Harnessing the energy of the Solstice

So the magical days of the Solstice and the New Moon are upon us… Can you FEEL it? 

I’ve started writing this post so many times but the Solstice energy has had other pans for me like deep meditation, ceremony and planting trees… and cleaning my house, tying up loose ends and clearing the slate for the new beginnings!

The last few weeks have been tough for me and I have experienced many bumps, road blocks and even illness that forced me to my bed (!)  and the experience has/had left me feeling totally stomped on… but finally as we welcome in this new LIGHT ENERGY I’m feeling more clarity, more flow and a greater sense of EASE.  Thank freaking goodness!

Either way you look at it the energy is FULL POWER right now… full power in a take no prisoners kind of way.  There are solar flares and new light energy streaming at our planet like we have never seen before and we literally have to hold on to our hats to make sure these physical vehicles of ours are ready.

I quote from Kryona as I feel she says it so well:

During the 21/22 December Summer/Winter Solstice 2014 the Sun will once more rise on the Galactic Cross, providing us with access to  potent frequencies keys and codes that are only available for 72 years in every 26,000 year cycle.   This is a vitally important seed point for the co-creation of your new world & the coming year 2015, and for Earth!  This moment once more heralds that we are at the beginning of a new world age, The Age of Aquarius, an age of light!

This years Solstice is extra super charged because it is also aligning with the Capricorn New Moon (seed point) – which means that this year the Solstice or renewal of the Solar Cycle, is occurring at the same time as we have a renewal of the Lunar Cycle.  Additionally on this day Uranus (12°Aries 34′) is stationing direct (still very much strongly a part of the 6th exact Uranus/Pluto Square Alignment) is adding elements of unpredictability to this rare Solstice New Moon time.  If ever there was a day to maximise our co-creative abilities through ceremonial intention – this is it.

More in depth info here  …

During these Solstice or gateway times our access to the Great Mystery is increased particularly when we show up in ceremony and open ourselves to receive the downloads / upgrades / communication… whatever we feel you are ready for.  This is our time to fully realise our I AM presence and connect to the UNIFIED or oneness field, fully embodying the 5th dimensional frequency and playing our crucial part in giving birth to our new world.

Now… I know that may have sounded quite out there… so how about this?

This is your chance to fully welcome in the LIGHT beaming to you LIVE from the Galactic Centre of the Universe!

Hmm… maybe STILL too off-planet but you’ll have to go with me here as the train has already left the station!  

The energy of this time has called me to speak up about more off-planet things (as my magic Mum and I have been referring to them for the past 4 – 5 years of our work), to completely stand in my power as a starseeded one and, don’t laugh, but assume the role a publicist or Communications Manager for the Galactic Light Council… a broadcaster and connecter to keep you up to date on the energetic happenings on our planet (and beyond) and how you can play your part.

Are you still with me…? I hope so…

A Solstice job for you… 


I urge you to find some time today to step out into nature (if you can) and meditate on the Solstice Energy:

  • Find a comfortable seat and get quiet
  • Observe your breath and feel yourself letting go with each exhale
  • Feel the energy spiralling up from the crystalline core of the earth.  This upward spiral is linked to the masculine energy in the human form, moving up to the heart chakra.. this is our knowledge to manifest reality.
  • Feel the energy spiralling down through your Crown chakra, activating the Pineal gland, the higher heart chakra / thymus (knowing of higher dimensions/connection to higher self)… this is the female energy.
  • Feeling the energies meet in your sacred heart space making what we call a vertical alignment, letting light into all the chakras and bringing the information down into reality… expressing it horizontally into reality by SHARING.  In this alignment you are in a protective pillar of light… in a perfect torodial field.
  • Feel the expansion of your energy and open yourself to receive the LIGHT of the Solstice – perhaps you can visuaise it as a golden or platinum light flooding your field.
  • Hold this space for as long as feels right.
  • Perhaps also send this light back to the Earth for her harmonisation, transmutation and healing.
  • Slowly bring your energy back into your body and come back to your heart space… and when it feels right bring yourself back into this dimension.

As part of my recent meditations I have been visiting the chakra points of the earth, playing my role in the activation of the crystal cities of light at each sacred space, anchoring the energy and playing my role in the healing and awakening.  Perhaps this idea resonates with you too… the earth can definitely use more help so please reach out if you have any questions.

Another thing for you to do…


Cast your wishes to be invigorated by this new light energy… cast your own sacred spell to be manifested into reality.

My intention for this new moon is to UNIFY.  I have felt the strong call to form a community of light workers, to come together in ceremony and group meditations … to UNIFY our hearts across the Universe… and to UNIFY and harmonise the polarities within… to UNIFY with my I AM presence and the light frequencies.  To stand up and make waves in this plight of UNIFICATION in the process of anchoring in the light for our planet!

As Mystic Mamma says in her Solstice update…

These turning points are opportunities for us to come together and unite our intentions in visualizing and birthing more LIGHT for our planet. It’s not about being afraid, of our collective shadows nor our personal ones, but about owning them and birthing more harmony and peace within ourselves and as a result without.

So join me in rising up and playing your part in the GRAND AWAKENING…!

We are the ones we have been waiting for…

Aho Mitakyue Osayin x