You are powerful beyond your belief!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you surprise yourself?  You try something, often by accident that you have never felt capable of and just like that you nail it (or if you’re anything like me you get such a shock that you’re actually capable that you pull out at the last minute).

Well… I have lots of these moments recently along the exposing journey of self employment, and also in my yoga asana practice where I (or an amazing teacher) takes me to a place I never dreamt I could go… Have a look my crazy upside down antics from yesterday. I haven’t done this since I was 6… And, the moment I trusted and opened myself to where I could go it all started to flow. Now, I’m not recommending everyone go stand on their hands to prove a point (I do lots of handstands so this was just naturally extending myself a little)… But what I am saying is lift the lid on what you think you are capable of… I promise it’s all sorts of AMAZING more than you may care to presently acknowledge.

So, in doing all these new things I’m constantly reminded of my power and potential and am rewarded with extra signs and guidance along the way reaffirming I’m in the right path. We cannot grow and transform doing what we’ve always done and staying safely wrapped in cotton wool in our comfort zone. We must pluck up the courage to try something new!

In my yoga classes I often speak about the need to find flexibility not only in our bodies, but in our imagination. Our thoughts and vibrations shape our world so get expansive, get creative, be bold, be courageous….

Shock the pants off yourself at how incredible you can be!

And just when you feel you have reached your peak… Lift the lid on your mind and expand again. I was about to say ‘the sky’s the limit’ but I’m not sure I believe that… There is no limit…!

So… How are you going to expand this week my loves?

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Big LOVE xx