Solstice Portal Activation

Blessings for this sacred Solstice portal where the light is reaching new heights! We are truly riding the galactic wave and feeling the continued influx of photonic light hitting our cells with the intention of upgrade and activation.  Now is the time to open your channel and call it into your being to provide your with the full software and technology upgrade that it brings in full benevolence.

 At the bottom of the planet (where I currently reside) it is Summer Solstice and we are building to the climax of the fullness of life.  It feels a time for expansion and the world feels bright..  although on this 42 degree day in my hometown of Perth, Australia I have to say I feel a little dried out.  And in the land above, Winter Solstice is here calling for an inward gaze, a hug of oneself, deep listening in preparation for rebirth.

This portal also signifying the end of the 9 year cycle and all of the releasing and purging that has come with it.  It is also the end of a 36 year rite of passage and cycle of rapid remembrance we have been dancing (or perhaps stumbling through) since the December Solstice in 1980.  I find this particularly interesting as I am 36 so this dance has literally been going for my whole life in this body! I invite you to read more in this very interestng download here  but this 36 year cycle which takes place every 26,000 years is known as The Galactic Alignment Zone. Its purpose is rapid spiritual awakening and accelleration in all ways... and like any experience of being flooded with and plugged into intense frequency there will have been extreme highs and lows, ego deaths and ecstasy, pleasure and pain but as we come out the other side (well sort of) we can look back and check in with deep gratitude on how much we have changed!

In fact let's take a moment to do just that.  Tune into these last few years, lets's say from the Solstice portal in December 2012 and look at how much you and the Collective have changed.  Yes our world may be experiencing some chaos right now as always comes with time of change but I'm sure we can agree we have all come along way.  As one of my primary school teachers used to say "go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back" or perhaps wrap you arms around you and give yourself a giant hug!  We may well be reaching this end point feeling totally frazzed but we can also trust in our hearts that all is as it should be.  We have done and continue to show up and do the big work and we should be proud of ourselves. ** this is probably inappropriate but my Guides just showed me a vision of putting feet up and cracking a cold beer (soooo Australian)... they are jokers and they constantly remind me to relax in this process and stay in the joy!

This coming year is the fertile soil in which we sow the seeds of the New Earth, lighting the way and illuminating any darkness of the old paradigm with our radiance.  Now is the time for birthing our reality as we wish it to be. 

But back to the here and now.  I had planned to record a Solstice Activation for you as usual but mama and family life has stepped in my path so, instead, here are some simple tips and suggestions of how to access the energies of this portal.  I mist give credit to one of my physical guides Sandra Walter for some extra inspiration.


+ create a ceremony, of releasing the old that you are done with in this year, and sending gratitude to all that has come to pass

+ get your feet on the earth and out in nature

+ open your central channel and ask the light to move through you, to fill you, to light up your energy fields and activate every cell to its highest potential, to activate and mend your DNA.

+ Stay open to this light in every moment

+ ask to become the channel for Gaia, using your vessel as the conduit for the earth's own assimilation process so that she may also receive these upgrades in complete efficiency, connecting into the earth's grid system and flooding Gaia's energy line with light. 

+ purify yourself and stay hydrated by drinking activated pure spring water, bless the water and ask it to be returned to its divine blueprint.  In fact you can do this with everything!

+ bathe and cleanse in the waters of our planet (the shower works too if you cannot go for a swim)

+ quieten your mind and ask your Guides to speak clearly to you, open the line of communication and receive the wisdom that is within you

 + move these energies through your body with dance, yoga, shaking, whatever feels right in the moment.  Help your body vessel align with and integrate these energies.  

+ as you drop into your heart feel yourself connecting into the heart grid of the planet, as if each of us are plugging in heart to heart (womb to womb).

+ do ceremony and meditation in groups to amplify this process. 

+ call your multidimensional selves into your body now... In full EMBODIMENT of Spirit in the here and now

+ be in presence and align with the stillness of Source.  

And really... Do what feels right for you!

Things might get a little more bumpy in the days to come but know you are in the best service when you are grounded, in alignment with you divine nature, the bridge between earth and the stars.

I love you, blessed be xx

Re-birthing Sammy-Owl

Eight weeks ago I was in the “in between”.  Waiting for my dear baby to make his appearance earth side. The scene was set for our delicious home birth and I was doing everything I could think of to welcome him into our world... but things were not flowing as I had hoped.  The natural labour I had wished for had to be brought on by a stretch and sweep and from that moment things began to shift and change.

Our beloved home birth rapidly became a transfer to hospital and a whole range of different interventions that ended in the crescendo of an emergency c-section and being painfully separated from my baby for two hours after birth due to some more complications. 

Although I was so happy to finally have my baby in my arms, the sadness and trauma of what we went through was thick in my cells.  All of my judgements of c-section mamas (and yes I had them) had dissolved as I realised the bravery and strength that it takes to have your plans completely change minute to minute.  I felt like a viking warrior steering my ship into the storm as I allowed myself to be cut open in a strange room under bright lights… and then surrendered my precious skin to skin time, my desired delayed cord clamping and let them take my baby away from me.

My healing has been big. 

Big in my beloved body that is still tender; in my womb that was cut open; in my yoni that was robbed of the experience of feeling my baby pass through.  Every day I try to place my hands on my scar to infuse it (and the process) with love and acceptance and to remind myself that this was the doorway that my baby passed through to arrive on this earth.  Although I have pushed it aside as I need to step up as mama and fully show up for my son, the pain and grief runs deep and I yearn for the birth I had prayed for.

So we felt to try a process - a rebirth ceremony.  The idea was sparked by the fact that all of our home birth equipment was still in our house and I caught myself looking at the packed up pool, the bags of towels, the plastic sheeting and the labour aide in the freezer (that I have now been adding to my smoothies) and couldn't help but fantasise about what could have been.  So I chatted to my dear photographer friend Louisa who was going to capture our birth and gave her the download of our story and she offered to come and take some new born shots… and I thought - let’s go one better!  Let’s recreate our home birth.

So at 3.5 weeks postpartum we did it (although I almost called it off as the thought of setting up for our home birth again was so devastating.)  Once again the bedroom was rearranged to fit our birth pool and my beloved husband began pumping and filling it.  I had a flash back to when he did this last time - I was in labour and riding intense waves but really excited that I was on my way to birthing (little did I know what lay ahead of me).

Our altar (or more crystal grid) was still set up for our birth complete with gold and silver, orgonite, a variety of quartz and our sacred tools.  We cleared the space with sage and palo santo and infused the room with frankincense.  We lit candles and said our prayers, calling in the ancestors, Guides and energetic teams for extra clearing and healing support.  I gathered the dried petals from all the roses we received when Sammy-Owl was born and scattered them in the pool and then took a moment to fix my hair and put on a little make up (possibly not so authentic to a real live labour and birth but I figured I had earned this privilege).

Although we had already been talking to our son about the birth journey we had - and to release the energy we were all holding about it - we took a moment to explain our intentions to baby Sammy.  We told him that this was the gentle birth that we had dreamed of… mama and dada in the pool, daddy supporting mama as she breathed you into the world. 

So much love.  So much power.  In our own sacred space.  Surrounded by those who love us.    

No bright lights. No hospital beds. No drugs. No intervention. No mama being cut and baby being wrenched out. No separation from mama.

We stripped off and hopped into the pool and took a moment to breathe and tune in.  Immediately my tears were rolling as I caught a glimpse of what could have been.

Gently we guided Sammy into the water as this was his first bath so we took a moment to make him comfortable, washing his little body and floating him around in our hands.  My beloved was behind me, holding me tenderly in my big release and I was on one knee as I feel I would have been in my final stages of transition.  Then we simulated his arrival as it could have happened.  His journey out of my yoni and into the waters and his own natural process of finding his way up my belly and onto my breast.

It was potent, raw, deeply emotional and utterly beautiful.  And I am so glad we did it. 

You may find this a bit stunt-like to get a photo, and I have to say photos were a big motivation for me.  I was so sad to have missed out on having photos and video of my birth and felt robbed when I saw my sisters posting their own birth journey captures … so it felt empowering to make our own as we wanted them to be.  You can see the gallery below (loving shot by the divine goddess Louisa Seton). 

Although this process was but a small step in my healing journey, and that even writing about this reminds me of how much energy I still hold from this experience, I feel grateful.  I know the learning goes on from a big birth and I affirm my readiness to receive the gifts of knowledge and experience that are coming my way,  

My scar is a reminder of the battle I fought and won when I received my magical Sammy-Owl in my arms.  I am learning to love my scar and I celebrate myself for my strength.  I am a warrioress and I am so damn proud of myself. 

And I am proud of all of the mamas and now have an even deeper respect for those who navigated massive changes and surprises like I did.  Our initiations are HUGE.  We walked through the fire and rose like the Phoenix from the ashes.  Reborn as the wise, brave and strong women we are.

Energy Forecast Oct 30 - Nov 13

Hello magical ones

I started this forecast a few days ago saying "I am literally taking a short 20 minute breather from mama hood to pen this update to you."  But obviously my dear Sammy-Owl has been needing all of my attention so I am a little late in broadcasting this to you (so the New Moon part is a little belated but the energy is still there).   

As much as I love stepping into this new role (and my cosmic star being baby) I have had a few moments of thinking - "eeeek, I need a time out" but then I realise that this is my reality now.  And I have to say, once again my life is reflecting all that is going in cosmically, as I'm sure some of you have also had the same feelings of wanting to press the pause button on these energies we are experiencing... and perhaps some of you are ready to jump off this crazy roller coaster ride!  It's been hard to catch a breath before a new wave of frequency comes surging our way calling us into greater levels of purification and activation.

I have to say I had always hoped that these energies would cause spontaneous re-activation of my gifts like telepathy, teleportation and stronger communion with other dimensions (and I know they have on some level) but I have been experiencing all of the purification, the fiery initiatons and stripping back of the old patterns even more.  I know this is all serving a purpose but - jeeeeeeez - constantly having to look at all of my sh%t can be exhausting.  Maybe you have chosen the same path as me.. This deep cleanse cycle of the the akash?  It certainly calls for big time grounding, the deepest level of surrender (and lots of breaths) to flow through with ease and grace.  What helps me is to always soar about it all and take a eagle eye view of what I am navigating, reminding myself that the multidimensional me chose to have this rich experience .. and I figure - when we have the opportunity to play in human form we may as well experience all of the levels of emotion - am I right?

Anyway - enough about me... and on to where we are at!

Things are feeling BIG again as the 11/11 gates are already opening and we are feeling some intense frequencies coming through.  These energies are strong in a take no prisoners kind of way and they are here to blast the unconscious from our being.  This may show up in more detoxing of the old - old patterns, stories, emotional stuff (yours and the Collective's) - and the remembrance that now is the time for us to take responsibility for our vibration and how we are creating our world.  

You see -  as I said in previous forecasts - we are creating in EVERY MOMENT!  This is not a case of "ok - I am going in my spiritual space now"... this is an all the time practice as we are CONSCIOUS CREATIVE BEINGS by our very nature higher consciousness running through our cells.  And, as the powerful energy masters that we are, we are writing the story of our reality in every second so it is imortant for mindfullness in all moments of what we are transmitting out to the field (knowing full well that whatever we sow we will get back - this is how good we are at manifestation).  We need to step up and take full responsibility for exactly where we are right now as we know in our hearts we wrote the story that brought us here (a bit like all of the phrophecies that. are coming through - look at Stading Rock!)

As conscious beings I must also add that in EVERY MOMENT we are doing the work to birth this "New Earth" and stabilise the grid with love and compassion.  The more conscious we become of this process the better we get at embodying our multidimensional aspects (or marrying the body and spirit together) ... and this is when we start to "human" really well as it is in this space that we rememver our divinity!

I also feel to mention that we are seeing duality becoming even more extreme in this time.  For example, if you were to turn up the contrast on a photo you see the light get lighter and the dark get darker - this is what is happening now to all of us.  We are seeing it show up in the wild world of global politics, in Islamic extremism, in the Middle East...and we see it in ourselves as we go through these final throes of purification and diving into our own murky depths.  But on the other hand we are also seeing the light get lighter and infinitely BRIGHTER.  Take Standing Rock for example and the unity that is being seen as the tribes come together to stand up for the waters and the land, supported by people from all over the world.  The way I see this great shift that we are in is that we are already there... yes there are some bumpy bits to navigate as the duality dial gets turned up but we are reaching the tipping point and are already being flooded by a great tsunami of light frequency, fully backs by so many other beings who are holding space and helping us transition.  Even those who seem to be stuck in the world of illusion and appear to be going backwards are all inherently divine by nature... it is more that there are some of us who are suffering from "Collective Perception Delay" as my dear friend Anna Maria Magdalena calls it.  The beauty is all around us, Heaven on Earth is already here and it is up to us to open our hearts and experience it.  
 Important dates:

October 30 - New 'Black' Moon in Scorpio:  As Scorpio is notoriously the most intense sign of zodiac and that of death and rebirth this continues the theme of diving deep into the shadow, journeying to the underworld to find what remains hidden and offering it up to the sacred fire for cleansing.  This looking at the old stuff beneath the murky depths and facing fears can be deeply uncomfortable - particularly when they show up in relation to a relationship (as Scorpio is all about sexuality and partnerships) - but trust in the knowing that this purging is necessary to make space to be filled with the new energies.  May we walk bravely through our strong initiations and rise like a Phoenix from the fire, reborn and in full remebrance of who we are. 

Emotions may run high but just allow yourself to feel and process all that is coming up with no judgement and unwavering compassion for yourself and those in your field. The fact that this moon falls on the eve of Samhain where the veils are extra thin also opens us up to communion with Spirit and other realms.

The Black Moon aspect also turns up the intensity allowing us to detox faster AND supercharges our manifestations.  I know when things feel so exhausting it is easy to just lie down and give up and stop visioning the world as you want it to be (this is me right now) but I promise you your wishes and intentions will birth so send your energy in the direct you wish to go.  Treat it like a 'choose your adventure' story and choose your path wisely.  

October 31 - Samhain or Hallow's Eve:  It is said that the veils are extra thin on this day opening up communion with our ancestors and Spirit.  Interestingly I was chatting with a sister yesterday about how the veils are always thin these days but they get thinner when we all focus on the fact that they are thin... so I guess you could say the Collective is opening a portal.  As I am writing this a little in retrospect I have to say this was not helpful for my dear Sammy-Owl who was wild last night looking everywhere as he seems to be seeing many energies... and he would not settle!! So I put out a call to chill out on the portal activation so mama can get some sleep... aaargh!   

Nov 8 - The US Election:  I feel like including this as this is a great time for us to use our Collective energy to anchor the light and ground it into Gaia.  Although this election may already be preordained we can still do our stabilisation work - and remember not to fear as everything is playing out as it need to!    
11/11 Gateway:  This gateway is another powerful initiation, and one that will be felt in this lead up.  I quote from Celia Fenn  "This is a “Master Activation” portal, and its power of 11/11/9, which is a 2/2/9, activates both the power of the Master Numbers 11 and 13 and the Divine Feminine wisdom of the 2 together with Mastery and Completion.  These energies will activate through the Pineal Gland and into the Right Brain/Left Brain “chalice” of your own “Crystal” Skull and then be transmitted into your body via the Heart Center."
This activation requires a degree of readiness (your Higher Self will decide) as the right and left brain must be operating in balance and harmony and you must be a clear channel to allow these energies to flow down the prana tube and into the heart of Gaia.  

Don't get too attached to "what to do" and "how to be" to receive these energies... simply open yourself, anchor yourself and ask that they be integrated and assimilated into your being in the perfect way for you.  I would also suggest asking our multi selves (the energetic aspects which exist in the other dimenisions) to come into your body now.  This is truly how we start living the "higher dimensions" and accessing our abilities in our human reality.    

I know I always include this but perhaps it will help too:

- bring yourself back to your centre by plugging yourself into the central crystal of Gaia
- open your prana tube / central channel to receive the solar frequency / plugging into the Galactic Centre
-  amplify your field from your heart by breathing in and out through your heart space
- see your torus field expanding and ask for clearing of any old energies that may be stuck in your field  - you can do a body scan and work with liquid light frequency to help you clear  
- ask your chakras to spin in their correct direction with ease and grace
- ask to break any bonds, ties and contracts with old energies of ways of being to help you step into this new world with lightness and clarity
- feel you power in this moment when you are fully plugged in, activated and amplified! 



So much LOVE for this powerful time. Please reach out if you have questions or feedback.

Love SJ x