Why go on retreat?

Every where you look these days there seems to be someone hosting a retreat in an exotic location around the world and perhaps you have found yourself thinking... 

Are retreats really worth it?

I mean... they are often not so cheap and, in our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to find a week for ourselves (shock horror - how extravagant!).

I have attended many a retreat and immersion myself and have now hosted a grand total of 10 deeply transformative weeks across the globe and felt to share my feelings on why seeking retreat is so important for your activation, development and wellbeing.

Five reasons for seeking retreat:

1.  Retreats are so much more than a holiday

Don't get me wrong, there are many offerings out there are are more or less a glorified package tour in a fancy villa with a few yoga classes and green smoothies thrown in, but the work I do and am drawn to is much deeper.  Not to say that you always need to be bombarded with workshops, processes and ceremonies to clear you of old patterns and beliefs and facilitate rebirth (however this is super potent) but there is something very powerful about coming together in a group and working together in a well held container that creates true transformation.  While you will feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated at the end, know that there has been much bigger work at play and the effects will be felt well into the future as you integrate.  Such is the power of group retreats.    

2.  They create the space for expansion and transformation

I feel like we can all agree that life is fast these days, and that in order to catch a breath we have to physically make the space.  This is what I love most about retreat life.  When we all meet on day one, each with different expectations and intentions we buckle ourselves in for a alchemic journey together away from the outside world, our usual lives and identities.  Often you will be trying on new things, mingling with new people and adapting to life in a foreign land (usually a luxury villa in incredible nature so not too hard to manage) and sometimes this takes us out of our comfort zone, forcing us to shift our perspective and to open to new ways of being.  

Each day we begin with meditation and breath work, followed by yoga or some sort of movement practice.  The food we eat is clean, healthy and rich with life force providing a dietary reset and possible detox.  The workshops take us deep into forgotten parts of ourselves asking us to feel and explore our essence and release the old in a safe and nourishing space.  

Yes... all of these things we can do in our daily lives (particularly if we are very dedicated to our sadhana) but there is something so powerful about working in the group energy... in the sacred container that creates real and lasting change.

We also have the opportunity for a digital detox (and WOW, does this ever alleviate stress).  I never force this on my groups as I understand how important communicating with family can be, although I do recommend it .  If you can hack it, switching off and diving in allows you to be fully present and receive the richest experience possible.   

Plus, each retreat includes access to a whole range of incredible healers to support you in your process of letting go and moving "stuff" out of your body... 

I also have to mention I always choose my locations carefully based on the energetics of the land and the power of nature so this too plays a part in the transformation process.   

Through creating this space you will find new levels of clarity around your direction, clearer access to your intuition and Spirit and a new sense of ALIVENESS (I know this is not a word but you catch my drift).    

3.  You will meet new a new tribe

I always say that there is never any surprises in the combination of people (mainly women as my retreats are often exclusively female) that gather on each retreat.  Every journey always has the perfect mix of energies and I have seen the most beautiful lasting bonds form that are still ripe to this day.  Sometimes on day one you look around the group and think "WOW, this group could not be any more different if they tried... I wonder how they will gel" but as we dive in it is always obvious why we needed to be together.

You see, we ALL lend our energy and medicine to creating the container and the journey we embark on and the learning that comes from working together is profound and potent. I am always so grateful for the powerful people who gravitate to work with me and their medicine facilitates my own growth and learning.    

4.  The container is everything

If you have hung out with me for any period of time you will have heard me talk about "the container".  This is the energetic field / bubble we work in during our time together.  This is something I create through my own private process (not secret private just intuitive and hard to explain as I have always just done it naturally - however I do teach you how to create your own when we work together) and we literally plug into Source to create a sacred and potent energetic space for us to journey in.  

This helps to activate and ground each guest as this is what we are calling in the energy to do.  It might sound pretty woo woo and I guess it is but this is where I truly feel the power of my workshops and retreats come from.  I have worked with others who have not been so sensetive to this energetic process and it has been noticeable.  It's like all the right words are said, the practices are taught but the energy is not anchored... and when this happens I feel like there is a huge missed opportunity (but maybe this is just me).     

I must also add that it is not only my creating this container... each guest is lending their own magic and together we create the cauldron of alchemy that turns up the frequency (kind of like turning up the volume) to facilitate even greater uplevelling.   

It's really COOL! I promise! 

5.  You deserve to invest in yourself

How many times have you deprived yourself of something because it has felt too extravagant or maybe you felt bad investing in yourself?  Obviously there are times when the bank balance simply does not permit international retreats but I really want to impress upon you how necessary it is to create this space for yourself each year.  

We are all powerful energy workers (even if we do not know it yet) and with all of the upgrades happening on our planet right now taking the time to have a week with yourself is the most important gift you can give yourself. 

After all, how can you be in service when you are frazzled out and exhausted? How can you be the best mother, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, friend etc... ? Whether you can afford to take a whole week out to experience the juice of a full blown retreat or not, I really urge you to carve out some space just for you.. and your integration.

You are so worth it my dear... I hope you are receiving this! 

Retreats are powerful and necessary medicine and hope you take some time to tune into how it would feel to give yourself this kind of gift.

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Love you... I hope to meet you in Bali or somewhere else soon!