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Energy Forecast Sept 15 - 28

Before you ask - yes I am still pregnant.  And it appears that navigating these extreme energies whilst having an embodied experience of birthing the New Earth is rather intense and exhausting.

Right now it is the eve of the Harvest Moon / Full Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (and my baby due date) and I am in a time of reflection of where we have been and pontification of where we are going.  The only conclusion I have come to is that I have no idea what is going on anymore!  

Although I am feeling these energies with some intensity in my being, the tones in my ears are off the hook and I have been once again forced to look at some old patterns that need to be cleared (argh - more purification!!), I have actually been less connected to my Guides and less able to easily sit in meditation and connection.  Perhaps it comes from the waves of hormones I am riding associated with baby coming any minute (and I have been in pre-labour for over 2 weeks now which is a bit confusing and exhausting) or perhaps it is just not required in this moment.  I can feel it all happening on some levels but have had to let go and surrender even deeper into the mystery of the the unknown... both of when our baby will arrive earth side and of what these energies mean for us and our planet.

We made it through the 9.9.9 portal signifying closure and the ending of a cycle but perhaps you do not feel as complete as you thought you would.  I personally was convinced I would have given birth but alas I am still sitting here, massively pregnant and being called into deeper surrender than ever before.  This is what these energies are all about and although these portals are open doorways it is up to us to step on through and - for me - the best way to do this is to stop pushing and fighting and just surrender to all that is (hence I feel grateful to be having such a physical surrender moment as I become a mama coupled with my energetic surrendering - if that makes sense).  The best part of these September energies are that they are so intense they are wearing us out so we are having to throw our hands in the air and say - "OK - I let go of all attachment to the way I thought it needed to be... and I TRUST".

Trust and surrender are a big words for right now.  Trust that however this is unfolding for you is both your choice and exactly what you need in this moment.  There is no wrong, there is no judgement (other than from yourself) if you feel as if you are not moving fast enough in terms of "ascension", and - contrary to many people's beliefs - I do not feel that there is a time limit.  As a Collective we are up-levelling FAST even if most of the work is happening in the Multi-Dimensional realms and you feel a bit stranded and helpless in the physical.  When I feel this hopelessness - or my classic experience is feeling like I am not making the most of these energies - I like to remind myself of how busy my Multi-Selves (our Soul 4-6D / Over Soul 7-9D / Avatar Consciousness 10-12D & Rishi Identity 13-15D)  are in many other dimensions and that whatever is happening to me in this very moment - the HERE & NOW - is exactly what I signed up for.  Hopefully this helps you to come back into the heart and the space of ease, relaxation and joy... as this is truly what this life is all about.

I will tell you more about these key dates we are rapidly approaching in a moment but first I want to remind you why this time is so big.

As the energies shifted and started accelerating since Dec 2012 we have moved into a space we have never occupied before - both as a planet moving in the Galaxy and as souls inhabiting this planet.  This space vibrated much higher than our original position so we were required to purify fast, to ditch the old energies and conditioning and open to the new.  These purifications came from energy waves from the Sun, triggering the removal of layers and the move to a more crystalline state.  This may have felt effortless for many of us (like water off a duck's back) but for others it may have felt more explosive - like the old paradigm was being demolished in a series of wild explosions and maybe you have watched your old life crumble before your eyes - which I have to say can be scary as hell, particularly if you have a tendency to want to hold on!  

Cast you mind back over the past 4 years and look at how far you have come.  Notice the little things like changes in your diet, your physical vessel, your ability to embody new energies, the awakening (or remembrance of your psychic abilities)... and smile to yourself.  We are doing such a stellar job!  REALLY WE ARE!

These weeks since the Lions Gate (8.8.8) have been thrusting us forward at lightening speed and September feels like the crescendo.  Whether we acknowledge it or not we are anchoring these energies into the grid of Gaia and are creating a beautiful evolution of our planet.  Obviously the chaos is still abounding as is usual in times of great shift as this is part of the purification process and I want to warn you a little about focussing too much energy on these happenings.  I have a part-time conspiracy theorist for a husband and we often beg to differ on what is happening / going to happen on our planet.  As always I am open to being proven wrong but what feels true for me is that whatever we are focussing on and calling in will come to be - so be careful what you wish for.  This life is a co-creative experience after all!   I have shared an excerpt from a recent message from my Guides about what is happening on the planet - scroll down to read.

My main recommendation for right now - particularly when you feel the chaos of the world (which I am not saying is specifically going to increase but it certainly could) - is to remember the power of your own frequency.  When you feel yourself pulled into the chaos (as I have been many times lately) do this:

- bring yourself back to your centre by plugging yourself into the central crystal of Gaia

- open your prana tube / central channel to receive the solar frequency / plugging into the Galactic Centre

- amplify your field from your heart by breathing in and out through your heart space

- see your torus field expanding and ask for clearing of any old energies that may be stuck in your field  - you can do a body scan and work with liquid light frequency to help you clear  

- ask your chakras to spin in their correct direction with ease and grace - ask to break any bonds, ties and contracts with old energies of ways of being to help you step into this new world with lightness and clarity

- feel you power in this moment when you are fully plugged in, activated and amplified!

When we are in this space of alignment we are operating at our optimum vibration and this frequency has an effect on all around us.  You can play with this when you are near a friend who is in a space of frenzy or emotional upheaval and use your own energy field to anchor, ground and calm - infusing the moment / their field / the grid with the energy of Christ Consciousness... of love... of compassion.  The more we can all come back into this space of alignment with our Divine Essence and heal our Divine Template the more effective we are at shifting our world to where it needs to be.

If you have any questions please comment or email me as I would love to help...

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or I also like Sandra Walter's Activation when I am feeling like I need a retune

Important dates:

September 16 - Full Moon/Lunar eclipse and the Triple Eclipse Finale.  More new energies are flooding on in with greater amplification and opportunity for transformation.  As these energies arrive play your part and ground them into Gaia and hold your intentions fully on Ascension for our planet (the whole of our planet).  You may even like to wrap the planet in rainbow light frequency as I love to do.        

September 22 Equinox: The Equinox lands on September 22 at 7:21am PDT (so Sept 23 for those in Australia).  This gateway is a portal for a new wave of consciousness and a union of the Sun and Gaia so if you can, go and be in nature and anchor your intentions for balance, harmony, peace and ascension.

HERE WE GO... I take guidance from Sandra Walter here and I quote: 

September 26 - 29: Our Third Wave of 2016. This is our strongest influx in decades. Be excited, let’s do it right! These photonic frequencies further accelerate the activity of Ascension and will continue to flow in for several weeks. You may have noticed the Light does not step down in between waves any longer. This is a good thing; we are able to maintain higher levels of light without integration periods as in the past. Each wave this year has raised the light level dramatically, and accelerated the Ascension. The purging, revelatory activity continues to build to compliment Source’s command for order, harmony and Ascension.


As I said - this month is BIG so please do not despair if you are feeling a little bashed around or beaten.  I was reading an analogy somewhere of being in a wild sea and needing to find a life raft to cling to.  But rather than this raft hanging out in the deep waves it is actually close to shore and prone to getting bashed on many rocks.  This certainly is my experience right now. But remember we are skilled sailors and excellent surfers and, even if these waves do not dissipate in the near future, know in your hearts that we are all contributing to such a magical cause!    

Here is an excerpt from my recent QHHT session with Arnalisha where I asked for more info on what is happening on our planet:

QU - What’s coming for humanity and the shifts that are happening?

"We are only at liberty to tell you some things, because otherwise you do not have free will to make your own choices. We can only tell you that it is always your choice, whether to be in fear or to be in light, and that nothing is going to go wrong as you say because there is no wrong. You may experience more change, but you are getting good at change. And remember you are ready. Every day is making you more ready. And so many of you have so much here that you need to do. There are caretakers of this earth who will need to remain here to caretake. Even if there are big changes there are some who will have other things they need to do elsewhere, but there is still to be things going on on this planet so there is not an extinction as you may be worried about. There will always be jobs here, and many of you have signed up to be here for a long time. But there are some who have to do something else now, and that is also their choice. But we are excited, and we wish for you to hold that same excitement in your hearts."


So much LOVE for this powerful time.

Please reach out if you have questions or feedback.

Love SJ x


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