Good things come to those who hustle

“Good things come to those who hustle” 

I think Anais Nin said it and  I remember when I posted this a while back.  I thought it was so cool…

and it got a lot of likes on facebook (which must mean it’s cool)!

Hustle hard and all is coming… maybe that could be another one.

Anyway… now when I read this line I realise how much has changed for me… and continues to change for me every single day.

I used to think life was about creating furiously, achieving, doing more to truly be seen… to be acknowledged… to be successful.

And what the hell is successful anyway?  Is it having lots of money, a booming business, a bestseller…?

or is it having a deep connection with those around you, a life that allows you to stop and smell the roses… to actually take the time to appreciate what you are creating?

and I don’t mean on weekends away or mini vacays to Bali… I mean the ability to find the time to be slow enough to devour every moment rather than rushing through for more, more… MORE!

Don’t get me wrong… 

Hustling gets you somewhere… for sure…

if you work HARD, put in the time and the energy you will get rewards, particularly in the short term.

and I have to confess to you that it is still my knee jerk way to be and even right now in a moment of desperate creativity I tried to chase down a project that wasn’t meant for me. I had a vision, an expectation and I wanted to MAKE IT HAPPEN and then I felt funky when it backfired.  I didn’t listen… I didn’t tune in… I simply got my hustle on and moved into my old behaviour of pushing hard…  and it was not aligned… and I felt deflated for a moment.

But I want to ask you a question…

is the path of hustling really sustainable or is it just a one way ticket to burn out?

and burn out can be beautiful because it is in these moments of total surrender that we learn… we are forced re-evaluate what is really important to us…

so I guess in someways we will always get there in the end.

These days I am feeling more inclined to choose the path of least resistance… or ease and grace… choosing to do maybe 2 – 3 retreats rather than this year’s 6 (yes – I am always learning and re-evaluating).  To take the journey of allowing life to unfold rather than chasing down every opportunity… networking your ass off and … well… hustling (most of the time).

There is a way to work smarter and it is from the heart

From the space of alignment with the natural laws.  To operate in harmony with your natural rhythms

and I think if you get quiet and ask your innate what it wants it will choose to be easier on itself.

So today I am changing my words…

Good things come to those who operate from their centre, in alignment with Spirit.

Love you xx