How to keep your vibration high

Let's face it.  This is a massive year filled with major transitions… for us and our planet.

We are riding through incredibly high frequencies, lots of earth movement and major upgrades both for us and Gaia.  Some of us are having a great time with these new energies, finding gifts and abilities suddenly enabled but sometimes this fast paced up-levelling can feel isolating and lonely.  Not to mention the concern that many of you have expressed to me about how to be in such a low vibe 3D world when we start operating at a higher frequency.

Firstly... for those who are feeling isolated in your acceleration process please reach out to me as there are many communities that have formed that can offer you the support you crave.  My Priestess Temple of Activation is one of those safe spaces.    

And for those feeling challenged by how to stay high when there is so much “low vibe” or dark stuff happening here are my tips for you. 

For a start - let’s ditch the judgement and the naming of the low / high vibration …the light and the dark.  As we become more sensitive - yes - we will be able to perceive differences in frequency but don’t let it stress you out in anyway.  The higher you are vibrating the less of this heavy stuff that can touch you.  Think of yourself like a powerful crystal that emanates a charge.  Like any magical energy this vibration will be attractive to many and you may find yourself becoming magnetic to what you call low and high vibrations.  But what I want you to remember is that your charge is so strong that it can only take on or assimilate other frequencies that are of the same level or higher and it has an innate technology that repels lower vibrations - unless they are ready to be transmuted that is.  If you are attracting those ready for some transmutation action then consider this part of your energetic service work.  I promise you that if you are reading this you are doing much of this work all the time!     

The same applies to the wild happenings of our world like Brexit and the global political / terror scene.  I know it can feel challenging sometimes to stay high when it looks like the world as we know it is falling apart.  This is when I call in my "Go Go Gadget Shield" and really check in with where I am with my energy.  Even in these years of the old stuff bubbling to the surface for purification - the battle of light over dark - kind of like a giant pimple getting ready to explode (#gross) please fly above these scenes and take an eagle eye view and remember that this is all happening as it needs to.  Perhaps these events are calling all of us back into our hearts and finally we will work as a collective… maybe we have some fairly heavy stuff to navigate before we get there… but whatever goes down know that we all signed up to be here in this grand of GRAND moments and have front row tickets to the greatest show on earth.  Chances are, like me, a huge part of your service mission in this life / body is to help to anchor this frequency like the crystal you are hence why you are synchronistically reading this post!     

Here is a download on how I charge up my “Go Go Gadget HIGH VIBE shield”:

  • Breath into your belly and start to attune to your energy of the moment
  • Feel yourself connecting into the earth perhaps with a cord or the roots of a tree, anything that  plugs you deeply into Gaia
  • Draw up the energy of the earth and feel it flooding you vessel all the way up to your heart
  • Bring your awareness to your crown and upper chakras and open yourself to receive the energy of the stars, unified field, moon, sun - whatever feels relevant
  •  Draw this energy into your heart 
  • Now we have created a torus field of energy, running up and down your prana tube allowing you to be a clear channel for these energies. 
  • From here I like to use my heart to pump up my field - or I have my Go Go Gadget moment! 
  • Breathing in and out through my heart I visualise my field (or merkaba if you want to get into the sacred geometry) starting to power up and amplify.. and if you are very visual you might like to see this field as a giant bubble of golden white light that encases you and keeps you fully charged, activated and protected.    

I like to live in these expanded state and find that it happens automatically particularly when I give some awareness to it.  This is the most efficient space for me to live from and it is what I call aligning with my divine essence (among other things).  I also have an amazing Maharic Shield activation I use as well that perhaps I will share more on later. 

I laugh as I write this as I am currently flooded with pregnancy hormones and have been feeling very 3D and less than activated so I am even more called to work with my own field amplification AND I constantly remind myself that I have the free will to choose my vibration in every moment... 

This is a good tip for you too!! When you feel yourself succumbing to the external energies around you know that all you have to do is plug in and choose how you want to vibrate.  Marianne Williamson might even say "Choose love over fear".  This is the same concept. 

I hope this helps... I am always here for your questions... 

Love you... now I have to get out and move my body as I haven't left the house in two days! OMG! #preglife