Moon Time Rituals

I'm going to start this with a little WARNING...

Things are about to get juicier and you may be confronted.  My husband just asked me not to go too deep into any of this as I might freak people out… and I am already imagining my Dad’s face when he reads it but although I am an over sharer by nature (always have been) I really feel these stories need to be told and it is up to you want to bring into your life and what you leave (probably saying - woah - SJ - way TMI!) 

Besides, this isn’t for my husband or my Dad.. in fact this stuff really triggers the patriarchy!! This is for my sisters! 

So here goes… 

This follows on from my post Your Magical Moon Cycle and as promised, on this great journey of reconnecting with our most natural and potent feminine cycle (during which we become more psychically tuned in - TRUTH), here are some rituals and practices to help you take your first step along the path of self discovery. 

Before I begin I want to tell you that your moon blood is the most highly powerful mix of stem cells and frequency that has the power to nourish new life and to heal!  You can read more about the wild and wonderful mysteries of moon blood right here but I want to get off on the right foot here.  Blood may often be felt to be dirty, toxic and not something you want to hang out with but I want to assure ou that your moon blood is as sacred as it comes. 

1. To get involved in all of these rituals I suggest you get yourself a moon cup.  

This magical little latex cuphas been revolutionary in my own journey of connecting with my yoni, womb and moon time.  There is nothing like having a tangible experience of your moon blood and starting to view it as a potent magical elixir rather than something gross and dirty.

I will be selling moon cups on my website very soon but until then my dear friend Nadine from Tantric Alchemy has some for you. She is Australian based so if you are international I recommend finding a local supplier for cheaper postage.  Feel free to send me questions of links to what you plan to buy to make sure you are on the right track.

Using a moon cup can daunting at first (like any new experience) and you do have to get quiet up close and personal with your yoni which is never a bad thing but once you get the hang of it I promise you won’t look back.

2. Create your own sacred space for your moon time

As you start to tune into your cycle and the phases of the moon you will become more sensitive to your own needs.  When you approach your more inward time of bleeding make sure you have the space to just be with yourself.  I know we get so busy in our lives with calendars getting booked up weeks (or months) in advance but perhaps try not to make any social / business plans during your moon time.  This is a sacred time for you to be with your body and listen to its needs.  Use this space to journal, call in your favourite self love techniques, rest, drink tea, have baths, meditate and tune in.   You don’t have to confine yourself to the red tent and if you feel to be out and social then do it, but it is so important to honour yourself in these moments (and every moment) and find yourself stuck in plans when you body says NO.  To others this may sound selfish… but really this is the highest act of self love.  And honestly - you become somewhat of an oracle when your womb is releasing its sacred nectar so now is the time to find greater clarity around that which you have been pondering.  The veil is thin and your guides are close.  Listen, ask… open to receive. 

3. Moon Blood Rituals

** I have to make a confession… If you told me that I would be doing all of this 6 years ago I would have balked at the idea.  I remember at my first Burning Man, there was a camp offering menstrual art as an activity.  The idea was that you BYO’d a white sheet, and then you whip out your moon cup / tampon and free bleed to create beautiful works of art.  OMG!! I remember telling that story to people for ages as part of my description of the weird and wonderful things you can do at Burning Man (secretly totally shocked and grossed out by it)… but now I am a total convert.  Moon blood is the most sacred and natural thing in the world!  And women are INCREDIBLE!  

There are so many things you can do with your moon blood… if you tune in and ask your inner wisdom I’m sure many of your own creative ceremonies will come bubbling to the surface.  I’ll share a little of what I do each month:

  • I like to keep my blood in a challis (or any vessel) on my altar as an offering to the Goddess.  I keep it there and make it part of my daily puja.  I really like to see it on my altar as it reminds me of my rawness, realness, fertility and creative potential as a woman.
  • Sometimes I apply some blood to my third eye setting an intention for opening to greater spiritual awareness and pineal activation.
  • Occasionally I make art with my moon blood (but not very often)

The more involved I have become with my own fluids the less weird and more natural it all feels.  I promise…! But remember, this is your journey so it is up to you how far you want to go.

4. Giving your blood back to the earth

This is my most favourite thing to do.  Once my moon has been on my altar (or sometimes it goes straight from the moon cup depending on where I am) I take it outside and offer it to the earth… Gaia… Pachamama.  If you’ve been to one of retreats or have been following me for a while you will know how important this reconnection and grounding process has been for me.  As an astral being with lots of ether in her chart I tend to go off planet very easily and always ran into trouble as I was unable to ground into the womb of the earth.  When I finally had the lightbulb moment and realised this was my circuit breaker everything started falling into place. 

Offering my moon blood is part of this reconnection process… and if you try it you may find yourself feeling weird if you don’t do it.  Like say you are on a plane and you have to empty your moon cup and you just tip in down the toilet.  My heart always falls a little in this moment as it seems like such a waste of a potent high frequency fluid.   Moon blood is go excellent for your garden - I promise your plants will LOVE it. 

There is no need to beat you drum and sing you soul song whilst offering your blood to the earth (as has been done since ancient times) as an offering to Gaia and Inanna, you can be simple and subtle and just pour your blood on your garden saying a few words under your breath of reconnection.  I like to say something along the lines of:

I offer my blood back to the earth in service, in gratitude and reverence to you Gaia, Pachamama, the great Goddess.  I reconnect my own womb with the womb of mother earth.  I harmonise with the Goddess for the upliftment and healing of the planet

5. Drinking your moon blood

OK… so this might be taking things a little to far for many of you (and even for myself) but drinking your moon blood is also an option.  Although I never felt called to do it, spontaneously this happened one day last year.  Suddenly my gut said “have a sip” and I did.  For me the energy rush was intense and extreme.  It was right before bed and I don’t think that was a great idea as I was suddenly buzzing with energy.  You see, our moon blood is high frequency energy! 

I definitely do not drink it all the time, in fact I have only tried it a few times when the time has felt right. For some of you this may seem like a crazy idea as moon time feels like it is for clearing and detoxing.  If you feel this way I say stay in that space and offer your blood back to the earth i a cleansing ritual (Gaia can handle your purging).  But if you feel the call to try it one day do it… you don;t have to drink a lot (I never have)… just a little sip.  This is all part of trying it all on in this juicy experiment of life! 

If you have any more questions about any of this please ask as I’m more than happy to help as best I can.

Enjoy your moon time beauties…