Hello old soul... 

You know who you are and what you are here to share

you move through life deeply connected to your mission on this planet

a soul calling that could be as simple as anchoring the light and embodying the fullness of YOU in the now moment

and you are so ready to step up and shine in the world in a bigger way

right now you seek some support in unlocking the key codes that are inside you

and you wish to pack your medicine bag with sacred tools, practices and rituals that will assist in the awakening of others

you crave some wise woman guidance and motherly love to help you feel safe to step out into the world and share your unique resonance

that sacred sound that is unique to you,

that unique frequency that unites and harmonises with others to create the song of the Universe


Women’s Wisdom Keeper Training

APRIL 1 - 11, BALI

This training is for:

  • women who are ready to are ready to expand and full embody their divine gifts

  • and to step up as facilitators of feminine embodiment and women's work

  • this training takes you deep inside of yourself to find the gold and then give you to tools to share it with the world



This is a residential training in Bali this April 1 - 11.

The first 7 days of the training will take place on Wild Goddess Bali Retreat at a luxurious resort. Participants will take part in the full retreat package with additional training scheduled around retreat sessions.

Then we will journey to the magical lands of North Bali, specifically Les waterfall, for some more intensive work and elemental activations in the land.

Earth, Fire, Air, Water & Spirit.

This journey goes hand in hand with my 12 month Mentorship for those who wish to receive more 1:1 support and further immersive group activations across the year.

Participants will receive a Womens Wisdom Keeper Training Certificate at the conclusion of the training.


  • Shakti yoga and embodied somatic movement - learn to guide and create basic movement journeys (no yoga teacher training required)

  • Elemental dance woven with the wisdom of the goddesses, the chakras and shamanic worlds

  • Feminine embodiment practices from taoist and tantric traditions to awaken Shakit

  • Archetypal embodiment - Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman,Wise Woman and more

  • Deity invocation and Goddess key code transmissions - learn how to awaken and share the current of Shakti (for example: Laxmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kali, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Sehkmet, Hathor, Inanna)

  • Womb work - clearing, creation, diving deep into the Great Mystery of the Divine Mother

  • Sacred Cycle wisdom and the blood mysteries

  • Sacred sexuality - yoni activation with meditation, visualisation, breath, movement, touch and sacred tools. Orgasmic potential.

  • Creator consciousness

  • Elemental, medicine wheel and chakra alchemy and to to weave with these guides

  • Shamanic journeying - diving in and how to lead

  • Rooting to rise - learning to work with earth (and star) medicine and becoming the clear conduit for the new earth codes

  • The art of space holding, circle facilitation and compassionate leadership

  • Retreat and workshop creation - the creative process of storytelling, thematic weaving and dreaming your own rituals for transformational journeys

  • Music and playlist creation (and yes you will get access to my music)

  • Sacred business - empowered feminine business - sacred economics, branding, building your website, marketing and social media



this includes Wild Goddess Bali Retreat valued at $1900

+ inclusion in my Sacred Mentorship inner circle

or upgrade to receive 1:1 sessions with me for $3500USD

Payment plans are available. $2000 to be paid by March 15 and the rest can follow across the year.


All women receive:

  • Bali residential training at two venues - luxury resort and at Les Waterfall

  • Transport from Bagus Jati to North Bali

  • Goddess embodiment photoshoot (for your branding photos)

  • Training manual

  • BONUS access to the Holy Trinity Activations that are part of my Sacred Mentorship Immersion - 3 x 6 week deep dives into BODY, SEX & SPIRIT, plus access to the FB group and monthly calls.


My intention for this journey is open you up and allow your divine essence and gifts to come through, fully anchored, embodied and ready to be shared with the world.   

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This has been the most transformative time of my life thus far. I loved it! It was the first time I ever connected with myself by being grounded in my body and not my mind. It’s effects are still being felt [I think they always will be]. SJ gave me the space to grow in a safe and nurturing cocoon filled with love and nourishment. It was more than healing – it was invigorating. SJ opened up a world I didn’t know I had access to, and I am so grateful for that, and for every experience that we shared together.
womens wisdom keeper
So many amazing things happened for me and I feel now my life is finally pointed in the right direction and I can follow my passion! I realise that by being the best I can possibly be and living my dream it will enrich my life and my family’s too!