Healing the Sisterhood Wound

This is a raw post for me as it seems the last few weeks of eclipse season and energy waves have been stirring up some old wounding buried deep in my being.

I want to talk about something that I feel our feminine tribe are all carrying a touch of… 

I want to raise the sisterhood wound.

Just when I felt like I had transcended so much story and shadow, there is was rearing its ugly head. 

Intense feelings of competition with other sisters, especially those that are close to me and that I know I have danced this dance with for lifetimes.  Those people who you seriously love fiercely but you know you have called in to teach you so much about yourself.  

Yes my dear… that bitter but oh so necessary medicine that we all know so well. 

And I find myself wondering why I cannot transmute these feelings of competition into support and unconditional love… and I am honestly finding it tough.  

Perhaps it is because I am pregnant and in the process of winding down in my creative projects (as I am working on the biggest one of all in my womb right now)… and feeling the pangs of sadness as I journey into mama hood and watch new women rise in my field.  My body naturally guiding me to step down as I move into a new and incredibly powerful phase. 

But how to do so gracefully…?  This I am yet to discover as I feel myself hanging onto my maiden identity, unable to fully step away from my dynamic work just yet.  

You see my dears, we have been conditioned compete.  To distrust each other. 

To feel like we have to do it on our own and be the best to survive in this world.  

To do and be more to be seen and praised as (for many of us) it is our inherent want to be loved and acknowledged.

This is deep base chakra survival clearing work and it’s no surprise that I am called to write about this in the wave spell of the Galactic Mayan Red Serpent that we are riding in right now. 

Now is the time to recognise that we are all one… yes as a collective consciousness of men and women and a global community pioneering a New Earth.  But even more so as a TRIBE OF SISTERS uniting in support to lift each other higher rather than vengefully tearing each other down in bloody battle.

Now is the time to trust in the feminine... 

To believe in the sisterhood...

To trust the culture of tribe...

Now is the time to break the vicious cycle of competing…

Because you know in your heart that we are all connected… 

If one woman succeeds - you succeed

If one woman is beautiful - you are beautiful as she is a reflection as you

If one woman is in pain - you are in pain

This is the time of reuniting the tribe and trusting in this process

To recognise that there is no separation… only oneness further amplified by the frequency of forgiveness, non-judgement and unconditional love.

This is where I have been directing all of my H’oponopono work of late.  To the sisters that I ride with… 

My tears have flowed as I see the truth that I am still carrying wounding and perpetuating this cycle of disconnection.  I have come to realise that all I really want is to be seen my these sisters who know me so well.  To be truly recognised for the powerful work that I am doing.  To be acknowledged and loved.  

As much as the Mother wound is sometimes categorised differently, it all feels the same to me as many of us have lived in competition with our mother figures… but perhaps this is a whole other post.

Take a moment to tune into your own experience of sisterhood and how you feel about the women in you life.  Are you able to fully live in harmony and love or are you noticing some wounding like I am? 

I suggest you call those sisters who you are not feeling 100% in harmony with.  Connect with them, tell them your story, perhaps journal about it first to find your own clarity… it is always possible to transform these feelings into love.

I am holding space for you as I navigate my own purging journey...

I love you...