Some calls will have special guests to offer their own wisdom and insights and even some live channelling experiences.


Topics include:

  • The non linear nature of time
  • DNA activation
  • Atlantean and Egyptians connections
  • Akashic records 
  • Working with ascended masters and star families 
  • Light language 
  • Sound healing 
  • Crystal grid work
  • Ley lines and Dragon lines / sacred sites of the Earth (and how to journey there)
  • Field amplification
  • Sacred Geometry
  • and so much more... I am always open to suggestions to explore with my guides.  




In order attend you will need to purchase a "Activation Call Pass".  These are available in batches of 5 or 10 and are valid for 6 months.  Calls will be weekly (although I will take a short break when I am having my baby in mid September). 

10 call pass is $65 USD ($6.50 / call) 

5 call pass is $45 USD ($9 / call)

**Calls are currently on hold until I return to Australia