Forgiving the Masculine

This morning I was talking with some sisters about how to forgive the masculine in our lives as, let’s face it, so many of us have wounding around this energy.  Whether it be our father figures, our partners, or the men who have come in and out of our lives and perhaps not stood strong for us and made us feel safe.  And for some of us perhaps we have intense pain and trauma attached to this. Really horrific experiences that are hard to let go, deeply routed in our bodies. And maybe this stuff we are carrying is not even from this life but from our ancestral lineage as sisters through the ages… 

Either way… in order to break free from the suffering and pain it is necessary for us to forgive and let go… and LOVE again.   

I realise how far I have come along my own journey of forgiveness (and the transmutation of any negative energies into love) around the men in my life.  Yes I have my own father story as my parents split up when I was two, yes I have sought out love and honouring from the masculine as a result and been left feeling empty and used on many occasions.  And no I have not treated my womb and yoni as the sacred temple they are.  I’ve learnt the hard way in many respects but when I was asked to tune into my feelings of the masculine in my life all I could feel was love and forgiveness. 

And what a beautiful surprise it was... 

In these times of intensified energy that have required us to drop our shit and navigate our shadow to make us lighter for this ascension period I feel as if I’ve done more work than I give myself credit for.  And even when I delve deep and try to feel the pain that perhaps was there all it feels like is acceptance and forgiveness.  Like there is a space and softness where it was once hard and heavy. 

Energetically I can meet every man that has played a part in my story and see him as he is.  Like me he is doing his best, making good and bad decisions and learning along the way.  After all, this is what life is about… learning and growth.  I can see beyond the mistakes, the hurtful actions and the things that didn’t make me feel good.  I can see the vulnerability, the energetic being behind the body that also made a deal with me before we landed here (in this reality) to do this cosmic dance for both of our learnings. 

In the Kahuna tradition they call it Ho'oponopono - a practice of forgiveness and I would love to share it with you.

The words are:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

I visualise myself standing before all of those beings I have hurt and those who have hurt me and I have this conversation with them… and I imaging them saying their story back to me. 

I’m sorry I didn’t treat you right

I’m sorry I made you sad

Please forgive me for leaving you, for making you cry

Thank you for the gifts that you gave me, the way you helped me to become stronger and grow

I love you … I love you … I love you … 

This works even better if you do it with partner - men paired with women - sharing each others gaze and breath for so long that you see past the physical.  And then share your own words of forgiveness and love with the other being, speaking your truth as if you are sharing with those who have hurt you and receiving the words of the other as if they are those who have made you feel sad and stuck in pain.  

This is powerful medicine… 

And I also want to remind you that you are so much bigger than the story you carry around and perhaps let define you.  You are bigger than the pain and the wounding. 

In my own story, the more I have been able to drop into the energy of love and forgiveness I have been gifted with the most incredible expressions of the masculine.  I am surrounded by incredible brothers and have a husband who loves me so much.  He is my King and I am his Queen.  He still annoys me sometimes but he meets me totally and I am so grateful. 

Had I remained stuck in my old patterns I never would have made the space to allow him in.  

We are living in a free will society and it is up to you whether you hold on to your suffering or put it down.  I know this is easy to say and less easy to activate but I want you to know you have the power to choose.

I love you... I hope this helps...