Get ready for the Super Blood Moon Eclipse!

On September 27 / 28 (depending on your location in the world) we will be experiencing a Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Aries.

Many people talk of this Moon signifying the end of the world, and I would tend to agree in a non physical sense (however I believe we are in for some more physical earth changes and challenges) as we are in the process of full upgrade to 5D (to put this in perspective we are currently sitting at around 3 to 4D and have a long way to go to activate to activate our full 12D capabilities – I feel I will need to write a whole post series on this soon whenever I finally stand still).

There is so much energetic charge in the air it could be making us feel awesome but could also be wiping us out.

According to my beloved, I was vibrating all night in bed two nights ago and I awoke feeling less than rested… I guess what I am saying is that there is SO MUCH HAPPENING to your energy body behind the scenes and we are in FULL UPGRADE MODE!

This Super Blood Moon is also the final in a rare tetrad that concludes this weekend… and we are called to ground the frequency , let go of over analysis of conspiracy theories and fear (you may have heard of Nibiru and asteroids coming at the earth etc) and allow ourselves to soften into this awakened space with an open and accepting heart – fully awake to the magic that is now oh so available to us providing we are able to drop the baggage (like seriously… DITCH IT ALL) and BELIEVE… fully recognising yourself as the AVATAR YOU ARE !!

Here is a little more info about moons that you may be interested in… supplied by a handy source at Forever Consciousness.

Harvest Moon: the full moon that is closest to the Spring/Autumnal equinox and is usually a powerful time of change and new beginnings.  This is what happened this week. 

Super Moon: when the moon is closer the earth due to it’s rotation and orbit. This is usually a time where the energetic effects of the moon and emotions run high and are felt stronger.

Blood Moon: when the earth casts a shadow on the moon causing the suns light to hit the moon and make it appear red. The term is also used to describe four total Lunar Eclipses.

Over history when we have had a tetrad of Blood Moon Eclipses it has signified powerful events and earth changes… and this one is no different as it is a portal bringing in a new frequency to create a new way of BE-ing on Earth with more access to the metaphysical, awakened DNA and more access to the realms of Spirit.

The fact that our Earth is moving into a new area of space is one of the reasons we are experiencing this upgrade…  and as cool as it all sounds, this process may not be fun for some.  Already I have seen more people passing in this last week than ever before and my facebook feed has been flooded with RIP notes (not to mention crazy earth events like cleansing fires and earthquakes).  I don’t believe that this is a coincidence as in big times of change many souls who have;

a) already completed their light worker mission on this planet (I feel this in relation to Jo Mall who passed earlier this week after a battle with cancer), or;

b) struggle with the upgrade to the new frequency due to being too stuck with the old ways or clinging on to baggage.

These energies are a lot for our physical vessels to handle and I really feel that we are going through a huge clearing process on earth and this may mean some people leave their physical bodies.  As sad as this is please rest assured that all is happening as it should and those souls made this deal long before they arrived so the best we can do is send them on with love, compassion and gratitude.

As a free will Universe it is always our choice whether we go with the flow or we fight the change… but rest assured this is happening whether we like it or not.  One thing I know for certain is that this shift is extremely powerful and will definitely give rise to a new way of being and thinking!

Maybe you have already been feeling these changes (and I’d love to hear about your experience) I urge you to walk on with confidence and love… and open your self to receive.

Please ensure you:

DITCH THE BAGGAGE – by baggage I mean the old stuff that could be holding you down in a lower reality.  Let go of the hurts, the past and all of the old conditioning to make space for the new templates.  The more you hold on and resist, the harder this process will be for you.

GROUND – becoming the clear channel to bring the frequencies into your being.

GET OFF THE GRID – turn off the wifi and get in nature.  The more time we can spend away from the computer the more we can activation our own connectivity and receptivity! I feel grateful for these past weeks where I have only have 1 hour of computer time per day as I have been sleeping up mountains and in forests.  If you can make this happen – DO IT!

REST & RECHARGE – to allow your own healing process to take place.  This is BIG WORK that is going down so listen to your body and your intuition to discover how you need to integrate.

TRUST & SURRENDER - allowing yourself to fully let go, feeling confident that everything is happening as it should.

REJOICE – this is the dawning of the New Earth and it is a time for celebration!  The moment you realise how magic you really are is not to be brushed off… this is freaking EXCITING!

More on 5D… 

For those of you who are already running 5D please keep up the good work.  We are on the front line anchoring the frequency into the planetary grids.

How do you know if you are running 5D?

This is a good question… and I’m not sure if I a the best person to answer this as I am still on my journey.  However, the changes I have experienced in my vibration, my energy pathways, my meditations and access to Spirit have been immense.  I will sit with this and tell you more in the coming days as I feel it is what you need to know.

All my LOVE – as always I am here for your questions… and I LOVE to receive your emails with your experiences!

Please enjoy this most incredible time on this planet!