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Return to the Temple

EGYPT Pilgrimage -- October, 2019


Do you hear the call to return to the sacred land of the Egypt? Where we have all played our roles as priests and priestesses, serving in the temples, working with ancient technologies, gold, sonic frequency, the mystical healing arts.

My own guidance has taken me to this land many times over my life - in the physical and etheric realms - beginning in my ninth year when I had an obsession with Egyptology and was lucky enough to visit with my mama, sleeping a top of Mount Sinai and lying my body on the earth at the temples.

This land is in my cells and I have always known at some point I will be bringing groups of men and women to gather, awakening the knowledge that is inside and anchoring the light through our body vessel to stabilise this grid point.

Now is this time and I am preparing for my first group of initiates in October, 2019.

This will be open to men and women, as a symbol of Divine Union we will weave the energies of masculine and feminine, of Osiris and Isis, both within and without.

This is not the offical announcement - it will come soon - but an opportunity for you to register your interest.


Spaces are limited so please register below if you wish to RECEIVE AN APPLICATION FORM.

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