Gaia is speaking… are you listening?

As we all know, Gaia had been speaking to us a lot in the past few weeks.  The solar flares and earthquakes have been off the scale in frequency and intensity and my heart goes out to those in the danger zone.  As many of you know my Mumma was in Kathmandu for the first major quake and the following two weeks (she only left two days ago – thankfully before this next onslaught of movement and devastation) and I have been feeling the pain of those effected so strongly… and I have been hearing the messages from Pachamama.  

She too is going through her own shift… and in these moments we are reminded of the light work we are here to do. Many of us have been training and preparing for this for some time – life times – and what I feel now is “HERE WE GO”…

Gaia… The great mother… Maha Shakti is rumbling and ready to throw off the old energies and she needs our help.

The other night I was in the midst of budgets, retreat bookings & financial stuff and, honestly, getting deep into this world of $$ and logistics and retreat sales almost doesn’t feel relevant to me right now.  I know I am doing the good work to bring people together as part of this GREAT SHIFT that is well and truly underway… but all of these world events keep are a huge wake up to what is important. That we need to be caring for the community of Earth and beyond, anchoring in the energy, letting go of greed, dissolving the ego (or at least relinquishing its control), staying in the heart, compassion for others & ourselves… BE-ING THE LIGHT.

Perhaps you are feeling this in your body too?

Many of us have been feeling these heightened energies, perhaps physically in your body as the G-force changes.  This is impacting our brains, our skeletal systems, our vision… We are in total upgrade and this may feel somewhat extreme for the physical vehicle.  Kind of like upgrading to new apple software on an old computer – things may freak out a bit.

I feel as if I am shedding my skin, one of my vertebrae has moved and is desperately painful and everything feels unstable – like my skeletal system is moving like the earth!

If you are having headaches, body pains, recalibration colds this is totally to be expected. Our physical vehicles are assimilating as best they can – but it is a lot for anyone to handle

I urge you to take rest and release the pressure… despite being a bumpy ride we are on the right path.  This too is all part of the process of shift and evolution.  Now is the time for us to ride on through it taking rest when we need rest and surrendering to the process of total metamorphosis.

It’s time to BECOME THE BUTTERFLY my dear ones!   

Despite sounding out there and off planet I assure you that this stuff is VERY REAL!  Things are intensifying and shifting and it is happening right now!

We must do our work - GROUND  EARTH MEDITATE  OPEN YOUR CHANNELS  SEND THE LIGHT INTO GAIA  gosh knows she needs it and this what we are being called to do.

Please also be mindful of getting tok deep into the darkness…

As a girl who rarely looks at the news I’m been all over it lately and the grim reality of things happening in our world are getting me down and making me feel a little dark and the more fearful and dark I feel as I absorb the images of trauma around the world does not feels like it helps in raising my vibration.  Now, I’m not saying avoidance is the key but if you feel it would help perhaps disengage from social media and the news in favour of gazing at the beauty of nature and being deep in your practice… And feeling gratitude for all the good things that are happening instead… Please do that.

This fear and sadness is understandable but really the best thing we can do here is to stay in our centre, breathe, ground and continue to radiate LOVE… BE-ing in total service to the Earth in this time of change and upheaval and BE-ing an anchor for this new frequency as Gaia convulses and changes.

Let go of fear and get quiet… Ask Gaia what she needs us to do.  Wait for inner instruction.

The seatbelt signs are on and the flight captain has informed us we are navigating some turbulence… BELIEVE all is happening as it should.

LOVE over FEAR … be in the body and the HEART… Let the brain be the assistant not the authority…

I had a feeling something was brewing but this is big and my guidance says it is only the beginning.

Prayers to everyone all over the world – we have serious light work to do…

And I remind you… We are co-creating it all… (read more about manifestation here)

Deep breaths…!

All my love xxx