How full are you?

I was chatting a soul sister and fellow coach the other day and we were sharing how much our lives had changed since we started this healing work that we do…. and how, as extreme givers of energy, we simply can’t hang out in social situations so much anymore.  We need to go within in to feel renewed.  The crowds, the social chit chat… it’s just all too exhausting!

It is as if we are being forced to tune into our inner introvert… and yes, we both acknowledge we have them (which if you had seen us 5 years ago you might not have believed)!

So I posed a question to her that I like to ask myself every day…

“How full are you?” 

In this moment… are you feeling full or are you feeling depleted? 

I like to ask myself this every single day, and through the day.  Generally the answer is about a 6 out of 10… meaning there is a fair bit more filling to be done.  And in accordance with my feelings I modify my day.  I ensure that I put myself and my own health before anything else (hmmm… I might be lying to you now… at least I’m working on it).

There’s this thing called Jing energy, and it lives in our kidneys… and it is like our life essence. Jing is fundamental to life. It is the deepest source of energy in the body and is associated with regeneration, longevity, youthfulness, deep long-term vitality, mental energy, the source of power for the reproductive system and for optimal functioning of the immune system. Jing energy also supports our skeletal system, renal functions and our ability to hear. Jing is believed to govern our courage and is the power behind our will.  JING POWER! YES!!

Here’s the thing… our Jing is depleted by LIVING in our crazy world, especially by stress, excessive behaviour, and overwork (I would give myself a tick to all of the above).  For many of us our Jing is so depleted we need stimulants to keep us running – sound familiar…? says the girl reaching for the Loving Earth raw chocolate)!

I know our world is not getting any slower and I know the pile of work often feels like it is not getting in smaller but we must tune in and listen to our bodies before they remind us of our human-ness by striking us down with illness and forcing us to rest.

We must remember to fill ourselves up first.  And if that means turning down the invitations to social events in favour of having a bath and reading a book – great!  Do it and don’t feel guilty.

Once we have this energy biz down and we are operating on all cylinders then we can work smarter.  Imagine having such powerful energy that you could complete a task that would have take all day in under an hour (YES PLEASE)… this is where we are headed when we are recharged and full.  I’m not there yet but my teachers promise me that if I do the work all is coming… and I’m doing my best to be a good student.

Stay tuned for more info on how to recharge your Jing… but one way that I would highly recommend is giving yourself the gift of a retreat… I have one going in Goa this January and there is a space with your name one it.  Click here for MORE.

Big LOVE xx