Feel the gratitude first

Around this time of the year I’m seeing workshops popping up for 2015 vision board making, intention setting, new year’s resolutions brainstorming over cups of tea etc… now certainly feels like the time to get clear on what we want in 2015.

And yes… I agree with all of this totally.  I love nothing more than casting my energy towards what I want and feeling very much a part of the co-creative process of life.  But sometimes this ‘wish list’ puts me in the frame of mind of thinking about all the stuff I haven’t done yet, the stuff I’m bugging myself daily to achieve, insinuating that I am not perfect as I am in the present moment.

I get caught in the head space of focussing on where I am lacking… where I am not doing enough.  Where I’m not complete enough (yet).

Are you with me?

This is an on going issue for me.  As a self employed creative goddess I find myself forever focussing on all of the areas of my life where I need improvement even so much that I sometimes find it hard to take a compliment.

When someone mentions they like my website I will retort and say “oh really… uuugh… it’s so not finished yet”… or the amazing international retreats I am running.  I feel good about it all but there is still that niggling feeling of not being quite polished enough.  Not being on top of it… always needing more!  More clients, more sales, more freaking time to get it all done!

And let’s face it, there will always feel like there is more to do so long as we continue to live in this contraction of perfection (for my students who were in my classes they will get what I’m on about).

We are planners, schedulers and want to make a difference.  It’s energising and exciting and many of us (particularly the pittas like me) are hard wired to want to manically create!

But I’m feeling, and the messages I’m receiving tell me, maybe it’s time to take the foot off the gas. To allow ourselves to steep in the present moment.  To take the time to notice the array of magical gifts it holds for us rather than rushing ahead with goal after goal and to do list upon to do list.

I feel like we have finally realised what amazing manifestors we are and now we can chill a bit. To allow ourselves to be cradled in the arms of the Universe… to fall into the current of life and be taken on a co-creative journey.

Now yes, I did say co-creative… and I’m not telling you to stop having vision… but I am suggesting for you tostop being so hard on yourself.  To stop the pressurising and bask in the gratitude for what you already ARE!

Woah – yes!  Because YOU my darling are magical and have done so much with your life already.  Cast you mind back and remember how you have grown… see how much you have transformed.

When I think of my evolution to date (particularly over the last 4 years) my mind is 100% blow.

In 2011 I did my first yoga teacher training and stumbled on to the  Sydney teaching scene, learning by my mistakes.  In mid 2012 I answered the call of my heart and courageously leapt from my TV Marketing job… not really sure what was coming next.  I knew I had a date with Burning Man and a co-teaching gig at  a yoga retreat in Formentera (Ibiza) but when I met the love of my life at DC10 (google it) everything made sense.  I knew I was working in harmony with the energy of the Universe.

Then another gift came my way in the disguise of a 12 month contract as the Marketing Director of Warner Bros. TV back in Sydney.  I reluctantly took it as it felt like going backwards but it was the best decision yet as it allowed me to cash up and feel a little more secure before making the big decision to launch my international retreat business and become the travelling yoga goddess I am today!

So here I am, self employed, often feeling a bit disorganised and overwhelmed but throughly blown away by my progress.  I’ve come a long way from the party girl who didn’t know who she was.  Frustrated at not being able to share her gifts with the world as she wasn’t really sure what she was here to offer.

If you had have told me 4 years ago that I would already be here  - looking down the barrel of 12 months of international teaching gigs I would thought you were a crazy person!

So I want to take this moment to feel the gratitude for all the good stuff… and all of you good ones who have helped me along my adventure of life!

Let’s all cast our minds back over what has been 2014, pull out a journal and write a gratitude list. Taking a moment to reflect on how far you have come along your own journey.

Here’s mine for 2014:

I am grateful for…

  • My time at Warner Bros. for providing for my future… and equally grateful you be out of the 9 to 5 and in my own natural rhythm (without shoes)!
  • Teaching at Wanderlust Festival in Melbourne was a massive rush!
  • Epic Perth family time and adventures in a van in WA with my love (including no showers for a week!)
  • Having my magical Mumma in the house for my 34th birthday.
  • Leading my first ever Solstice Goddess Retreat in Ibiza with Kirsty Gallagher (love her)
  • Meeting one of my great teachers Jules Gibbons in Ibiza – thank you for you words, your energy and the profound effect you have had on my life.
  • Getting engaged to the man of my dreams  and running away for love fest in Ibiza!
  • Two weeks of juicy Laughing Lotus LOVE in Ubud – YES YES YES!! Thank you Sri Jasmine & Sri Emily!
  • Basking in the magic of Bali and running my first ever Raw Yoga Bliss retreat with beautiful Amanda fromThe Raw Food Kitchen – big love to the 22 goddesses who trusted us to guide on this journey of transformation!
  • Meeting and working with incredible Malaika Cheze Darville and reconnecting my energy to the earth… and doing my 5 Elements Dance Facilitator training.  This was HUGE for me – thank you Malaika!
  • Finally getting COSMIC with Meghan Currie (my idol – #girlcrush)
  • Really blossoming into my gifts as teacher, facilitator and magical light worker.  This has been a huge year of opening and remembering for me… totally harmonising with the energies of the planet.  Of softening into my yoke and dancing the cosmic dance between the sacred masculine and feminine.
  • Loving Earth raw chocolate – for feeding my addiction
  • To Pachamama for always nourishing us and cradling us, no matter how we treat you.
  • To my whole company of heaven, my angels, my goddesses, the Galactic Light Federation – you know how much I appreciate your communication and support!  Thank you for allowing me to open and feel your presence and for trusting me to be the vessel for your divine love.

2014 has been an incredible ride and I feel 2015 has even more magic to unveil – can I handle it…?  I say YES YES YES!!

Let me know how you go with your gratitude… I’d love to hear what’s on your list – message me here or on hello@sarahjaneperman.com.