Solstice blessings...

Blessings from Mama Bali everyone.  When I started writing this I was feeling high as a kite with these new energies but it seems yesterday struck me down and got me good.  This amplification seems to have a habit of throwing a few curved balls - all in the name of releasing the old so we can be as clear as possible to receive the new energies available to us in rapid fire abundance right now.  

I have to admit I have not been in such a regular meditation practice lately as every minute feels like Divine Presence (well when I tune myself in which used to take much longer and require meditation) but I have sat a few times this week and the gifts and experiences have been truly mind blowing.  The veils are very thin right now (and getting thinner) and your team are waiting to talk to you whenever you are ready to receive them.  As for what you want / need and they are ready to assist.  All this said, being in this HUman experience most of us are not immune to the feelings of being in the funk as we transmute old energies and have a few wobbles.  It's in these moments that I often forget to ask for help from my team and go deeper into the mounding (which is possibly required) but I still find it interesting to see how quickly we can forget our divinity when the going gets tough.  Quite ironic really?! 

Anyway... on to where we are at right now.  I have been finding everything so amplified in Bali, the energy vortex that it is, so at home with the light and shadow.  I even experienced a big earthquake the other day and have felt myself tuned into the movements of Gaia (plus the major events on the planet - like Orlando and a few other big things on a personal level), my instincts are on high alert in a "BE PREPARED" kind of a way, still remaining anchored but acknowledging that instincts will come in handy in these coming times.  We have done much work to move out of living from our reptillian brain - I remember this was the first real place of clearing for me as my medulla (at the base of my head) used to get so hot when I meditated 10-12 years ago - but it is not without its purpose.  As a Red Overtone Serpent in the Galactic Mayan wisdom I am deep in the underworld of primal survival but also connected to the stars so it is no surprise I still feel these impulses.

We have moved through many a portal gateway - I feel like they are all I talk about these days - calling us into greater embodiment of our Divine Presence or our Christed Self.  The New Moon in Gemini and Grand Cross called us deeper into the mystery and asked us to live in alignment with our essence even if that means letting go of the path we "think" we need to be on to find the new direction... and with Neptune in retrograde expect more letting go and deeper surrender (YES EVEN MORE).  I had the pleasure of hosting Jo Muir the Soul Visionary on my Sisters of the Moon Circle call and she took us through an activation for divine love and light, tuning into the frequencies of Hadar.  You can listen here if you are interested and feel like a journey back into your heart.   

And now the Solstice and Full Blue Moon combo is upon us!  This gateway is open on June 20 / 21 and the surrounding days and huge light-codes are incoming, a paradigm shift is truly at hand (but if you are reading this you already know that)!  The Solstice translates as ‘stand still’ of the Sun and occurs when the sun’s zenith is at its furthest point from the equator.  Down in the Southern Hemisphere we are experiencing the Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year) and in the North the Summer Solstice, calling in the light.  It is during these gateway times that the veils are even thinner, we have more access to light codes, DNA upgrades, our multidimensional selves thus making it a potent time for ceremony.

I have created a virtual Solstice Activation Ceremony for us all on Mon June 20 / Tues June 21 depending on where you are in the world.  SIGN UP HERE to either be there or receive the frequency via the recording.  I am nervous as I will be doing this from my home town of Perth where I have done the least of my "work" but I seem to have been called back to be there at this time.  Interesting... I'll leave that there!  

The more we can come together as a Collective in these times the faster our activation and ascension process will be as, let's say, we all pull each other up.  Even if we are not uniting in the physical our Higher Selves are doing great unification work although it is even better if we can make a conscious decision to do to help create stability in these times of increased light frequency.  Our bodies and our planet are experiencing these high levels for the first time so the more we can do to ground and stabilise the better this is for pushing us forward in even faster acceleration.  There are many gatekeepers across the globe holding the portals open for all of our benefit but it is up to us to tune in and got through our own assimilation process.  I'm going to give you some tips below to help. 

When we hear about concepts like the the Higher Self, the Soul, Oversoul, Christos Avatar, and Rishi Self - these are our multidimensional levels of self and these frequencies are giving us greater access to the tools required to mend / reactivate our damaged DNA, remove any old programming or unhelpful information and access our Divine Presence whilst living in a physical body in HUman form on Gaia.  This is who we are and this is why we came here! And if you are reading this you are playing a huge part in this process in your own individual way!  When we access these other levels of self we are able to tune into the Collective  / HUman Heart Grid for the acceleration of healing, clearing, empowerment, and our embodiment of Unity Consciousness.  Now is the time for cultivating PEACE!  Please step up and play your role! 

How to do all of this... / my tips for Solstice preparation:

  1. Give yourself space to be in stillness and attune to your higher wisdom
  2. Spend time in nature and away from EMFs
  3. Plug yourself deeply into the heart of Mother Gaia before you connect out to the grid     
  4. Rest when you need to rest and honour your body in the way that it needs, with clean water, clean food and maybe it is even a time for a mini cleanse if that feels right for you
  5. Move these energies through your body with dance, yoga, shaking, whatever feels right in the moment.  Some of us may experience these energies as rising anxiety - if this happens ground it down, move the energy through, ask your team to assist you in this process and do nit be afraid.  Energy moves for me in this way and it used to terrify me but I promise it is nothing to fear.  
  6. When you meditate / tune in ask to work with your multi dimensional selves, ask to tune into the Collective / HUman Heart Grid, ask for guidance and communication.  The veils are thin now and this is all readily available to you. 
  7. Tune into the frequency of Divine LOVE.
  8. Be in the space of wonder and amazement and JOY.  This is a time to be celebrated on our planet rather than feared. This is the greatest show on earth and we have the best seats in the house.  The more we can relax in be in playfulness, ease and fun the more effortless this will be for us. You team is cheering you on in full support!!!    
  9. ENJOY THE RIDE! This is why we came here! 

Now is the time for UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and to let go of our dualistic way of being.  We are making a huge quantum leap... and it feels exciting and scary as hell.  Stay grounded, stay in divine trust and in full backing and support of those around you. If you start seeing energy - DO NOT FEAR.  If you start hearing your guides more clearly - ASK THEM FOR CLEAR COMMUNICATION.  If you start speaking light language - LET IT FLOW.  I am seeing all of these occurrences with my clients, we are all waking up in our own unique ways and it is up to us to stay in flexibility through these processes.  Try and exchange the fear with wonder and amazement and all will be just fine.

And I hope to see you for SOLSTICE ACTIVATION on Monday or Tuesday depending where you are.  SIGN UP HERE

I am always here supporting you... along with your energetic team and the magic baby in my belly that is kicking me to remind me to mention him / her! 

Aho - blessed be - I love you xx