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Reclaim your wild feminine in Mama Bali

 Join myself & my team of special guests for a 7 day journey of shakti yoga, goddess activations, music and sacred ceremony to realease the old, integrate the new energies and step up in the fully expanded version of who you are.

A divine goddess... a creator being walking in human form on the earth.

Get ready for life as you know it to change... to see the bigger picture and to remember who you are.

Dates:  1 - 7 April, 2019

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Together we will journey through:

  • Daily Shakti yoga and embodied movement

  • Tuning into our feminine archetypes of Mother, Lover, Priestess, Wild Woman & Queen

  • Clearing and activating the sacred womb portal

  • Working with Ascended Masters, Goddess energies and learning to tune your antennae to commune with Spirit

  • Learning tantric techniques to awaken your sexual energy and creativity

  • Deep healing of traumas from all lives and the collective

  • Receiving cleansing and water blessings

  • Anchoring divine union within in an inner / self marriage ceremony … hieros gamos

  • Learning how to commune with Spirit, clearing our channel to become a conduit for the Divine

  • Working deeply with the energy of Gaia and learning how to plug into the New Earth Grid and assist in anchoring the energies of this time of ascension.

Plus sonic alchemy and breath work journeys with special guests and drinking in the magic of the sacred land of Bali (and our incredible luxury villa in the mountains near Ubud).


Journey back to your heart
Open yourself to love
Awaken your psychic abilities
Live life in your fullness as a powerful and passionate woman
Reclaim your true nature

and remember who you are!

The Wild Goddess Retreat was totally magical. Throughout the week I felt myself crack open, revealing parts of myself that I never thought I would. I felt challenged yet held, exploring my wildness and my softness, allowing myself to be seen fully by my sisters, in all my power and all my vulnerability. It was such a healing experience. We don’t realise how important connecting to the sisterhood is until we have tasted it. I truly recommend Sarah Jane’s retreats to any woman who feels ready to step into her power!

Here is a peek inside the journey we will take together:


We arrive and settle into our deluxe private villas, cleansed by lemon grass welcome tonics.  We
gather for a traditional Balinese blessing to ask permission for our women’s work and to connect us to the power of this land.  
Our sacred container is anchored in an opening Priestess Circle, dropping us into the depths of our wombs and plugging us into the heart / womb grid of the planet.  We call in our energetic allies, the elements, our Goddesses, Great Spirit and speak our clear intentions to the field.  Each sister is personally honoured and blessed for showing up for this soul adventure. 
We arrive in our bodies with nourishing movement practices.  Grounding and listening. Finding safety and support and we plugging deeply into the energy of Mother Gaia. 


We tend to the temple of our yoni and womb portal, exploring our sensuality and creativity and reclaiming our infinite potential to birth all we wish through our womb.  We listen and feel for the blocks and the wounding that could be holding us back, summoning our Divine Mother and holding ourselves and each other so gently as we return ourselves to our natural state of flow.    

Sensual shakti yoga and breath work, honouring the Mother energy within
We invoke Isis for assistance in our remembrance
Shamanic womb clearing journey uniting you with the Goddess of your womb temple
Understanding the magical of your moon cycle and the gifts it brings.  Birthing your own moon time rituals and opening to your inner wise woman. Sensual Lakshmi invocation and sacred dance.


We walk through the fire and unlock our power as creator beings.  Goddess Kali and Durga hold our hands as we churn and burn away that which hides in the most shadowy recesses of our being.  We embody our wild woman and set ourselves free. We know we must purge and surrender the old to make space for our divinity to shine through. This is the cleaning of the diamond to reveal our gifts. 

Movement, mantra and breath to stoke the inner fire
Embodying Kali in a fire dance to unleash your wild woman
Holotropic breath work and Ascended Masters channelling with Devi Ma
Fire ceremony & visioning ritual 


Today we soften into our heart cave and explore the resonance of our inner knowing.  We forgive and relaxing into the arms of the Mother.  We align with Divine Love.

Heart opening shakti yoga and sacred dance
Invocation of Quan Yin & Green Tara and embodiment of the Lover
Opening to the wisdom of the heart and experiencing heart coherence
Self loving breast massage and elemental healing touch practice.

Yoni egg practice and honouring ritual / self care tools
Forgiveness ritual for feminine and masculine, creating harmonious Divine Union within
Heart blessing ceremony for each sister with personal transmission 


We release our fears and sing our soul song, telling our story and sharing our our alchemical frequency with the world.  We open as the channels for our creativity to flow, as movement, as words as primal sound. 

Embodied flow to awaken creativity invoking Saraswati as our Guide
Discovering the art of womens circles and harnessing the cycles of the moon
New Moon prayer weaving circle, sharing our most secret dreams and visions and planting them deep in the fertile soil of creation
Reclaim your soul song with Amma Sophia Rose, High Priestess of Sonic Alchemy, Sound and Vibration


Today we rise as the Priestesses we are, walking with Mary Magdalene and Inanna. Ready to dive deep into the underworld when required.  Awake to our Shakti magic.  Ready to serve in the world.  Today is a day of deep honouring as we come to see ourselves and each other as we truly are.

Shakti yoga and sacred dance to honour the body temple, infused with prayers to the Goddess
we explore the alchemy of the Rose lineage and journey across the veil to connect with our ancestors
Powerful water purification ceremony with Ida Resi High Priestess of Bali
Self marriage and Priestess honouring ritual with essential oils, abundant flowers and chocolate


We integrate and close our sacred circle, feeling the harmony within.  We are renewed, aligned and ready to beam our radiant lights into the world, lighthouse Queens we are.

Each day we eat an incredible buffet breakfast filled with green juices, fruit, cereals and savoury salads, vegetables and eggs (for non vegans) and even gluten free pancakes and a 3 course fresh high vibe dinner with much product sourced from the organic garden at our retreat space.

I have been working for years to uncover and embrace an empowered self. What I failed to realise (and was yet to learn) was that the goddess archetypes would be instrumental in connecting my brain and body with remembering my divine self. Sarah-Jane graciously takes each woman on a journey to embody and experience the goddess archetypal energies. Wild goddess cracked open what was left of the tough amour that my patriarchal upbringing had raised me to wear. I arrived as a mother and left as a wild woman, alchemist, crone, warrior, maiden, teacher, student, enchantress, wife and queen. I now feel lighter, freer and much more confident in my divine feminine power. What a joy to experience all aspects of my goddess self in this way.


All prices below are per person in US dollars

  • Single room - $2175

  • Twin room - $1725

To claim your space, all I need right now is your $400USD non refundable deposit and the rest can be paid via payment plan closer to the date.  

Inclusive of:

  • 7 days / 6 nights accommodation at a deluxe villa

  • Two delicious meals each full-day

  • Yoga, workshops; including tantra, sacred sexuality, dance, shamanic ceremony, breath work

  • Additional workshops by my team of special guests

  • Balinese Blessing at hotel temple as opening ceremony

  • 1 hour Balinese massage

  • Powerful blessing by the Ida Resi the Water High Priestess at her temple

  • Use of all the onsite health and well-being facilities (Pool, Gym, Hot Jacuzzi and Herbal steam bathroom in Spa pavilion)

  • Access to a whole team of incredible healers to support you on your journey

It was the most transformative moment of my life thus far. I loved it!



The menu is vegetarian based on locally and organically grown ingredients, put together in fresh local and modern Balinese fusion by the incredible in house holistic chef team. Special dietary requests can be catered for (we're going to keep this week gluten-free, wheat-free, meat-free sugar-free and dairy-free for optimum radiance but if there's anything else, just let us know!)


We will practice in a uniquely designed circular Yoga Pavilion, with vistas onto a natural bamboo forest allowing us to be fully immersed in the natural wisdom of this sacred land.

The venue is a fully equipped health spa and you will have access to the pool, gym, hot jacuzzi and herbal steam bathroom in the Spa Pavillion.


Set amongst lush tropical forests outside of Ubud, Bali, our villa provides beautiful views of mountains, valleys and lush tropical flora and fauna.  The earth here blossoms with indigenous fruits, organic vegetables, flowers and herbs, many of which are also used in our spa treatments for medicinal healing as well as for our freshly prepared spa cuisine.  Meander through the beautiful garden paths and explore our unique and exciting flora and fauna, see monkeys and many exotic birds in the surrounding bamboo forests. Through discovering the beauty of nature ones sense of peace and mental health is restored, our experienced guides will point out rare tropical trees and other plants of interest, such as wild orchids and exotic ferns, many of which are frequently used in Balinese cuisine.
There are many spa treatments on offer, and please remember you also receive a one hour complimentary Balinese massage as part of your stay.  


Whether you are after beach time, luxury villas, twice daily massages, spiritual discovery or surfing Bali has you covered.  Like a nurturing mother the island takes you into her loving arms and creates a scared space for your healing and transformation... 

Ubud is at the healing centre, nestled in the rice terraces and for more than a century, it has been the island's preeminent centre for fine arts, dance and music.  While it once was a haven for scruffy backpackers, cosmic seekers, artists and bohemians, Ubud is now a hot spot for literati, glitterati, art collectors and connoisseurs.... there is raw food and yoga everywhere and this is why we LOVE it so much! 


Air - The best place to fly into is Denpasar Airport.  It is well connected with international carriers and budget airlines.  Airport shuttles can be arranged for you, so you arrive carefree - just let us know. 

Taxi - As mentioned we can arrange an airport transfer for $25USD so you may arrive stress free, or there is a prepaid taxi counter at the airport to avoid haggling with drivers.  The drive is approximately 2 hours from the airport to the retreat. 


  • This retreat is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, physical ability or prior experience in yoga and meditation.

  • Yoga mats and props will be provided.

  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes for your practice.

  • We are able to provide you with further info about airlines flying to Bali, and can arrange airport shuttle. Be sure to ask.

  • Make sure that you are aware of immigration/visa laws in Bali.

  • All classes, activities and meals are optional.

  • Food prepared will be vegetarian. Please let us know of any food allergies.

  • Meals will be served at designated times.

  • Rooms will be cleaned and towels washed throughout the week.

  • Fresh drinking water is provided

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