The best is yet to come

During this time of quickening vibrations and energetic transformation in the lead up to the dawning of the New Earth (I prefer this title to the end of the world Mayan version predicted for 21.12.12), you will notice that there have been more and more natural disasters; more earth quakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis (take Saturday’s tsunami in Japan for example) … general planetary physical dimensional unrest and well, re-shuffling and realigning.  This is simply the last remaining negative energy erupting from the Earth; Gaia getting rid of the blockages and stuff she doesn’t need; a cleansing process; ridding the Earth of the of the old stuff to get ready for the fabulous new super powered light flavoured good stuff!!  And so we see the Universal preparation program in full flight, getting us ready to assimilate all that is being delivered to us through the major energy portals coming our way on 12.12.12 (tomorrow) and 21.12.12.

As I rested in Savasana this morning I noticed my own process of cleansing going on.  After a 2-hour vinyasa practice I am very much ‘in’ my body and attuned to the subtle working and murmuring of my energetic system.  Today I sensed movement in my blocked areas… areas that have been causing me more trouble than usual during this time of shift. Old emotional and stress response stuff deep in the soft tissues of my hips, tension in my shoulders and the tight spot in my neck that never really seems to feel safe enough to let go.  My emotional armor system that I have been working to release since I began this journey of yoga, self-enquiry – the journey of reconnection back to Source.  *


Just like the Earth at this time, the supportive energy systems that we are currently experiencing (and the added assistance of our higher conscious angelic friends or our own personal cheer-squad as I like to think of them as… our Galactic Posse) are helping us to undergo our own cleansing process, preparing us for the shift and the New World we are entering.

I began to feel my very own ‘eruptions’ and felt the old blocked energy and pain beginning to dislodge and literally rise up out of my body and it made me appreciate that my body is like my own mini Earth, having its own cleanse in preparation for the energy that is coming.  The funniest part was that, as I have been doing more and more meditation of late, my ability to connect to my higher self and other realms has increased dramatically, my imagination is supercharged and my ability to visualise and actually see processes occurring within me is constantly blowing my mind.  So as I felt the energy move around my body it was as if my body was having it’s own mini volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, coughing up that which no longer serves me… spewing out old karmic with-holds and energetic obstructions that were deemed to be important for my learning process in the Old World… Rest assured that holding onto this stuff in the New Awakened World is no longer necessary… we are truly beings of Light so remaining stuck in old patterns of thinking, chaining us to being stuck in pain supposedly for our greater good… (‘It’s my karma’) is no longer of use to us.

Now is the time to let go of your ‘stuff’ and embrace the new energy available to us.   As we navigate our way through the coming weeks of the final 2 energetic portals (the first of which being tomorrow) please go gently with yourselves. If you start having your own mini natural disasters, just welcome them and breathe through it and know this is all part of the process of letting go in preparation for the Brand New World of LIGHT and LOVE… Believe me… THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!! ;)

** We store emotions and stress in the soft tissue of our bodies that can manifest into disease if we do not address the situation (through yoga, energetic healing, body work and visualization for example).