Living by the Moon

I know you’ve heard me say it a lot before… but I’ll say it again.

Our world has become disconnected from our natural way of being.  Rather than living on the land, planting our feet on the earth and admiring Gaia’s incredible natural rhythms we are stuck in our cars, getting frustrated at our commutes to work (this was me for 5+ years in my TV job), posting on Facebook and instagram (guilty as charged) and generally living life behind a screen.  Fixing our depression and isolation with quick fixes like magic pills, drugs and alcohol, food and obsessive exercise. 

As women our menstrual cycles are not honoured as they should be and happen sporadically (for some).  We are out of synch with our required rites of passage making our children confused about what it is to become balanced men and women.

We are on a rollercoaster of disconnection from the natural beings we are… and it’s a bit of a mess! 

But I assure you there is a way to bring us back into balance… 

Perhaps this is a mouthful to digest and one that you may think “yeah right SJ”, there’s no way we can fix this all by tuning in with the Moon. But I beg to differ… 

On my own journey of awakening, reconnecting with the earth and her cycles was the lightbulb moment that changed it all.  Specifically in my meditations which always went so freely off planet due to the amount of ether in my chart, the moment I planted my roots back into the earth everything changed.  My energy stabilised and I felt myself expand, becoming the channel and conduit I am today.  Listen to some guided meditations and you will often here the “connect into the earth” cue = I promise it works! 

Anyway … I am really here to talk to you about the Moon and the joys and linking in and living by the cycles of this natural process.  You can think of the Moon as your gateway drug to deeper connection … I promise it is an easy one to follow as you can see it most nights in the sky!

Moon Phases… and how they affect your life

I suggest you google the Moon phases and add them to your calendar and set some reminders for yourself you you can remember where you are at.  And (obviously), get out there in the moonlight as much as you possibly can.  Call your friends together for your own free-styled ceremonies - there really are no rules.   Just allow your intuition to be your guide.

New Moon

This is the most fertile time in the lunar calendar and is the cycle of beginnings and sowing the seeds for new projects, or perhaps even making babies! This phase of the moon is about abundance and growth and is a great time for beauty, health, self improvement, gardening, job hunting, love and romance, networking and creative ventures. 

I love the New Moon Ceremonies I host as part of Sisters of the Moon as they call in our group energy to truly get clear on and manifest our wishes.  Or it is easy to create your own ceremony by creating a simple altar, lighting a candle, tuning yourself in with a grounding meditation and calling in your team and expressing your wishes you are calling during that cycle.  I like to affirm mine verbally out load using I AM as the beginning and having a full sensory experience of this wish birthing to activate the magic.

Cresent Moon

Timing - 3.5 - 7 days after the New Moon // Corresponds with Gemini

This moon is about movement.  Riding the wave of increased energy in the lead up to the full moon and getting the dreams and wishes that you called in during the New Moon going.  This is a time of activity and manifestation.  Keep pouring you awareness and energy into the intentions you set and call in the people and the gifts that you nee to bring them to fruition.  This is the moon of focus and getting sh$%t done! 

First Quarter

Timing - 7-10 days after the New moon // Corresponds with Cancer

This is a time of planning and making courageous moves to put your manifestation plan into action.   Dial in your ambition and take a look at the intentions you set at the New Moon and see what action you need to take to birth them.  Maybe you have friends ho can help you?  Get motivated and work your angles as you have luck on your side as your plans take shape.

Gibbous Moon

Timing - 3 days before the Full Moon // Corresponds with Virgo

We are almost at the Full Moon so feeling the energised power it brings.  However, it’s not time to get wild and crazy (yet).  This is a time of patience and persistence and increased visioning of your wishes (making sure you have all the details straight - Virgo is great with details).  Spend some tim each day tuning in with your intentions and experiencing them happening in your life - how do they look, how do they feel, what do they sound, smell and taste like.  Observe any feeling that come up that could be blocking them from becoming real and shake / move / breathe / sign / sound those feelings out of your field.  Embody your intentions and get ready for them to the come to fruition.  The energy of Virgo also calls in the peaceful and caring vibration so this is a time for checking in with and caring for your friends and family… and creating greater harmony in your community.

Full Moon

Timing - 14 - 17.5 days after the New Moon

This is a time of peak energy (and sometimes fiery wildness).  Sleep can be more difficult for some as energy is so high and perhaps you want to go and howl at the moon.  Psychic power is also heightened and when I a doing lots of priestess work I find myself having my moon cycle in union with the full moon taking me even deeper into this potent portal time.   

This is also a time of completion and conclusion… for being reflective and looking at what you were able to create during this cycle.  This is a perfect time to write a gratitude list to give thanks for all that played out. 

Things also often come to a head at a full moon so observe what is coming up for you and coming into your field… perhaps it is time to make changes and purge and let go of what does to serve.

I love to do fire ceremonies at this time and write down all the things I a purging, make a fire and drum, dance and sing as I burn, burn, BURN everything away (like a witch)! 

Disseminating Moon

Timing - 3.5 - 7 days after the Full Moon

This is the waning moon and a time of clearing.  This is a time to let go of the things that may have come up around the fun moon that highlighted what need to be dissolved.  Perhaps these are habits, partnerships, projects that are lacking energy, or perhaps stuff that you don’t need for your home.  This is not usually a time to start new things, but a time of tidying up the loose ends and clearing the slate (after all we are getting ready for the New Moon).  This is another reason I like to have my moon cycle around the full moon as it feels like the ultimate clearing and cleansing.  It is also a time to retreat and rest as goodies knows you have been busy manifesting! 

Last Quarter

Timing - 7-10 days after the Full Moon // Corresponds with Capricorn

Yet another time of more clearing and prep for the New Moon.  Spend some time tuning in with your inner and outer world and see if there is anything more you are ready to leave behind to put you in good stead for the net creative phase.  After all … it’s way easier to pack lightly when on a journey of ascension!  This is a time of breaking negative patterns, of break ups and letting go of stresses/ors that are holding you back. 

Balsamic Moon

Timing - 3 days before the New Moon // Corresponds with Pisces

This is a time of rest and preparation.  Of dreaming and contemplation to get ready for your next creative surge (coming in 3 days).  I love to spend much time alone in meditation during this time (and even cleaning my house), preparing my inner and outer worlds for the cycle of manifesto.

Some people also like to burn their old list of intentions from the previous New Moon to create space for the new ones to come in.  See what works for you and be guided by your intuition.

And then we start it again.... like clock work! 

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**I must note that you need not get too attached to the exact date of the New & Full moon as the energetic effects are felt on the 3 days on either side.