now is the time to remember who you are.

beyond the stories you have been told. awaken creativity + radiance. harness sexual energy as the source source of creation. clear your channel to receive the wisdom that lies within. merge polarities of masculine + feminine in alchemical union. unlock your unique gifts + amplify your sacred resonance. to embody to your essence as a vessel for the highest light.

+ rise as the high multidimensional priestess.

a living embodiment of the Divine.


Sarah-Jane is a guide to help you remember who you are.  Through ancient embodiment rituals, inner wisdom & energetic transmissions Sarah-Jane will help you awaken to the radiant being you are.  


Now is the time to share your unique gifts with the world and remember who you are.  Join the next 12 month Sacred Mentorship program - starts 2019.    


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Read soul shares about spirit, energised living, sacred sexuality and awakening the Goddess within.  

Wild Goddess RETREATs

Dive deep into your essence, drop your armour and allow your radiance to emerge ... all this is possible when we give ourselves to space to relax into who we truly are.  


Learn how to tune into the wisdom of your body with yoga, dance and ancient embodiment practice.  Book a class with Sarah-Jane or gain access videos, activations and meditations.