Thank you for your work

I was in a shop the other day and was suddenly bowled over by a wave of emotion…

Yes, I admit  it was a crystal shop and I was vibing high from all of the different crystal frequencies and sacred geometry surrounding me… but it was not this that threw me…

It was the words of the dear shop owner…

After a brief conversation she looked me right in the eyes and said…

Thank you…

Thank you so much for all that you do… and all that you are.

Thank you for doing your work on this planet…

As I walked out of the shop I felt the tears well up and start to tumble down my cheeks.

It was not that I was really seeking the praise as I genuinely feel so fulfilled by the gratitude I receive from my community and by the sheer joy of doing what I do.

It was because she really saw ME.

and it felt like such a relief to be really seen for who I am.


If I’m honest with you there definitely still is that person inside of me that wants to know she is doing a good job… and regardless of how grounded I feel in my path and my role on this planet this moment reminded me that sheis still in there, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, biting her nails and waiting for validation and to be told she is on the right path.  To be reassured that everything is going to be OK.

I guess we are hard wired this way as we live in a society that rates it’s popularity and success via facebook likes, instagram following and the size of your database (in the online business world anyway)…

or perhaps whether you have “made it” as a person.

Have you found the one?

Do you know your soul purpose?

Are you having $10K months in your business?

All of this “stuff” opens up the can of worms of self comparison and we all know how that ride goes… ugh! Self doubt central… fear… total energy blocking mayhem!

If only we had a post it note on our forehead or a tattoo on our hand reminding us in every moment that we are all unique energetic beings with our very own gifts to share… and we are so unique that it is actually impossible to compare us to any other particle in the whole Universe.  We are one of a kind… and our movie in this life is ours to co-create.

Anyway… back to my angel shop lady.

Her words transcended the story that I refer to above… she looked beyond all of this and saw the bigger picture.

The one that I am constantly reminded about in my meditations and by my higher self and galactic team.  The one that you see when you step outside of the micro drama fest that life can be.

She saw the REAL ME and all of the work I am doing past my physical reality…

and it felt blissfull… and it gave me a huge sigh of relief!

This will have to go down as the biggest thing I have learnt this year – so listen up!

Please do not freak out about what you are trying to create in your life… particularly if you are on a quest to have a positive impact on the world.  On a conscious level you may never feel like you are doing enough … perhaps you are sure time has it in for you and is never on your side… or perhaps you are never taking the plunge because you don’t quite back yourself enough (and by back yourself I mean trust the Universe).

Please RELAX… and rest easy in the knowledge that you are doing so much more that you will ever comprehend on an energetic level …

Just be BE-ing we are doing all we need to.

Just be BE-ing … anchored in the heart and radiating unconditional love…

I want to take this moment to say the same to all of you…

t h a n k • y o u

I want to say thank you
Thank you for all of your work
For all that you do
All of the behind the scenes light work that you are doing in this time of ascension

Thank you from my heart to yours

Even though you may feel you are not doing enough (as I often feel) I want to remind you how much bigger your contribution is than your conscious mind will ever grasp

Thank you for your energy
Thank you for your gifts

Rest easy in the knowledge that just be BE-ing who you are you are already doing it

And you are oh so seen and cherished

I love you