5 ways to refill our Jing energy (and stop aging so fast)

The last two days have been intense for me.  Working on big events (helping my love) and spending time with large groups of stressed out people in the city trying on bridal gowns – this was me today).  For someone who is as sensitive as I am this can sometimes feel very energising but more often than not I end up feeling frazzed out.  It’s like I haven’t properly learned how to put up my forcefield yet and I take on the vibration of my surroundings and forget to transmute the energy, and I know being depleted and adrenally fatigued does not help a single bit!

So back to the jing energy talk of my last post.  Jing energy, and it form in our kidneys… and it is like our life essence.  This energy is like the fire under an ever-bubbling cauldron that provides sustenance for the rest of your body.  It is the deepest source of energy in the body and is associated with regeneration, longevity, youthfulness, deep long-term vitality, mental energy, the source of power for the reproductive system and for optimal functioning of the immune system. Jing energy also supports our skeletal system, renal functions and our ability to hear. Jing is believed to govern our courage and is the power behind our will.

Here’s the thing… our Jing is depleted by LIVING in our crazy world, especially by stress, excessive behaviour, and overwork (I would give myself a tick to all of the above).  For many of us our Jing is so depleted we need stimulants to keep us running – sound familiar…? says the girl constantly reaching for the Loving Earth raw chocolate)!

A little more on energy ~ Jing is one of the final types of energy that the body uses in a day  - it’s the last resort.   The Qi (chee) that is drawn in through breath (Kong Qi), from eating food (Gu Qi), from resting, and from gathering through exercises like Tai Chi or Qi Gong all feed the daily Qi supply in the body.  However, when we don’t fill up our stores or exceed the daily usage we end up hitting the ‘jing bank’.  As I typed this it made me think of my mobile phone data.. once you exceed the monthly allowance it gets really expensive!  And this is like our jing – it is the extra precious source that is more difficult to replenish… and it is finite… no more jing = no more life!

You’ll know you are hitting the jing bank when you are tired doing usual activities and burning the candle at both ends… which feels like most of us a lot of the time – yea? 

Now, unfortunately there is no tool to physical measure our jing, so this is why I have opted for the body intuitive technique of simply getting quiet and asking myself ‘how full are you?’  My body will always give me some sort of reply… in a feeling a sensation or a knowing.  There are also some physical signs though like grey hair, lower back pain due to frazzed kidneys, short term memory loss, lack of coordination/clumsiness and dark circles under your eyes.  

So, if we want to ensure we live a long and vital life we must accept our mission of managing this natural resource so we don’t run out too fast!!  

Here are my top 5 ways to manage my precious jing: 

  1. Eat a nourishing whole food fresh diet free from stimulants like caffeine, sugar and theobromide (found in raw cacao).
  2. Breathe deeply, even use pranayama techniques daily to literally fill yourself with life force.
  3. Take the yin yoga class instead of the vinyasa class.  When you really ask your body what it needs maybe it isn’t more handstands – maybe it just need to slow down! Also try some Qi Gong or Tai Chi exercises to gather energy.
  4. Plant your feet on the earth and drink in the energy… cast your eyes on the sunrise and feed your self with the solar vibes.  Do the same with the moon… in the ocean…connecting to the bounty of energy flowing through Pachamama.
  5. REST! Listen to your body and slow the f@#k down! Yes the emails can wait, no you do not have to go to every social occasion … learn to say NO and feel OK about it.  It doesn’t have to be forever but if you are really feeling low you must take care to refill yourself before offering to energy to everyone else.

I’m making a pact with you now dear ones to really start this process of restoration and self love – imagine how good we will feel when we are operating with on full power!

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Big LOVE xx