lunar ebb + flow

e b b + f l o w

Have you been feeling it?
The push and pull of the energy?
One minute on fire
The next derailed
Struggling to find the harmony
The middle ground
Feeling more sensitive to the frequency changes than ever
Unable to plan ahead
Unable to see what comes next
Even when you are usually super planned out
This is the energy for me and so many of my tribe right now
So we breathe, we surrender, we ride the waves and we trust that this fast moving river of energy knows where it’s going.
That we will be delivered to the perfect destination for our dharma.
Resting in the ebb
Rising in the flow
The trick is being able to whole heartedly trust that all is as it should be
The perfect balance between action and surrender
Weaving dreams
Uplifting the world

If life feels weird… and wonky and uncertain right now… please do not worry!

We have just moved through such an intense phase of eclipses and blood moons and we are in full integration mode.  For me, I still feel very much on the precipice of something big… like we are not out of the woods quite yet and this is forcing me to be totally present, unable to look to far ahead with my plans and simply staying grounded, doing my work and allowing the process of  integration and upgrade to unfold.  On the flip side I am feeling the effects of merging with the Solar Light we have been anchoring in and when I can stay out of the turbulence of unhelpful fear and worry I do feel expanded and completely illuminated!  Whether you can feel it or not we have all gone through this process so allow yourselves some space to revel in the magic and bask in the cosmic light!

This phase has been much ugliness rear its head…

Like more natural disasters, Russia calling out the US for their ISIS support (finally) and getting involved in Syria, hospital bombings and many more acts of violence and terrorism..  The New Moon in Libra that we are moving towards this Monday 12 / Tuesday 13 October is highlighting justice and calling in balance and harmony into our world.

Does this mean WWIII has started?  I really don’t know…  but either way life feels wobbly and uncertain right now so it is up to us to continue to anchor the light, meditating on love and peace, and riding out the waves of energy in this intense time.

The New Moon in Libra energises our hopes for peace and fruitful negotiations all around the world… but like anything, we often have to let the darkness run its course before we get back into the light so we may be in for a few more bumps along the way (I am feeling this big time)!

On a personal level this moon calls for justice in our own lives and forces us to sweep away the stuff and relationships that no longer serve us.  This moon calls us to be true to who we are and step into our Soul’s desires.  We may see structures and relationships that we thought were reliable fall away… let them be and trust in this process of metamorphosis.

Life might have gone crazy…

the world might have gone crazy…

but breathe… trust and know in your heart that this is all part of a process that we signed up to long ago.

Ask for the wisdom of this moon and what is is bringing to light in your life and your relationships.

Trust that we are in transition and in times of integration it is normal to feel adrift and a little unhinged.

Everything is as it should be.

And keep casting Peace spells for the World.

Let me know if you have any questions as I am here for you.

One love… and lunar blessings…

SJ xx

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