Hello beloved

I’m Sarah-Jane, passionate way shower in the feminine temple arts, sacred space holder, priestess of the light and mother to my crystal child Sambu.

In service on our planet in this time of clearing old paradigms, cutting through illusions and awakening to who we truly are.

It is my role to anchor the new energies through my vessel, as the bridge between heaven and earth, illuminating the path and being the catalyst for others to look deep inside and unlock the wisdom and magic that is there. Clearing our channels, remembering the ways to plug in to receive the energy, abundance, guidance, magic and pure divine love that is always available in infinite supply.

It is my greatest wish for you to remember you are are at your essence.

Beyond the physical identity and the stories we create about ourselves. The multidimensional you who exists across all space time realities.

It’s time to call this full spectrum YOU home to be expressed through this body. To embody the gifts and frequencies that live in your expansive multidimensional self.

As we call ourselves home, igniting the spark of remembrance, activating our creative potential, our sexuality, our inner healer and wise woman self, all of the faces and frequencies of the feminine awakening in our being. Cultivating our sovereign power as artists of our reality and Creators of the New Earth.

My way is the feminine path, working with the golden Christ light and the Divine Mother codes of Gaia Sophia. Anchoring the light and igniting the spark of remembrance in womb of all beings with the intention for all to release all limitations and rise fully embodied as the divine beings we are, ready to share our unique codes with the world.

I am here to assist you embody your magic in the now. 

Integrating the increased love light frequency, recalibrating and rising as the Creator Being you are with full responsibility for how you walk in the world and birth the New Earth.

As a physical Mother to my precious son (who is soon to be 3) I also feel the strong call to create sacred space for these incredible New Children who are arriving on our planet as they are truly the beings who are here to make change.  

As a yoga and movement guide, spiritual mentor, tantric and channel for the light, I spent the last 20 years (and even more if you include my gypsy upbringing with my “off planet” mother Sandy who you will meet if you come on retreat with me) travelling the world and diving deep into many practices with diverse teachers with a yearning to experience all that life has to offer. I became a certified yoga teacher in 2011 (although I have taught dance for 20+ years) and left my corporate TV marketing job in 2012 following a big push from Spirit and ever since I have been sharing my gifts, teaching embodied movement practices, facilitating transformational retreats and ceremonies and working with women from across the globe in online mentorship programs and courses.

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to share in incredible places like Ibiza, Goa, Bali, Sri Lanka, USA, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, New Zealand and Australia, at festivals including Wanderlust, Bali Spirit Festival, Copenhagen Yoga Festival, Holland Tantra Festival and more.  And I continue to be called to other grid points of the earth to continue this anchoring work.   

Spurred on by and inner knowing that there was more to this life, my own personal journey of self enquiry first lead me to walk a traditional path of yoga, trying many lineages and teachers before finding my own unique style of feminine embodied flow and natural movement. Quantum and metaphysical studies arrived in my life in my 20's, linking science and spirituality, shifting my reality and opening me to my bigger service mission of anchoring the light and assisting in the activation of others through my own embodiment process. 

Then the Goddess took my hand... and reminded me of my work as a Priestess in other space time realities. 

She showed me my lifetimes in Sumeria and Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis and gave me a taste of who I am in the multiverse. The medicine of the rose was gifted to me with activations from Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Inanna and goddess Isis. She showed me the ways of inner alchemy and anchoring the new Golden Temples inside and out. She flew my high on eagle wings and showed me an even bigger picture and pushed me forth to activate others to rise as sovereign Queens with the ancient wisdom awake in their cells.

My own experience of feeling blocked and out of harmony with my feminine energy, disconnected from my womb and yoni temple, sexually suppressed and shut down came as a divine gift as through my own healing process I have (and continue to) unlock the mysteries to help others heal themselves.  I am humble as I walk this path and uncovering new jewels daily, diving deeper into the portal of my womb and feeling the surge of Shakti running through my being expanding into ecstasy and discovering a greater intimacy with every minute of this life. 

I am a compassionate, grounded and real facilitator working with energy + sound, breath work, shamanic processes, womb awakening, tantric + taoist practices, dance, yoga and somatic movement that will plug you into the circuitry of the earth, open your channel to the wisdom of the Universe, clearing your channel to assimilate the light and live from the field of your heart. Gently helping you to move through your blocks, anything that holds you back and keeps you stuck from stepping into who you truly are. 

I am honoured to support you on your journey... 

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