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  You know there is more to this life.

You know there is magic to be unlocked in your cells. 

Wisdom to be downloaded from you womb. 

Ecstatic bliss to reawaken from a long dormant sleep. 

You remember the power of the elements and feel the current of creation coursing through you like a wave. 

Every day your remember more and have a deeper sense of who and what you are beyond your identity and your vessel.

But you yearn for the container to explore. 

And for the permission to live your magic in this life.  

To release your wildness.

To dance, sing and express your true self. 

To listen in to the messages of Spirit that speak through you body. 

To release the tension and trauma from lifetimes that holds your constricted and stuck.

And you yearn for a sisterhood to hold you as you reclaim your sovereignty.

A circle of priestesses who, like you, have been walking this path of the feminine for lifetimes. 

It's time to come home to yourself. 

and awaken your wild Shakti in Ibiza.

This is a powerful week of feminine embodiment, yoga and somatic movement, dance, sound, archetypal and goddess exploration, ritual and ceremony providing deep healing, light body and multidimensional activation.  This is a gift of the highest self love to plug you back in and bring your magic online!       

Join myself & my team of special guests for a 7 day journey to transform your life and connect with your essence as a wild and powerful radiant goddess!  


DATES:  September 21 - 27, 2019



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Together we will journey through:

  • Daily yoga and embodied movement

  • Tuning into our feminine archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Lover, Priestess, Wild Woman & Queen

  • Clearing and activating the sacred womb portal

  • Working with Ascended Masters, Goddess energies and learning to tune your antennae to commune with Spirit

  • Learning tantric techniques to awaken your sexual energy and creativity

  • Deep healing of traumas from all lives and the collective

  • Sound healing journeys

  • Learning how to commune with Spirit, clearing our channel to become a conduit for the Divine

  • Working deeply with the energy of Gaia and learning how to properly reconnect to the Earth and grid of our planet and beyond.

  • Visits to magical places on the island like Goddess Tanit's cave

  • Sunset activation ceremony at Es Vedra

  • Honouring yourself and your sisters in the most delicious Goddess Puja

  • & plenty of time for integrate and relaxation in the sunshine... drinking in the magical energy of this special island.


Journey back to your heart
Open yourself to love
Awaken your psychic abilities
Live life in your fullness as a powerful and passionate woman
Reclaim your true nature



Here is a peek inside the journey we will take together:


We arrive and settle into our deluxe private villa and our sacred container is anchored in an opening Priestess Circle, dropping us into the depths of our wombs and plugging us into the heart / womb grid of the planet.  We call in our energetic allies, the elementals, the Angelics, the Goddesses, Great Spirit and speak our clear intentions to the field.  Each sister is personally honoured and blessed for showing up for this soul adventure.  We arrive in our bodies with nourishing movement practices.  Grounding and listening. Finding safety and support as we open to receive the codes of Gaia. 


We dive into the temple our womb, exploring our sensuality, cultivating life force and reclaiming our infinite potential to birth all we desire.  We listen and feel for the blocks and the wounding that could be holding us back, holding ourselves and each other with love as we ground ourselves deep into our essence and natural state of flow. Moving gracefully from the energy of the Maiden to the grounded wise love of the Mother. 

Energy : Maiden + Mother  / Guides : Isis + Inanna

Sensual shakti yoga + Womb wisdom awakening  + Moon cycle alchemy + blood rituals + Shamanic womb clearing + 7 grail gates of the womb initiation. 


We walk through the fire and unlock our power as creator beings.  Durga, Kali + Sekhmet are our guides as burn away that which hides in the most shadowy recesses of our being.  Giving ourselves permission to embody our wild woman and liberate ourselves.  We clear our channel to allow the golden Christ light to reveal our true gifts and who we are at our essence.

Energy : Warrior + Wild Woman  / Guides : Durga, Kali + Sekhmet 

Movement, mantra and breath to access our inner warrior + Kali invocation + underworld journey + wild woman fire dance + Sensual Gaia Breath journey  + Equinox ritual 


We soften into our heart cave to give and receive love freely, exploring the resonance of our inner knowing.  We forgive and relax into the arms of the Mother, awakening our gifts as healer working with the frequency of Divine Love.  Feeling the win flames of inner masculine + feminine merging in an alchemical dance, like the twin serpents in the temple of the heart.

Energy : Sacred Lover + Healer / Guides : Mother Mary + Mary Magdalene

Heart opening shakti yoga and sacred dance + Activating the merkaba of the heart + Breast massage + yoni connection ritual + Jade egg practice + Forgiveness ritual for feminine and masculine + Heart blessing ceremony for each sister with personal transmission 


We release our fears and sing our soul song, telling our story and sharing our our alchemical frequency with the world.  We open as the channels for our creativity to flow, as movement, as words, as primal sound. 

Energy : The Mystic + Creatrix / Guides : Hathor + Saraswati 

Embodied creative movement + Taoist Ovarian clearing + energy cultivation practice + Sex Magic + inner alchemy of creation + Reclaim your soul song + the healing power of your voice + Yoni steam + womb blessing 


Today we receive our crown of the Shekinah and we rise.  Ready to dive deep into the underworld when required.  Awake to our magic.  Ready to serve in the world.  Today is a day of deep honouring as we come to see ourselves and each other as we truly are.

Energy : Priestess + Queen 

Shakti yoga + dance as a moving prayer to the goddess + Calling all parts of us home to our vessel  + Self marriage ceremony + Priestess honouring ritual with the medicine of the rose


We integrate and close our sacred circle, feeling the harmony within.  We are renewed, aligned and ready to beam our radiant lights into the world, lighthouse Queens we are.


  • All prices below are per person in Euros.

  • Single rooms are available for an additional 200 Euros pp.

  • Early bird prices are available until Aug 8, 2019.

1450 Euros (EARLY BIRD) // 1650 (full) 

To claim your space, all I need right now is your 400 Euro non-refundable deposit and the rest can be paid via payment plan closer to the date. 

SJ you are the epitome of a goddess and I wish every woman got the chance to spend a week with you - we’d all be a lot happier, brighter and more in tune! I loved every minute of the retreat and have been in a little bliss bubble ever since. Reconnecting with our feminine isn’t something we often think about and yet it’s such an important part of our being. Thank you for being you and spreading your magic to us all!

Inclusive of:

  • 7 days / 6 nights accommodation at a deluxe villa in Ibiza

  • Two delicious meals each full-day of the the retreat

  • Yoga, workshops; including tantra, sacred sexuality, dance, shamanic ceremony

  • Additional workshops by my team of special guests

  • personal channelled message via Sandy Tatham

  • Access to a whole team of incredible healers to support you on your journey


The Chettinad is a peaceful haven in the hills overlooking the rural Sant Agusti valley on the island of Ibiza. The air feels pure and clean, and the view of distant peaks piercing through the morning mist is a perfect way to start off your day of healing, pampering or yoga practice. 

The hillside property is a restored finca that is a perfect marriage of old Ibiza meets bohemian chic,  lovingly restored in a delightful blend of classical architecture, modern interior design and 21st century conveniences.

A terraced swimming pool, framed by extra-large group seating and dining, is the focal point of the main house's exterior. But natural rock landscaping, beds of fresh herbs including mint and rosemary, trees bearing almonds, figs, pomegranates and oranges, and hammocks dotting the property all vie for attention and pride of place, giving guests many options to choose from when in search of a chill zone or a secluded place to reconnect with nature or one’s self.

And my favourite part is the dome temples space for our sacred women's work.


The menu is vegetarian based on fresh locally grown ingredients, lovingly prepared by our holistic, whole-food chef.  The menu will be refined sugar and gluten free and special dietary requests can be catered for.


This island is a magical energetic hot spot which has attracted many for centuries.  You may know Ibiza for its wild party side (and yes you can do this here too) but I love this place as it is a vortex of creative and highly magnetic energy, super charged by sacred Es Vedra to the West of the island.  Ibiza also has incredible beaches, pine forests and rustic villages that help you step back in time... but it is really the healing energy that calls me.  As many of you know I met my husband on this very isle and there is something about its energy that summons me... and when this happens I have to obey.      


Airport transfers may be arranged upon request or you may choose to hire a car to enable you to explore the island during your stay.  

You can also fly directly into the airport in Ibiza and you will find many budget airlines to take your from the UK and Europe.  


  • This retreat is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, physical ability or prior experience in yoga and meditation.

  • Yoga mats and props will be provided.

  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes for your practice.

  • We are able to provide you with further info about airlines flying to Ibiza, and can arrange airport shuttle. Be sure to ask.

  • Make sure that you are aware of immigration/visa laws in Europe if you are coming from outside.

  • All classes, activities and meals are optional.

  • Food prepared will be vegetarian. Please let us know of any food allergies.

  • Meals will be served at designated times.

See booking terms & conditions