How do you heal your own pain?

Today I want to talk about pain…

Pain in the body… the emotional and chronic old stuff that manifests in a physical way.

If you are anything like me you experience some sort of physical pain or discomfort on almost a daily basis.   After observation over the past 10 years, I am so acutely aware of what throws my body into a state of dis-ease.  A stressful day, too much activity in the head particularly left brain logistics and business, not enough time grounding in nature and connecting to the earth and balancing my energy.

This pain causes our energy to become blocked so it cannot flow and do the healing and nourishing work it is designed to do.  Because you see my dears, our bodies are magical creations that have everything they need to heal themselves.  This energy is incredibly powerful so long as it can travel freely around the body feeding that which needs to be fed, cleansing and rebalancing.

My “story” is  old chronic pain in my hips and lower back triggered (I feel) by a fear response that happened at some point in tis life (or perhaps a previous incarnation).  A strong contraction of the soft tissue that, over a life time of hanging on very tightly, has pulled my entire pelvis out of alignment… so much so that it has now created a situation for itself that if does let go (and I’ve experienced this) things get way out of balance.

I’ve had this experience through deep tissue massage.  A massage therapist went deep into my hips and released a lot, but it all happened too fast.  Once the fascia that had been holding tight for decades where no longer holding it all together my bones started to move… but they did not know where to be and there was so much instability I ended up in way MORE PAIN!

It is for this reason that I take responsibility for my own healing.  Even the pain in our bodies are old stories that we tell ourselves and old baggage we carry around because for some reason we are not quite ready to let go… even though holding on is the far more exhausting road to take.  No matter how many practitioners I see, my body will always go back into the place that it feels safe and it is until I am totally ready to trust and let go of my armour I may as well write a blank cheque to every massage therapist, chiropractor, osteo etc I have ever seen.  My body is that stubborn.

Instead I am taking my own path of healing… of self observation, loving self massage, slow yoga and mindful movement and working with my own energy healing.

For example, this morning I moved around on my mat for a while but then my body asked for rest and self-love.  I took some oils and lay on my back in an constructive resting position and took some deep breaths into my belly, asking my body where it needed healing today.   Immediately my psoas, lower back and hips replied with their dull ache (which I’m sure translates into help me or release me from this fear and suffering!  I responded by dropping some oil onto my belly, rubbing my hands together to create some heat and get more conscious of the power of the energy flowing through my hands.  I asked for assistance from my team of guides, angels, galactics and ascended masters who are always working with my healing behind the veil and I placed my hands on my belly and began a slow circular massage.

I allowed myself to be guided by my body, steering away from poking, prodding or going to deep like a masseur, instead making this an energetic process to help the chi flow again.  We often think it is the intensity of the pressure of the hands in the massage that have the benefit but I have found the movement of the energy to be the magical ingredient…. Releasing the blocks, breaking down of the barriers damming up the energy channels and meridians in the body and coming back into a state of flow.

By putting your awareness into your body and taking a moment to visit your area of pain we are sending energy.  We can increase this healing energy by offering some loving and healing affirmations and smiling to your muscles, bones and organs…  smiling and loving every single cell.

I sometimes catch myself getting pissed off with my areas of pain that make me feel stuck, unable to do some asana.  I catch myself talking to them with annoyance and hatred… I catch myself and I turn this talk around because I KNOW the power of the vibration of my words.

How are you healing your body?

I urge you to try these self healing techniques and FEEL the effects of your intention and awareness.

Also … you hear all this talk about being in the flow my dears? Fix the blockages in the body, drop the armour and then we can jump into the divine river of our destiny running effortless to where we need to go.

So take some time dear ones, to feel into your own body, touch it, caress it, smile to every inch of your being… I promise you will love YOU for it.

Big LOVE xx