Words on Twin Flames

Feeling called to share this with you today as I feel inspired by LOVE!  Maybe it is the energy of this watery Cancer New Moon or the fact that it is my beloved's birthday (or that I have eaten raw chocolate and feel inspired to write my butt off) but I really want to talk to you about twin flames.  

I'm going to say something a little controversial and tell you that I DO believe it is important to find your twin flame in this life...

And maybe... even if it doesn't feel like it YOU ALREADY HAVE!  However they may not have shown up as you thought they would - riding in on their magic steed, with rippling muscles, rushing in to save the day and love you hard.  It could have been more like meeting your mirror who ignites a fiery soul activation with in you.  Maybe you were too busy to notice, or too wrapped up in your own world and not open when they came by... And I will explain why… 

But back to me for a moment… 

When I was writing a happy birthday post about my beloved husband Joe on facebook this morning I became overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude that we are walking through this life together in full service and receptivity to the messages of our Guides. 

I often think about how we met and the sequence of events that brought us to be in Ibiza in September 2012.  I had been working in TV in Australia but things didn’t go my way in a restructure and I felt the call to leave the safety of the corporate world although it really did not make any financial sense at the time.  Joe was in the process of completing a relationship and closing a business and had never wanted to go to Ibiza but suddenly felt a strong call through a series of messages and synchronicities and I’m so glad he was open to listening.  

We met at DC10 Ibiza (a club) at a closing party and bonded over a love of adventures and thumb wars in full character.  Joe was "Cobra" (yes this is where the FB name comes from) and me "Starchild".  Our relationship seemed non-negotiable and like it had to be, even if it didn't make so much logistical sense with me being from Australia and him from Wales/France where he had been living for the previous 8 years. The knowing was there that whatever came next we had to do it together. And when he held my hand on a roof top and told me this about 5 days after our meeting (in this lifetime anyway) it affirmed my feelings - and yes I was in the process of falling in love - and the cosmos seemed to agree sending a huge shooting star/meteorite across the sky in an explosion that said...


And we listened... and have been in full receptivity ever since.

But I have to say the attraction wasn’t instant, not in a OMG - I have met my twin flame and the earth moved kind of way.  However I did somehow go to that club alone that night (well with two Dutch airbnb guests I had just met) on a last minute whim, and I did walk across a crowded club to talk to him (specifically to ask him if he had any VIP writs bands he looked like he was in the know and I had been too late to get on the guest list).  Although I would have to say our meeting felt largely sub (or even un) conscious, perhaps because we were both under the influence.  Luckily our Higher Selves were on pointe and brought us together because in our party fuelled minds we may not have been tuned in enough to work it out. 

In fact, I’m not even sure how we ended up hooking up.  It happened somewhere at our spontaneous after party (at my house) after the thumb wars and I was sitting on his lap mainly due to lack of chairs and suddenly there was kissing… and it escalated fast but I genuinely don’t remember thinking that it was ever my intention.  Again, I thank my team for being smarter than my old party girl self in that moment. 

But back to twin flames… and finding the one (or many as the case may be)! 

There are many people would would say that it is the most important to love yourself and find grounding and stability in your own field rather than needing anyone else to make you whole.  Although I do agree that it is important to honour and sort out one’s self first (please know that, contrary to popular belief, this is in no way SELFISH) but I also feel finding that someone who anchors and compliments you is so powerful.  

This is what happened with Joe and I. 

I feel as if I was waiting for him for my whole life.  Patiently waiting for both of us to get through all the life learning to be ready to start our earth walk together.  I actually feel as if I was ready earlier than he was, so when we finally connected I couldn’t help but have the feeling of “OK great - you are finally here … now we can get to work!”.  

Ever since our meeting both of us have independently blossomed.  Me in my womens work and facilitation and Joe in his journey as an international renowned artist.  It was like the other person brought the missing energetic ingredients for our combined activation.  We both water each others trees and now we are bearing a bounty of fruit. 

As a sister who has walked alone for a very long time this has been such a relief, particularly for my feminine side.  To finally feel supported by the awakened masculine enough to come back into balance.  I really feel a synchronicity here too as Joe and I met in September 2012, right before the shift where we moved as a planet into the Age of Aquarius and Rise of the Goddess.  This is a very important phase of the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine within and without.      

Although much of this happens in the unseen realms as Joe and I don’t really work together in the physical (for now) we are often told that we visit people in dreams and ceremonies uniting our energies for their healing and the healing of the planet.  This is the potency of Twin Flame work and for us, it is beyond our control.  We have been/are doing this work together for lifetimes in the multiverse and it is why we are both here at this potent time on Earth.. and likely why we need to birth our baby this September close to the Equinox.

Our Twin flame is said to be our soul mirror and it is for this reason that twin flame connections may not always be harmonious as they can reflect the deepest needs, desires, dreams and shadow elements of our soul.  These meetings can be wild and powerfully transformative.  A series of fiery initiations to help us grow and up level.  And maybe these connections are fleeting and do not last forever… consider this point too!  There are some who believe that we only have one twin flame in each lifetime and when I tune in this does not feel true for me.  I feel that we dance with groups of souls on deep multidimensional levels and that these beings may not always be your lover either.  They could appear as a friend, sister, brother, mother, father so don’t get attached to your twin flame being the one you marry as it may not be the case at all. 

Let's take a moment to tune into your own life and who you are dancing with.  Maybe you are in a relationship with a lover or maybe you can feel this connection with someone else in your field.  Maybe it is your Mother or Father (I have to say my Mum and I have this Twin Flame connection too).  Feel into who balances you, who you feel a deep soul family connection to, who ignites and activates your gifts.  Who did you meet and feel - WOW - I feel as if I have known you forever?  Or even more simply who feels important as a puzzle piece in the rich tapestry of life experience? 

Maybe it is a magnetism that you cannot shake.  Or perhaps you can cast you mind back now with this knowing and recognise all of the beings you have called in over the years who were actually twin flames.  I have no doubt that we are journeying with these beings in this very moment (time being non-linear and all) in other lives and this is where some of the deja vu deep connection feelings come from. 

Who allows you to bear your authentic self in all it's explosive, wild and beautiful glory? Who makes you feel expansive rather than in contraction?  Who is the yin to your yang or vice versa?

Feel into this and see what comes up for you.  If you are getting feeling from someone in your field ask your team for guidance on what it is you need to do together... what it is you need to teach each other.

This being is one that you will feel called to step more deeply into your higher purpose and this may feel confronting and scary.  But you know in your heart that you have to power to do it together.

I'm so happy that Joe and I followed our hearts as they continue to guide us across the globe doing "the work" we are here to do together. What happens next in our lives is a great mystery other than welcoming a baby in September.  But as we walk side by side in full support and balance I have no doubt it will be amplified, potent and off the charts AMAZING!

I hope this helps...