Let’s talk about manifestation

Are you feeling that your ability to manifest has intensified x 10 since the beginning of 2015?

I most certainly have…

We live in a co-creative Universe you see and we are energetically placing our orders with every thought, word or feeling… every single vibration is taking towards a creation destination.  We order it… and the Universe delivers.

Then you may wonder why-oh-why bad (or not so fun) things happen to you?  You may think how the heck did I order this?  Or as I say (throwing my hands in the air and gazing at the stars) “WTF UNIVERSE?!?

Well you see dear one… we spend much of our time blocking our positive wishes with negative self chat, limiting beliefs, unhelpful vibrations.  These counter-wishes get in the way of us building our dreams…

It’s a bit of a kicker really… and this is why we need to do the work on ourselves to discover this murky stuff about our inner being.  To find out how we work because (dammit) this human vehicle did not come with an instruction manual and this energetic field is often filled to the brim with old conditioning and junk!

but, in all honestly, I like to welcome all of these experiences as part of the journey because it is often in the sh%ttier moments that I have my greatest epiphanies… It all feels to be part of the grand plan…

Here’s the important thing: 

Now that we are even more magnetic (like ten fold) it is even more crucial that we keep our negative vibes in check.

Even those outpourings of fear, sadness and anger at the events of the world (like earthquakes, politics and war) do not do great things for raising the vibration and helping with the over all healing of the planet and this great shift we are going through.

In this amplified time of heightened frequency the nasty stuff will fly at you just as fast as the good stuff… you are THAT POWERFUL. 

So best we don’t focus on MORE EARTHQUAKES and suffering, yet transmute this into love and light.

… and just like the new magicians we are, remembering how to use our magic, we need to do some work

I have to say that I’m learning this the hard way!! It’s a practice to stay in the light – let me tell you!!!  I can list countless things that have happened to me recently where, on reflection, I can see how my thoughts and vibes totally created it.  And this is not pretty stuff!

So here’s your homework:

  • Be aware of the negative vibes you are emitting…
  • Witness the limiting beliefs and the negative self chat etc.  Notice it when they come up and catch yourself in these patterns and do what you can to shift the vibration.
  • Use positive affirmations if they work for you like I AM HEALING… I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR… I AM HEALING THE EARTH… affirm in the present tense as if it is already part of your experience.
  • Write about your process… sometimes I need to write my way through something to fully comprehend it.
  • Supercharge your manifestation with visualisation and focused meditation.   See what you are creating in your minds eye and always hold this feeling / vision in your field… even perhaps shedding that which is coming between you and you releasing this dream as part of the process.
  • and most importantly BELIEVE in your heart that you have the ability to change whatever you want with your thought.  By BELIEVING in your magic you make it so much more potent… (and holy crap – it’s potent my dear)

“Thought is Cause; experience is Effect. If you don’t like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of your thinking.” 
― Marianne WilliamsonReturn to Love


ALWAYS come back to the heart… choosing LOVE OVER FEAR and allowing your head to be purely your assistant rather than the driver…

I hope this helps xx