My 5 step guide to staying true to who you are

As we navigate through these times of changing energy and awakening I’m seeing changes happen with myself at break neck speed.   Changes in my diet, my sadhana, the way I experience energy, the way I relate to people and the natural world around me…

and the more I shift, the more off planet I seem to become…

I’m sure you’ve noticed it from my posts and blogs.  I used to purposely hold some things back that I may have felt too much for some, but now my guidance tells to to speak my truth, to sing my song, to stay anchored in my power and simply RADIATE.

And every time I send out a more out there newsletter I get the same notification emails – “XX has unsubscribed from your list”.

And this doesn’t bother me at all… because in this life it is not our job to please everyone.  But it is our job to be authentic to who we truly are in every moment… at every step along our forever unfolding path.

For example… even though I have been a vegetarian* for about 5 years (and even before then I did not feel to each much meat) I remember when I started to really shift my diet, opting for a vegan and plant based approach, not drinking fluoride riddled tap water any more and opting for living spring water where I could.  In the beginning I was pretty fanatical with my gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free approach and thankfully I have become more chilled these days… this surrender has been a necessity as I travel so much and often have to make do with what I find and in these cases I transmute what I am consuming with energy and white light (more on that later).  

But these changes have been harder for others than myself.  I am reminded of this when I come home and visit family who haven’t seen me for a while. It’s like that are not sure what to make of me… what to feed me… will she eat this? Is this OK? What trip is she on now? Kind of like I am from a foreign land… and maybe I am! 

This generally makes me feel self conscious and uncomfortable as I never want to be a burden on others (this is my story that I am always working through).  But rather than trying to fit in (as I did like a chameleon in so many diverse situations across the globe) I have to honour my truth and  continue to FIT OUT.  This can be hard at first but I promise it gets easier and people will begin to understand where you are coming from. Feeling confident to plant your feet on the earth and honour the wisdom and the messages of your body that are telling you what you need in this moment; and if this is not aligned with those around you it is still OK to be different.

And… it is possible to do this without being an activist and imposing your beliefs on others.  This is a simple act of self love and honouring who you are… and when you have a clear remembrance of who that magical light being who has likely lived through thousands of lives and a multitude of experiences, the inner guidance will be hard to ignore.

I have felt the same over what I feel and talk about, specifically my more off planet inclinations and energy new paradigm speak.  And I want to tell you that it is not our job to weird people out with out talk of galactics, crystalline grids and paradigm shifts.  By simply standing in our own power, in our connection to Source is enough.  We create ripples and perform like a charged up crystal affecting everyone and everything we encounter – energy field to energy field.

My dear friend and energetic guide Kyron (channelled through the selfless Lee Carroll who I was lucky to be with in Uluru over the March Equinox period) said some interesting words a while back.  It was along the lines of – Please stop being so out there and weird and freaking people out with your speak, your out fits, with your spiritual tools and ceremony… perhaps it is best for us to be more subtle in our approach and let the energy do it’s thing.  Interestingly enough the oracle himself (aka my Dad) just told me the same thing this morning, right after I gave both him and my step Mum pieces of powerful sacred geometry from Stargate Bali for their b’days… hmmm… so as per usual I am writing my way through all of this… and sharing with you whether you choose to read or not…

Staying true to who you are (and often fitting out) can be tough.  People are generally afraid of change.  People do not understand it.  People want things to stay the safe and comfortable way until they are ready (or maybe not ever ready as the case may be).  And this is no way a bad thing.  We have free will in this life to choose who we are, to co-create our reality and what I saying does not in any way come from a place of judgement or superiority, it is simply an acknowledgement of feelings and experiences.

Almost daily I have people reaching out to me with pleas for support and praise because of something I have written and something they have felt.  We are all going through this together and some of us more sensitive beings are feeling it coming on STRONG.

Here are my tips to stay true to who you are even when you feel totally rocked, rattled, questioned and torn:

Stay anchored in your energy – do this will belly breath, meditation, grounding yoga asana, connecting to the energy of nature, gazing at the sun whilst planting your feet on the earth.  
Find communities of like minded beings to support you - look outside your usual sphere and connect to those who are experiencing similar shifts to you.  I’ve watched these communities grow in numbers over my years of spiritual exploration and want you to know that there are people doing the same work as you and they are way closer than you think. 
Find a mentor / friend who understands you - I am lucky to have many mentors I am working with who help me when I come unstuck.  That person who you can pick up the phone and call and say – holy crap – I can’t hack it anymore! or what the hell is going on? I am also grateful to have my Mum who has gently guided me for 35 years (and in all the previous lives too) and my twin flame Joe who links with me and supports me every moment both in the flesh and remotely.  I would personally love to support every single one of you along your journey – just say the word – my open times to talk are here. 
Remind yourself that you cannot please everyone - and it is not your job to do so.  Just keep singing your song, connecting to your truth and being REAL.  The world needs your unique gifts, but please do not be upset if they are not for everyone.  For every hater I am certain there are thousands of lovers! 
Radiate your light with the unwavering frequency of pure love - this is why we came here and this is really all we have to do.  Let go of fear, let go of judgement… plug in and radiate straight from the heart. 
and finally…

Know in your heart that everything is as it should be… in everything is as it should be.  Unfolding perfectly in divine alignment with the higher plan.

And so it is…

Blessings to all, be well, be happy…

and most importantly…

be – YOU

* I must qualify that my diet takes an intuitive approach.  I am primarily a vegan but form time to time my body asks for fish… so I listen and respond.