Sisters of the Moon
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Sisters of the Moon

For centuries women have gathered in sacred circles to remember the old ways and come into harmony with nature. 

Like the days in the red tent where women gathered to honour the blood mysteries and drink in the wisdom of their grandmothers as they sat together in ceremony during their synchronised moon time. 

Sisters of the Moon is a way of bringing yourself back into balance with the natural rhythms of our planet and into deeper honouring the cycles, the ebb and flow of the lunar phases that guides the waters of our bodies.  Becoming aware of the best times to plant the seeds of our intentions and take action and the times to go within and rest.  


OCTober 19




Each Sisters of the Moon ceremony is joined by a potent priestess guest, one of my dear teachers and guides on my own healing and awakening journey.  These 26 guests across 13 moons are shamans, tantrikas, dakinis, sound healers, Mayan astrologers, energy alchemists... all fully activated in their magic and ready to super charge your world!  The full line up is coming soon but expect to see  Vasumi ZjikkaSofia Sundari, Christobel Zamor, CC Treadway, Sofiah Thom, Kara Maria Ananda, Claire Costello, Leyolah Antara, Acqua Zena Heart, Devashi Shakti ... and more...      


Each moon will include a powerful frequency transmission.  This energy can be thought of as white light, Christ Consciousness, the pure love light frequency.  These transmissions will help you expand your field and stand in your highest light, activating and awakening your gifts, remember your soul purpose and move into a life of ease, grace and harmony.

Calls are designed to be attended live, although each one will be recorded just in case you miss out or want to revisit the transmission energy.  

The frequency lives on in the calls - this is the best part!    



January 28 / February 26 / March 28 / April 26 / May 25 / June 24 / July 23 / August 21 / September 20 / October 19 / November 18 / December 18 / January 16

These ceremonies will take place virtually and as we are a global community we will have two separate ceremonies to look after all time zones.  One to take in the USA & Europe, and the other Australia & USA. 



Your 13 Moon subscription ($25.95USD) includes:

+ Access to 2 x virtual New Moon Ceremonies for each moon of this cycle 

+ Recordings of each ceremonial call 

+ Access to the facebook temple space where you will commune with your sisters and receive even more information about the energetic happenings of this year of transformation.


Sisters of the Moon
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