Which star system are you from?

This came to me in meditation this morning that I needed to share this with you today... 

Have you ever wondered which star system / soul family you are from?

I used to get very attached to trying to work it out way back when in 2011/12 when I was diving into this "off planet" work.  I found I had communication with so many star families and had experiences on being on the ship of the Andromedans, big downloads from the Sirians and a close affiliation with Pleiades and the Elohim.  But I seemed dead set on working out who my "family" was, somewhat attached to needing to know my star lineage. 

After much asking and tuning in (and a little help from my channel of a Mama Sandy) I came to realise that, as a multidimensional being existing in many space time realities at once I am in fact from many of these systems (and even more that our conscious minds do not know about yet).  

You see... when we are talking star families, archangels, ascended masters etc, although we need to give them names and identities to help us make sense of them in our 3 - 5D reality they are in fact collections of energies that appear in these forms to help us process the information more easily.

I am writing this today to say please be open to the fact that you are from far more star systems and soul groups than you think.  You have lived / are living many lives - some of us up to 15,000 (potentially in this very minute if you acknowledge that time is not linear).  WOAH *** cue brain explosion ***  

If you want to know where you are from and who you are working with (who your guides are) this is what I suggest:

  • Just ask when you are in meditation / quiet contemplation and you will open the channels for them to appear.
  • Allow yourself to go on wild adventures that might seem like your imagination.  Maybe sometimes it is but holy heck - either way - it is really fun! And as you get clearer in you channels your knowing will strengthen and your ability to differentiate will become easier.  This is VERY supported by the energy at this time.
  • Explore star systems and contact with known energetic beings.  As for them to come in and communicate with you and work with you and see how it feels.  Some will come easily and others less so... some will resonate and others maybe not.  If you field is not feeling so amplified and strong ensure you call in those who love you unconditionally and are working with you for your highest good and the highest good of the planet.  Please ask if you need more protection techniques.    
  • Be open and trust in your deep dive into the mystery.  There is a whole new and infinite world out there for us to explore! 

Here is the message that my Mum channelled way back in October 2012.  Right before I met my husband in Ibiza and we began this journey of co-creative light work together.

Message from Guides/Universe on 6 September 2012

“Can you tell me where I am originated from? And where Sarah-Jane is from? Is this origin significant to our dharma, our path, our life purpose, our destiny?”

Dear One

This is a most engaging subject for your question today, and we welcome whole-heartedly your interest in life beyond your wonderful planet of Earth.

We would like to preface our reply with some background to the subject. The Universe, no, the Multiverse is, for you to behold, something of an abstraction. Therefore, what we can say to you that will resonate with your current knowledge is not what we would say to someone who has experience of the multitude of layers within existence, within the Family of One.

Your provenance, along with that of your daughter (for as you have suspected it is very similar if not identical in most ways to yours) is from a group of star families that have lived at various times on many different star systems, or even between star systems. It may seem as if we are reluctant to give you names, names such as you know like Pleiades, Arcturus, Venus, but really not one name would be enough to describe your birthplace or your place of ‘coming into an existence’ which allowed for your soul-birth on Earth.

You both encompass so many qualities from so many different star systems, different realms of the Multiverse, that we cannot accurately, within your current capacity for understanding, describe the true origins for you. Suffice to say that you are displaying all of those qualities, and more!

Both of you are adapting, are encompassing, are enjoying all that is within you and surrounding you. You both have put few boundaries on your abilities to expand, to explore, to adventure, to come to a place of peace and love.

Times are soon to come when you will be face to face with Beings who will enlighten you further if you still carry these same questions. Be prepared, however, for a whole new way of thinking to slowly overlay your current state of mind, for what you are curious about now will seem so unimportant in your near future.

You already suspect this, we already know this.

You can relax in a sea of love, of Oneness with Spirit, with All That Is.

Happiness and wonder to all that you do today.


I am happy to support you on your journey.  Pease reach out if you have questions and join my "off planet" facebook group Priestess Temple of Activation .