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Embody the Goddess - Tallinn, Estonia

Allow the many faces of the Goddess take your hand and guide you on an elemental journey deep into the temple of your body and the heart of who you are.  

In this workshop we embody the feminine archetypes through a direct invocation and experience of the Tantric Deities.  As we literally call these feminine frequencies into our body we activate gifts, codes and potential that lie dormant within, awakening parts of ourselves that have been awaiting space and permission to be fully expressed.  Though this sacred ritual process we remember to the magic of who we are, cultivating inner harmony, sensuality, creative fire and connecting to the source of our well of inner power. 

In this ritual we meet:

Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and abundance.  She activates the key codes of radiant abundance as she connects us deeply to the wisdom of the earth, restoring harmony inside and out, awakening sensuality and self love. 

Durga, Divine Mother and Warrior Goddess.  She holds us in her fierce grace as we access our innate feminine power and take up our sword of truth and discernment.  She ignites a courageous flame in our belly fed by the purest love of the heart.

Kali, the Dark Goddess of revolution and transformation.  The Wild Woman calls us forth in our most authentic truth and reveals what is ready to be offered up to the sacred fire for purification.  She ignites our own personal revolution. 

Saraswati, the mystical one.  She opens us up as a channel of creativity and divine flow, as a conduit for Spirit.  

We move through a sensual feminine fusion of yoga asana, mantra, meditation, mudra and dance cultivating Shakti; the Goddesses illuminating the path to peel back the layers, heal our wounds, restore harmony and stoke our inner fire.  We embody the wisdom of the Feminine to remember who we are beyond this physical body - divine Goddesses walking in human form on the earth.

Location - Infrajooga, Tallinn


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