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Return to the heart of Avalon

Glastonbury Pilgrimage -- September 28 to October 1, 2018

 The ancient lands of Avalon have been calling so many of us to return. 

The magic and magnetism is loud and clear although you may be wondering why this land of the Goddess wishes to commune with you.  Why the sudden wave of urgency and intensity? 

She wishes to assist you on your sacred mission and awaken you to the truth of who you are. 

To illuminate your path as a way shower and priestess of the Isis Magdalene lineage. 

To awaken the knowledge that lies deep in your cells, readily available to you through the portal of your womb.

She wishes for you to lie your body on the earth and receive the transmission of the Divine Mother as she reminds you of your sacred work across all space time realities as a true Sister of the Rose.

She wishes for you to remember...

and through this remembrance embody the fullness of your multidimensional presence in your current human earth walk.

To unite with your self in Sacred Union.  A harmonious marriage of the feminine and masculine Christ. 

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Whole and home, ready and able to live your magic now. 


This is your sacred invitation...        

Myself and Kerry Wilde will be your guides and fellow priestesses summoning the sisters to gather in circle once again.  To unlock the codes and anchor the template of the New Earth.

Oliver William Huntley is our masculine anchor and sacred guide, taking us back to the land to pray in the sacred temples of the past and download the mysteries of the Christ / Magdalene Codes and the mystery teachings of Joseph of Arimathea. Under Oliver's guidance we will learn how to unite these ancient energies in our lives today and also to connect with the true guardians and teachers of these lands... the mythical beings and nature spirits who await our call. Dragons, Elementals, Faeries, Devas and Unicorns... and learn how to call on these beings for our assistance in our remembrance.  


Sites we plan to visit are: 

Chalice Well, White Spring, Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey, Magdalene Chapel, Tintagel, Merlin's Cave, Necten's Glen and hopefully Avebury too.  Full schedule will be released soon although will be subject to slight changes as we are in flow.  




4 full days of priestess remembrance work in the heart chakra of the planet.  

Some of our time will be spent in out Glastonbury Goddess Temple space (in central Glastonbury) sitting in circle and diving deep into feminine embodiment practices, shakti yoga, goddess transmissions, elemental dance and womb awakening... 

and the rest will be out in the land under the guidance of our beloved brother Oliver William Huntley receiving the wisdom of the sacred places, performing our own rituals and allowing the frequency of the land to do what is required to recalibrate our field and return us to Sacred Union. 

And we will join for one delicious high vibe vegan three course lunch each day. 


Accommodation in Glastonbury (although we will connect you with the other women if you wish to share a space and there are many affordable airbnbs and B&Bs available).

Breakfast and dinner is at your discretion.

Transport to and from the pilgrimage - and also on the days we drive to sites outside of Glastonbury although we will carpool or organise a coach at a cost if need be.  


Spaces are limited so please register below if you wish to join us or know more OR BOOK NOW 

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