Dreams are the language of Spirit

In these past months, almost every night I’ve been dreaming of sitting in sacred ceremony with the ancient ones in different parts of the world, uniting with other energies and souls to do the light work I am here to do. In last night’s dreamscape there was sadness as I knew I had to say goodbye to some people to fully go on my mission… And it’s always a bit sad saying goodbye to an old way of being.

Now… this has got me thinking… 

I’m wondering now if this is actually happening in my dreamtime?  Or perhaps my soul is travelling from my body to connect to other souls to do the sacred work.

My heart says yes….  this is truth… 

Here’s the thing dear ones… There is so much energy on this planet right now, and so much powerful work to do we are in process in our sleep, either being upgraded, or “worked on” as Mum and I have always said, or perhaps continuing your mission in another dimension.

Too far out you may say?  Trust me… this is only the beginning!

This may be too much for some of you but I actually feel I’m doing it all simultaneously and that I’m far better at bi-locating (being in two places at once) that I give myself credit for.

In fact, we ALL ARE but we haven’t woken up to this yet.  But we will soon…

The veil is lifting more and more each day and WOW is it an honour to be here working with, working through, supporting you, and feeling supported….

Our dreamtime is powerful process time and I invite you to remember your dreams…

How do you do that you may ask?  Simply set and intention and request it before bed.  Ask in your inner voice or speak it loud… I  AM REMEMBERING MY DREAMS!

When you wake, write what flows, write your dream map or dream story, and use the symbology of the mind to help you work out what is happening to you.

My favourite dream book is The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condron but, having accidentally (or perhaps serendipitously) left it behind in Sydney during my recent India trip I’ve been more freestyle in my dream analysis… I simply journal and ‘feel’ what it all means to me.

So yes, it’s perfectly normal to see me waking and scribbling illegible notes… Particularly now as we are in such a state of shift.

Look out for a post soon on how to decipher dreams and some key symbology (coming next week).  

I must also say… Sometimes when I write this stuff, my logical mind comes in and says  ’is this for real?’… I promise you this information just flows out of me in transmission…

And what I want to assure and remind you is that what we believe with our whole heart (with no resistance) becomes our reality… whatever you give your energy to comes true.

So even the wildest and wackiest most alchemistic inklings can become part of our reality…

So long as we BELIEVE.

(yes, even bi-location and teleportation – we are already doing it but our 3D self doesn’t realise!)

Pretty neat huh?

If you have questions… Ideas…. Anything you want to share… Please email me.

Or even a dream you want some clarity on and I’ll ask the higher energies for an answer for you (or check in with my trusty book),

And… Guess what? Jupiter has just fine direct again — phew — so let’s give thanks that our lives (in my case my business) feels like it’s flowing again…!

YAY life… it all feels so radiant and exciting!  This paradigm shift is a cause for celebration!

Love and blessings!

SJ xx