Energy Forecast Oct 16 - 29

Aaah my light worker & trail blazer tribe!  Sorry to have left you hanging there for a while but I have been a little busy... birthing our diamond baby...wise little Sammy-Owl!  And I really hope this is intelligible as I have to say I am feeding all day and night and am pretty delirious (but for all the right reasons)!

And I'm sure we can all agree that this continues to be a massive time on our planet.

We are all in such a huge process of birthing! Perhaps birthing personal projects and gifts, perhaps lending our energy to the birthing of the New Earth or even re-birthing ourselves!  It is all so freaking MASSIVE it is taking my all to sail through with ease and grace. 

In my case I have physically bought the dear Sammy-Owl earth side on the New Moon in Libra (calling in the new energy of harmony and living the beauty way) in a less than smooth birth which ended up high in intervention and resulted in an emergency c-section which I really didn't see coming.  I would be lying if I said I am 100% OK as I feel like it will take me a long while to process the strength of this initiation but my body is healing fast and hopefully I will be able to leave the house someday soon.  It is not that my body isn't able but I still feel to be in a degree of shock and being out in the world does not seem like the right choice for now.  They say that we receive the birth that we need and, even in all of the layers of sadness I am navigating, I feel this and a sense of peace around the birth that I called in as I know it is providing me with tools and learning for me to bring to the collective.  I'm sure the teaching will become clear soon anyway!

Now where are we at...?

We made it through the more difficult yet totally transformative, cleansing and purging energies of September and have landed in October feeling kind of empty and exhausted (maybe).  After 48 hours of labour resulting in surgery at 4pm on Sept 30 I would have to agree!  After such big work in September you may be wondering who the hell you are now and possibly having an identity crisis of sorts... and I want to assure you that this is all part of the process so - dear one - GO EASY... we often have to dive deep into the chaos, totally wiping the slate clean to rise like phoenixes from the ashes and begin again.  Into the void within us pours the new energies that are streaming on in so all we need to do is welcome and anchor them.

My beloved said to me that other day that I am in my own personal evolution (as a new mama).  I have broken out of my chrysalis and am a fragile butterfly slowly learning how to open my delicate wings.  But turning to a soupy mess inside my chrysalis was tiring... birthing a new way of being in tiring... so it is no surprise many of us are feeling worn out and wobbly right now.  I remind you we are all in this process together... as a Collective.

Right now we are basking in the energy of the Super Full Moon in Aries (Oct 16/17 depending on where you are in the world) and this moon is stirring the pot once again, forcing the old sludge to rise from the murky depths to be transmuted into TRUTH.  In fact a sister just commented on my FB group saying "out with the old - in with the TRUE" and I kind of love it!  Whatever is not solid and stable may come crashing down.  As we continue to move into a higher frequency all that is false or fragmented will come undone. 

My best advice for now is the release the pressure on yourself... to rest, rest and REST some more... make self care (however that shows up for you) paramount and also dedicate some energy to visioning this new earth as you would like it to be.  This will help keep fears and feelings of instability and negativity at bay.  Remember this movie that we are living in is a co-creative experience! 

On the theme of Co-CREATION I want to remind you of something.  Many of us have been asking the questions about when the New Earth will be here and I have to say it already is if you chose to deem it so. You see - we live in a co-creative world and we are the artists of our reality.  If you feel like things are not changing, the world is getting further in to chaos, Nibiru is coming to wipe us out etc (ie - being in the fear) then so be it BUT if you are beginning to see the magic, the beauty and to feel the deep connection (and being in love) then this is what will increase.

MANIFESTATION is faster than ever before so we really need to take responsibility for where we are placing our awareness as we are magnetic and powerful in our abilities to create.  We are also reminded of how important it is for us to clear out all the old patterns and programs that might keep us stuck in the mindset of negativity.  Now is the time to CREATE FROM LOVE! 

As Jenny Schiltz says in her recent channeling from Quan Yin "the actual hologram of personal existence is being created by each person individually. Think on this as your graduation present from leaving the lower density, you now are able to create and manifest what it is that you desire. A being who is able to remove all of their filters, beliefs and programming will be able to manifest an easier smoother life, one that flows with source and all of her creations. While another being who is still reacting and thinking from the place of conditioning will create a life that reflects that conditioning and beliefs. Understand that it is only you who can set yourself free. While you are receiving all the help allowed there is still free will, even on the new earth."

The clearer we can become the more our life can fall into flow with Source. A life of deep connection... truly the life that you dream of - HOWEVER - as we are a free will planet we have the choice as to whether or not we let go of the old and step into this new way of being with ease and grace. 

Jenny also says "Yet, even these beings {who are living in communion with Source} often doubt because all around them are others holograms that do not match the vibration that they carry. When they look outward they still see chaos. However, the task is to look inward and create from there. The new earth is created person by person and until the majority of the collective is able to create from the place of love, there will be distortions in the collective creation."

So you see it is up to US!  I can 100% say that I am not there yet.  I succumb to the fears and worries, I feel helpless and exhausted (especially now) but I do BELIEVE that this is possible.  And perhaps this is the best first step.  TRUST, BELIEVE and then get cracking on clearing out the stuff that is keeping you from truly stepping into this "New Earth" way of being. 

I would also add that our actions speak loud to the unified field so the more we can start living in a deeply connected way, caring for the earth, caring for each other... "living our yoga", the easier it will be for us to step into this new way of being.  Visioning helps too so I would recommend clear visioning of what you want life to look and feel like in this new paradigm (go BIG)!   

I also recommend - particularly when you feel the chaos of the world - is to be the calm in the storm by remembering the power of your own frequency/vibration.  When you feel yourself pulled into the chaos do this:

- bring yourself back to your centre by plugging yourself into the central crystal of Gaia

- open your prana tube / central channel to receive the solar frequency / plugging into the Galactic Centre

-  amplify your field from your heart by breathing in and out through your heart space

- see your torus field expanding and ask for clearing of any old energies that may be stuck in your field  - you can do a body scan and work with liquid light frequency to help you clear  

- ask your chakras to spin in their correct direction with ease and grace 

- ask to break any bonds, ties and contracts with old energies of ways of being to help you step into this new world with lightness and clarity 

- feel you power in this moment when you are fully plugged in, activated and amplified! 

When we are in this space of alignment we are operating at our optimum vibration and this frequency has an effect on all around us.  You can play with this when you are near a friend who is in a space of frenzy or emotional upheaval and use your own energy field to anchor, ground and calm - infusing the moment / their field / the grid with the energy of Christ Consciousness... of love... of compassion.  The more we can all come back into this space of alignment with our Divine Essence and heal our Divine Template the more effective we are at shifting our world to where it needs to be. 

If you have any questions please hit reply as I would love to help...

I continue to enjoy Sandra Walter's Activation when I am feeling like I need a retune.


So much LOVE for this powerful time. Please reach out if you have questions or feedback.

Love SJ x