On collaboration & unity

This has been coming up for me a lot... The call into a greater sense of community and tribe.

The star beings have been reminding us, giving us little nudges to tell us that we are not as separate as we "think"... dropping juicy hints and messages that we are in fact each other.  Pure consciousness made manifest in human form so this polarity is in fact an illusion (a bit like linear time).  Inlakesh ala k'in - “I am you. You are me.”

This is a requirement of the next stage of the video game.  We are watching the world seemingly descend into chaos and greater polarity (in religion, extremism, politics, Brexit etc) when really we are being called into the one heart of unity consciousness.

As I write this to you I acknowledge that this is simple for me in the energetic realms where my multidimensional selves are working in service roles across many space time realities.  If you ask me to wrap the earth in rainbow light frequency and attune to the one heart grid - I would say - YEP - DONE... easy and effortless in fact!    

But in the physical things are a little different... there is still something that makes me fight to hold myself in separation, seclusion and dare I admit it... even judgement of others! (even admitting this to you makes me feel dirty and uncomfortable). 

Why is that I ask myself...? 

For me there are many factors right now:

The more I raise my own frequency and start to fine tune my ability to read energy, there are some places and situations I do not feel to be.  What could be compelling to one being might be repellent to another, particularly in this human form that we are having the joy of experiencing right now.  This - for me - is intensified by pregnancy as my frequency radars are on high alert and I practice greater discernment about where I should place my hard working, baby growing physical vessel.

I have to clear this up though - the higher the frequency you are attuning to the less you need to worry about "lower vibrations".  When your field is strong and amplified the "lower stuff" either bounces right off or you can welcome it in and do some magical transmuting - both energy bodies willing... so really it doesn't matter where I am as I am a frequency converting machine!  This is part of my purpose on the planet but I guess I am just a little more guarded with my energy in this special time.  

Hierarchy is another factor that springs to mind.  I feel myself attracted to those who feel "higher", more advanced in their abilities and more plugged in to the energetics of our Universe.  Driven by the yearning to up-level, I call in those who can help me in this way, and often find myself rejecting other nourishing communities as they don't feel congruous to my mission in this moment.  Maybe you would say my ego is driving my need to enable more of my gifts... but in my heart I know this need to help our planet in the process we are in runs deep through many of my levels of self.  In this very moment I have chosen similar roles in other bodies and places to help guide us through this important time on the planet.  So the more I can activate the more efficient I can be - if that makes sense.   

But... with this rejection of others comes the uncomfortable sadness of separation... once again playing the role of the lone ranger...  

One thing we must remember is this... although we are shifting into a time of greater unity, we are still living in a physical body and with this physical body comes the ego and the need for an identity. AND I personally do not think ego is a dirty word.  My ego motivates me to evolve and grow so long as I am able to differentiate between it and my consciousness (or multi-selves as I prefer to call them).  So perhaps it is not our path to fully dissolve into the collective of pure consciousness that we are.. or maybe it is? Either way I plan to continue to enjoy all of this human-ness and the emotions,  sweetness and challenges it brings.      

Another epiphany as I write my way through this (sorry to drag you on my journey of self exploration).  

An acknowledgement of greater change happening in my own field right now.  A reflection on how my "tribes" have shifted over time and now, the more "off planet" I go, the more I need to realise that this will likely bring another shift in circles and physical community. (in this moment I have to say I am SO GRATEFUL for the full power sisters I am journeying with in many of my circles, astral and online communities).  As weird as it sounds, to live life in telepathic communication and on the internet chatting to new found (or more long lost) sisters - magnetised together as we have information and medicine to share - is actually really awesome, especially while I am a bit too pregnant and tired to leave the house.  

But is this really healthy one might ask?  Is it healthy to continue on this solo mission that I seem to have chosen...?  

And the icky judgements that rear their ugly head from time to time (and believe me they do).  When this happens I take a deep breath and recognise that it is but a simple reflection of stuff that makes me uncomfortable in myself.  I pinch myself and do my best to drop into the heart and practice love and acceptance... all whilst secretly revelling in the fact that I still have more shedding work to do.  

Triggers are good for showing us where we need to shift and grow.  Maybe it's karmic, maybe it's past life sh%t... who cares... there is some good strong medicine to be taken right there!     

But back to to topic and what I really want to leave you with today.

What if I were to say to you that community and collaboration is what we are here to remember? 
All of these goals that we set ourselves of learning, growing and doing are service work are important but what if I were to say that the ultimate mission is for us to remember how to work together.
To combine our energies in the dissolution of self...
to UNITE in the heart... 

There is no other destination that to work together with no sense of competition... only cooperation.

Image - Mystic Mama