Why I love my moon cup

I’m sure you’ve heard of a moon cycle…

but what is a moon cup you might ask?

For many years (like a decade or longer) I was completely disconnected from my natural rhythms.  I missed my period all the time and had no idea when I would ovulate.

I have done a million pregnancy tests in my time as I simply had no clue what was happening in my womb.

Like so many women of our time I had disconnected from the wisdom of my female body and had disrupted my natural way of being through an unhealthy lifestyle of excessive exercise, partying and dieting (or more starvation).

Flash forward some years and I have cleaned up my act, found the healthy balance, gained a deeper connection to my body through yoga, mindfulness, breath and healing and got regular again (and my moon even just corrected itself to come with the full moon – yes!! I have been asking for this for ages – more on this in my next newsletter!)

Something that has really helped me get connected to my moon cycle is using a moon cup…

I’m going to tell you all about the joys of moon cups and goddess moon cycle rituals in this VLOG!