A message for awakening souls

This is a message for those souls who feel they are in the wrong place right now

transforming and awakening so fast that the jobs and roles we currently play simply do not fit anymore

So many women at my Goddess Gathering events have echoed this to me saying that they do not feel their embodied feminine fits in their harder, more masculine disconnected world.

If this is YOU I want to remind you of something

a very simple thing

while we always have FREE WILL to choose our path in this life

and even if it does not feel that we have the power to make immediate changes we do have the power to shift our perspective of how we feel about something

we always have the power to put our suffering down

or at least try to

by surrendering to all that is and asking for the medicine

the lesson that the situation has to offer

Is this easy when you are in the depths of it? No way! Not for most of us anyway…

but I want you to remember that as the energetic beings that we are, far greater than our physical vessel we are so much BIGGER, BRIGHTER & more POWERFUL than what happens to us (that what we co-create for ourselves for our learning).

For those feeling stuck in a situation that you feel you have outgrown… PLEASE LISTEN UP.

Perhaps this is not about you and your growth

Perhaps this is about you being there to do your work

To shine your light on the situation

To help others rise up and remember who they are

And you don’t have to do this by standing on your soap box and preaching about it

No need to make VLOGs and wrote articles and run workshops

No need to get all weird and woo woo on your coworkers and family

Not unless you really feel called to 

I want to remind you that the energetic work that you do in raising the vibration of our planet

of anchoring in the light frequencies and birthing  the New Earth is so profoundly powerful

So perhaps when you feel you are stuck in a job that does not serve you

Spare a thought for the other mission you are on

The Soul mission you signed up to

The mission that you might be paying coaches and doing workshops to help you reconnect with…

Let me tell you my dear… you are already living it

you are already doing so much incredible work

all of your magic is already radiating so brightly from within

so much so that you can relax into the moment and rest easy in the knowing that you are enough right now

So be like a crystal

be like the solar light beam

and radiate from the heart

Step into your role as a wayshower

helping others to rise by staying anchored in your own energy

open as a conduit for the divine

and energetically lighting the way

and so it is …