Solstice Portal Activation

Blessings for this sacred Solstice portal where the light is reaching new heights! We are truly riding the galactic wave and feeling the continued influx of photonic light hitting our cells with the intention of upgrade and activation.  Now is the time to open your channel and call it into your being to provide your with the full software and technology upgrade that it brings in full benevolence.

 At the bottom of the planet (where I currently reside) it is Summer Solstice and we are building to the climax of the fullness of life.  It feels a time for expansion and the world feels bright..  although on this 42 degree day in my hometown of Perth, Australia I have to say I feel a little dried out.  And in the land above, Winter Solstice is here calling for an inward gaze, a hug of oneself, deep listening in preparation for rebirth.

This portal also signifying the end of the 9 year cycle and all of the releasing and purging that has come with it.  It is also the end of a 36 year rite of passage and cycle of rapid remembrance we have been dancing (or perhaps stumbling through) since the December Solstice in 1980.  I find this particularly interesting as I am 36 so this dance has literally been going for my whole life in this body! I invite you to read more in this very interestng download here  but this 36 year cycle which takes place every 26,000 years is known as The Galactic Alignment Zone. Its purpose is rapid spiritual awakening and accelleration in all ways... and like any experience of being flooded with and plugged into intense frequency there will have been extreme highs and lows, ego deaths and ecstasy, pleasure and pain but as we come out the other side (well sort of) we can look back and check in with deep gratitude on how much we have changed!

In fact let's take a moment to do just that.  Tune into these last few years, lets's say from the Solstice portal in December 2012 and look at how much you and the Collective have changed.  Yes our world may be experiencing some chaos right now as always comes with time of change but I'm sure we can agree we have all come along way.  As one of my primary school teachers used to say "go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back" or perhaps wrap you arms around you and give yourself a giant hug!  We may well be reaching this end point feeling totally frazzed but we can also trust in our hearts that all is as it should be.  We have done and continue to show up and do the big work and we should be proud of ourselves. ** this is probably inappropriate but my Guides just showed me a vision of putting feet up and cracking a cold beer (soooo Australian)... they are jokers and they constantly remind me to relax in this process and stay in the joy!

This coming year is the fertile soil in which we sow the seeds of the New Earth, lighting the way and illuminating any darkness of the old paradigm with our radiance.  Now is the time for birthing our reality as we wish it to be. 

But back to the here and now.  I had planned to record a Solstice Activation for you as usual but mama and family life has stepped in my path so, instead, here are some simple tips and suggestions of how to access the energies of this portal.  I mist give credit to one of my physical guides Sandra Walter for some extra inspiration.


+ create a ceremony, of releasing the old that you are done with in this year, and sending gratitude to all that has come to pass

+ get your feet on the earth and out in nature

+ open your central channel and ask the light to move through you, to fill you, to light up your energy fields and activate every cell to its highest potential, to activate and mend your DNA.

+ Stay open to this light in every moment

+ ask to become the channel for Gaia, using your vessel as the conduit for the earth's own assimilation process so that she may also receive these upgrades in complete efficiency, connecting into the earth's grid system and flooding Gaia's energy line with light. 

+ purify yourself and stay hydrated by drinking activated pure spring water, bless the water and ask it to be returned to its divine blueprint.  In fact you can do this with everything!

+ bathe and cleanse in the waters of our planet (the shower works too if you cannot go for a swim)

+ quieten your mind and ask your Guides to speak clearly to you, open the line of communication and receive the wisdom that is within you

 + move these energies through your body with dance, yoga, shaking, whatever feels right in the moment.  Help your body vessel align with and integrate these energies.  

+ as you drop into your heart feel yourself connecting into the heart grid of the planet, as if each of us are plugging in heart to heart (womb to womb).

+ do ceremony and meditation in groups to amplify this process. 

+ call your multidimensional selves into your body now... In full EMBODIMENT of Spirit in the here and now

+ be in presence and align with the stillness of Source.  

And really... Do what feels right for you!

Things might get a little more bumpy in the days to come but know you are in the best service when you are grounded, in alignment with you divine nature, the bridge between earth and the stars.

I love you, blessed be xx