Are you looking for ‘THE ONE?’

Lately I have been surrounded by incredible goddesses looking for their Shiva.  These women have been doing their inner work, letting go of their sh%#t, clearing away the old patterns and blockages and manifesting SO HARD… yet he still hasn’t shown up!

This is a message to all my goddesses out there… do not give up hope… simply practice patience!

I remember my days of seeking my true love.  I dated guys all over the world and fell head over heels in love with all of them, hoping and praying that each one would be THE ONE.  I used to tell my Dad about my love interest of the week, often making the story sound better than the reality and Dad’s responses were always the same.  I could hear the protective father-esque concern in his voice when I told him how happy I was, despite a long list of ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ andchallenges… and every time he told me…

when it is right you won’t have to try so hard. ‘

And naturally, he was right (he is going to LOVE reading this post).

But, you see, I was impatient.

I was ready… every cell in my body was ready to meet my man, to find love and to find the support that I was craving.  More than anything I was yearning to allow myself to soften into the goddess I truly am and stop feeling the pressure to do it all on my own.

But he wasn’t quite ready for me yet…

Luckily for me I have a magical Mamma who channels my higher self and my guides (and yes, I can as well but often on matters of the heart and things that get me in my head and in a funk it’s easier to go via a third party).  ** You can book in for a session with her too if you like (detail are below) and she saved me with her insights in many a dark time.

I feel like there are 5 big factors in finding your soul mate – and I’m sharing them here:

#1 – are you as ready as you think you are?

Even when we feel like we have done all the work, created our vision boards, placed our order to the Universe we are often unconsciously blocking ourselves.  There are countless examples of the power of words and affirmation (look at Danielle Laporte’s apple experiment) and if we were able to truly keep ourselves accountable for our self chat, and thought patterns I feel we would have a giant A-HA moment about why things often do not go our way…


Because we block the energy! For example, in one breath you could be thinking/affirming – I am meeting the man of my dreams and he has brown hair (possibly in a man bun), blue eyes and beard – and also sending out the message via your inner chat – I’m not worthy of love… or I’m not good enough… or I just want freedom! 

As much as the unified field of energy is hyper intelligent, it is also simplistic in the way it receives messages.  If you ask for one thing and then counter it with another contradictory thought it will get confused and stop delivering.   Rather a simplistic way of looking at it but you get the idea.

So it is up to you to monitor the messages you are actually sending out… get quiet and ask your body – “Am I actually as ready as I want to believe I am?”    you might be surpised at how the wisdom of your body answers you.

 #2 – timing is key

I remember when Mum channelled for me about my future man the message was loud and clear.  My galactic support team of angels and energetic beings were doing their bit to bring us together as fast as possible but we both had other stuff we had to do first.

You can read the full and uncensored message below:

Sent: Monday, 16 April 2012 8:56 AM

Ugh… had a really big night on Sat night.  I am living in the extremist zone… ugh!   Feeling a little sad and lonely to be honest.  Feeling like I want a boyfriend… hmmm.. x

Here is Mum’s channeled message reply:

Dear One, and dear Sarah-Jane

In this time we feel for you. The intensity of your feelings are palpable to us. We understand. We empathise. We feel from the heart your longing.

This longing is not just for a loved one, a journey-mate, a person with whom you can have fun, tenderness and intimacy. It is for a bigger love. It is for the love of the Universe as you know it. The Universe is creating a vacuum into which many souls are drawn. This love is beyond what you have known before. It is a pool of intensity that will inspire you, will uplift you, will set you free.

But before you are immersed in that pool of love, certain things must line up, as you say. Certain things must fall into place. Certain things must be fulfilled. You are not in control of this. We are sad to tell you that there will be some patience required. But there is also a knowing. This love yearning will be fulfilled. When the time is right and everything else is ready.

In the meantime, we urge you to continue just as you are, laying the groundwork for such a loving relationship to enter your life, to surround your life. It will. Be sure of this. And when you least expect it. Do the unexpected. Do the surprising things. You will be rewarded as surely as when you do the expected things.

We bless you and we love you. We are always here for you to contact, either through your sacred mother or directly yourself. But you know that the path is yours to discover. We can only offer companionship of a certain kind, of a loving kind, of a guiding kind. You must be your own teacher. And you must follow your own clues, your own lessons, your own heart.

Blessed be, sweet one.

aaaah patience… why is that one always so challenging (but necessary)?!  I truly believe that we all have a partner coming for us but we must be patient, do our work, practice self love to lay the foundations and wait for the moment of divine timing.

This happened for me about 5 months after this message came through… on a dance floor in Ibiza where I randomly (or perhaps perfectly) started talking to a man called Joseph and within in a few short days of powerful energy and peeking behind the veil and seeing each other for who we truly are … I had finally found my Shiva!

All I can say is – It’s about freaking time!  When Joe and I found this recognition it was like we had danced this dance for lifetimes and our magical team was back together to complete our light work on earth… and the Universe agreed, so much so that whilst standing on a roof top in Ibiza, when Joe said “I don’t know what comes next but I know we have to do it together”  a giant shooting star or meteorite flew across the sky and exploded.  Yep, we took it as a sign!        

Flick to the end of this post for more channelling excerpts and how to book in with my Mamma for your own channelling session.

#3 – is it a partner’s love that we are actually yearning for?

The messages from my guides confirmed what I already knew.  I was not only craving for this feeling of union with another being, but actually re-union with the Divine / Great Spirit / the Universe.

We often get so confused by our feelings of fragmentation, the feeling of missing someone or something and we think that we can fill the gap in the physical world (with a man, with food, with drugs and money etc)… when really this craving for loving union and wholeness is occurring on a far more energetic, etheric level.  We come from Spirit and we return to Spirit and often the time spent on Earth can feel disconnected and challenging, giving rise to feelings of being incomplete and wanting to go home.

this is our journey of learning dear ones… 

The more I wake up to who I truly am (which is far greater than the physical body I am riding around in) I do my best to commune with the Divine in all that I do and, in doing so, am mending the painful feelings of separation.  I have found the wholeness within that allowed my to find the union without (with my love Joe).

We search for the support of another on our journey (well I do anyway), when really must look within to find this feeling of love, trust and unwavering support of something bigger than ourselves… something that is the ultimate DIVINE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

So check in with yourself – are you able to feel the love and support of the Universe deep within your heart?  Or are you looking outside…?

The answers lie within… 

#4 – we are out of balance with our masculine and feminine energies  

The return to the scared feminine is big right now as it is the healing that many of us need to bring us back into balance (particularly women who have literally ‘man-ed up’ to survive.  But at the same time, as goddesses, we must allow our men to stand in their masculine power.  To relinquish the control, let go of the reigns and allow them to drive, as this is what they are hardwired wired to do.

As we goddesses reconnect to our Shakti power and begin to reveal it to our men, it can often come off as too big, too primal, and too wild, particularly if the men themselves are out of balance energetically.

As Shakti’s we want to be held by our strong Shiva’s, to feel safe to be vulnerable, to be emotional, to be wild and sexual all at the same time and if they are not quite there to meet us in this energy the union might not harmonise.  You see, this whole topic is like a cosmic dance… and this dance is also going on within each and every one of us as our own masculine and femeinine energies see-saw from side to side, trying to find the equilibrium…

and it is coming.  I promise it is coming!    But until then we must check in with ourselves, to do our own work to find the inner balance, falling into harmony with the rhythm of the earth and hold space for our partners as they too are on their own journey of shiva / shakti harmony.

#5 – we are yet to nail the self love.  

We hear about it a lot, but are we really able to do it…? I mean truly and unconditionally love ourselves in every moment?  To find the compassion for the world we must first find it inside… and the same goes for calling in a partner.  We must first heal the wounds inside, reset the old programming and step into the magical being we truly are!

Check in with yourself every day, monitor your thoughts and your self chat.. stare at yourself and the mirror and truly SEE YOURSELF… and love what you see (or maybe you do not love what you see and you realise there is still work to be done… there is always more work to be done!)

So in summary, as I feel I could write about this forever… do not panic, he or she is coming for you… faster than you know!

Practice radical self love…

Practice patience…

Harmonise your inner Shiva and Shakti…

and TRUST in the support of your Galactic Light team… they are working around the clock to bring about that moment of divine alignment when you will meet your twin flame.

I love you… the Universe loves you… now it is time for YOU to love YOU!

Here is another little part of another channelled message – there is a big vibration behind these words so get ready to receive it … and maybe it will help you too:

Know that this is only temporary. Know that this is a process, the unfolding of life, the revisiting of the pull and push of certain energies. The learning process will eventually (trust us on this!) dissipate the compounding of energy relating to issues of relationships. This of course is one of the greatest reasons for experiencing life on Gaia, on your Earth planet, for it is only there that one can make tremendous strides in experiencing all that love has to offer, both the negative and the positive forces.

The negative forces are powerful in this case, in the case of Sarah-Jane’s attraction to certain males (I may have made some questionable choices), but with each unfolding the energy is refined and understood and it soon will have a levelling out rather than the ‘roller-coaster’ effect. She should know by now that timing is everything. There will come the right time, the right person at the right time. She must be ready for this but not anticipating it. The focus should be on self-love until that time, the time of creating a new family, a new life, a new start. For there begins a new story entirely!

As for your daughter’s endeavours in her new field, shall we say fields, because she will be picking up the threads of many possibilities and playing them all out to the best of her abilities. She will be in demand, she will be learning rapidly to adapt to new situations, situations where she is more in control however, and this will please her greatly. For she is ready to establish her own base, her own identity, her own umbrella of skill-based products. She will be using the primary energy of yoga to commence many new projects, new connections, new foundations.

Of course there will be initially some anxiety or concern about success, about whether such ventures are possible, whether they will ‘fly’. But this will be short-term only. And the ‘haywire’ feeling is something that precedes the new energy patterns. It is good to have a time of freedom, of allowing the lines of energy to fall into new patterns of attraction. It may feel very uncomfortable at times but when they fall into harmony the new peaceful energy is most welcomed.

And do not forget that passion also creates a scattering of energy. There is no action without reaction. She is not to feel that her time has been wasted or lost. It was a necessary reigniting of dormant feelings. These feelings were strong for both parties, and honest. Only good has come of it. Only love can produce such overwhelming conditions, and these feelings should be cherished as something unique.

The future is not for us to comment upon except to say that your daughter has nothing to be concerned about except that she will rise up beyond all expectations. It is the strength of her emotions that may be at times overwhelming but this too she will learn to accept, to go within and allow the changes to occur and to welcome them. For she has no place for fear, for anxiety, for any sense of loss, in her heart. Those times are in the past. Letting go of such negative energies causes some grieving but then the space will be created for new feelings of love, of success, of harmony, of wonder, of joy to flow in.

Now, dear one, you are again moving along a path. We are patient in our offering you some signs along the way. We are more excited than you are in your explorations of life, but we delight in your encompassing of all that you meet with equanimity. It is a mindset that few attain, and it suits you and serves you well

And if you want a session with my Mamma Sandy please reach out at