Hi there... I'm Sarah-Jane 

I am passionate light worker, way shower and space holder, in service in this time of ascension and transition on our planet, helping the world awaken to their divinity and remember who we are (which I can promise you is far more expansive than the physical vessel you are riding around in). 

I am in service to the rise of the feminine and to our planet Gaia, anchoring the light in this potent time and guiding others to step into sovereignty and do the same.  Igniting the spark of remembrance in hearts and wombs of the Collective and attuning all to the sacredness of life, of living the beauty way and inviting a deeper connection with all that is.  

It is my purpose to help you integrate the increased light frequency, recalibrating and activating your unique gifts and co-creatively birth our New Earth Nation, fully backed by the rising frequency of this Aquarian Age. 

I am also a new Mother to baby Sammy-Owl and feel the strong call to create sacred space for these incredible New Children who are arriving on our planet as they are truly the beings who are here to make change.  

As a yoga teacher, spiritual mentor, tantrika and 5elements dance facilitator, I spent the last 15+ years (and even more if you include my gypsy upbringing with my “off planet” channelling mother) travelling the world and diving deep into many practices with diverse teachers with a yearning to experience all that life has to offer.  After leaving my corporate TV marketing & PR job 6 years ago following a big push from Spirit I have been sharing my gifts, teaching embodied movement practices, facilitating Goddess Retreats and ceremonies and working with women from across the globe in online activation programs like the Sacred Sisterhood, 21 Days of Sacred Ritual & Prayer and Sisters of the Moon. 

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to share in incredible places like Ibiza, Goa, Bali, Sri Lanka, USA, Mexico and Australia, leading powerful retreats and workshops and participating in festivals including Wanderlust, Byron Spirit Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Splendour in the Grass, Splore NZ, Return to Rio and Lost Paradise.  And I continue to be called to other grid points of the earth to continue this anchoring work.    

Spurred on by and inner knowing that there was more to this 3D life, my own personal journey of self enquiry first lead me to walk a traditional yogic path, trying on astanga, kundalini, jivamukti & vinyasa before finding her own unique style of creative embodied flow.  Having been in India since I was a child I was drawn to communing with the Hindu Gods and Goddess and this spurred an exploration of these energies from many different codes and lineages.  Quantum and metaphysical studies arrived in my life in my 20's shifting the way a viewed my reality and paving the way for my deep dive into my multidimensional nature and the "off planet" and this last cycle has taken my into tantra, the path of the priestess and feminine embodiment.    

My own experience of being blocked, disconnected and out of harmony with my feminine energy came as a divine gift as through my own healing process I have (and continue to) unlock the mysteries to help others heal themselves.  I am still walking this path and uncovering new jewels daily, diving deeper into the portal of my womb, awakening my yoni and feeling the surge of Shakti running through my being expanding into ecstasy and discovering a greater intimacy with every minute of this life. 

I am a compassionate and caring facilitator working with energy & sound healing, breathwork, shamanic processes, womb clearing & movement practices that will plug you into the circuitry of the earth, open your channel to the wisdom of the Universe and drop you into your heart, gently helping you to move through your blocks, anything that holds you back and keeps you stuck from stepping into who you truly are. 

and I am so excited and honoured to hold space for you on your journey... 

I am usually living between Bondi Beach (Australia), Bali and Ibiza ... or taking in a festival tour with my light artist husband and our little gypsy family.  

Workshops, ceremonies and performances:  You may have met me at one of my festival workshops and ceremonies - Splore (NZ), Wanderlust (Australia), Lost Paradise (Australia), Subsonic (Australia), Byron Spirit Festival (Australia), Sydney Spirit Retreat (Australia), Splendour in the Grass (Australia), Lost Paradise Fstival (Australia) or Burning Man.

Or perhaps one of my retreats in Bali, Ibiza, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ibiza and Goa.