I hold my tounge in order to expand

For my whole life I have talked too much.  

It’s my knee jerk reaction specifically to nerves, stress and fear… when those feelings come it’s like I try to make myself feel better by babbling away.  I also notice I ramble on like a crazy lady when I am over tired and delirious (which happens often)… sound familiar?

In recent times, as I have begun to dive deeper into my energy and how I am using it, I have realised how much life force I give away with my incessant chatter.  I have begun to take note of how depleted I can feel after a day of extreme communication which generally ends up being a huge explosion of energy without me grounding myself first.  I feel myself make my way out of the anchored and relaxed frequency of meditation and connection to the core of the earth and into some more frazzed out place of shallow breath, tiredness and stress!

This past week with my Russian dakini sisterhood in Hampi really proved this point.  As the only native English speaker amongst 30 Russians I had a forced introspective and non-verbal week, which was perfect as we were diving deep into ourselves, stilling our minds and drinking in the energy of the ancient site.  Along with the deep meditation we were doing on a permanent basis I really noticed the profound effects of the withdrawal of my verbal communication.  I started to feel full all of the time, more receptive, more tuned in, more in the body than the mind… really able to hear the voice of my higher self… and I felt the EXPANSION of my energy on a whole new level!

I came to realise that when we are silent we are BIG and able to operate in the state of ALPHA.  This is the state we achieve in a kind of waking meditation.  I feel like when we operate from this place we are in a state of flow, of creativity of a deeper connection to spirit and Universal Law.  It’s like we are moving in soft and subtle alignment, not needing to exert ourselves just allowing ourselves to be guided by our inner wisdom and working in harmony with the planet and beyond.

And on the flip side, when we are noisy we move back into the BETA state and we lose our power (and become small).  Now, I’m not specifically bashing on the beta state as this is the place for  heightened concentration, cognition and alertness (err maybe I am!) but I do know from my own experience that when I make every moment an act of meditation, moving from a different frequency I feel nourished, I feel full and I feel I can create so much more by exerting less energy.

How good does that sound my dear friends? Creating more, exerting ourselves less… this is what this practice is all about!  Moving into the alpha space and doing everything from there (or here as I am in it right now – breathing in and out of my heart space and grouding my energy into the earth).

Now I’m not saying be silent all the time (as this would not be practical) but I do invite you to try it on and see how it feels for you.  Finding mindfulness in the choice of words and when you choose to speak rather that exploding all your reserves all over the place in over excitement (yes, I have the same mental image – ha) all of the time.  Once you start to operate from this place the other feels wasteful and messy!

Writing this has also reminded me of a trip I took to a breathing specialist who pointed out how much of the time I mouth breathe.  In order to stay in this space of relaxation we need to breathe deeper, diaphragmatically and longer if we can.  There is a theory that we have a finite amount of breaths in this life so the more we can lengthen and slow the breathing down the longer you will live!  I promise if you start to live in ALPHA this is very achievable.

I remember when I demonstrated my speach for the specialist and he counted how many mouth breaths I took between words, simply because I never paused for long enough to breathe deeply…  I was astounded.  In fact I challenged him to show me how he could speak without mouth breathing… and he did, just like this.  He took a deep belly breath and paused allowing his words to flow on his exhale.  Then he paused, took a deep belly breathe to refill, paused again and continued on his exhale.  Yes, it was a slower approach but I noticed how much more efficient he was with his energy, how he allowed himself to refill before carrying on and I realised how I have never done that.  I simply plough on without stopping or allowing my listener to process.  Without allowing the words to steep in the moment.

Sound familiar?

This is powerful stuff and really useful medicine for those of us who always move at a million miles an hour.

I hope it helps YOU!

I am making it my own mission to be quiet… to breathe deeply and reduce the number of words that fall out of my mouth.  Choosing quality over quantity and finding my way back into harmony with the expansion of the Universe…

I’ll be over here trying my best to live in ALPHA.