I surrender to the flow of life

I need to make an announcement – my life feels unbearably CRAZY right now!!!!

I’m building 6 international retreats, marketing my ass off, eating too much raw chocolate (just to be OK – it’s my security blanket), planning an overseas wedding, teaching teaching teaching and packing up a life and house for at least 12 months of instability on the road.  

And, in all honesty, I’m questioning myself daily on why they hell I am constantly making things so hard for myself.  Why I always have to play bigger, be more adventurous, be a warrior goddess weaving dreams across the globe…? 

Why can’t I just be LAZY?

But in my heart I know why… I’m living my current mission.  Shining my light and helping people wake up from their slumber of ignorance…. and I yearn to GROW… to see what I’m made of… to truly realise my gifts… this is like REMEMBRANCE BOOT CAMP… and sometimes it is challenging! (and secretly I kind of hope one day this will all happen from my magical farms – one in Byron and the other in Ibiza, surrounded by my community and veggie garden with my love rather than having to keep packing it all up and starting over in foreign lands).

After a weekend in Byron, away from the computer, surrounded by people who feel very much in their flow and living a simplified life I had a TOTAL MELT DOWN! A couple of day of staying with friends and being on other people’s schedules I began to react. I observed how tightly wound I’ve been lately and how the smallest things are throwing me out… Like not being able to eat when I want, have time on my own, sleeping in different beds etc.  Now, I’ll have to clarify that everyone who has hosted us was 100%  AMAZING and it was simply a rearing of the ugly head of my stress and sh#t that rocked my world.

But WOAH … It was big… Tears, tantrum, like a CRAZY LADY! I felt rattled but it made me realise how much pressure I have been operating under lately … And the pot boiled over, or more EXPLOded!

So, after taking myself off for some time out I made a choice, inspired my my compadres – to completelysurrender to the flow…

I’ve never been the best as completely being ok with surrender. I’m a planner, especially around food and things I perceive I need to be ok… But when living the life I keep choosing with travel and gypsy-dom going with the flow goes with the territory… And I mostly suck at it! So day by day I create more opportunities to try to make me learn acceptance… Just like this weekend.

Now… here are some channelled words I want you to read, feel and absorb into your cellular being:

Dear Ones

Anything is possible when you believe. Believe in your self, and your right to be happy and fulfilled, and the perfection of everything. Believe in your brilliance, and your importance, and your essential connection to the entirety of creation, and believe that surrendering to life will place you in situations, and afford you opportunities to be all that you are, and will transform your life into the life of your dreams, and you will assist life in making it happen. 

You are a powerful creator. But all too often, you stand in your way. You resist, and you struggle, and you thwart all attempts that life makes to place you where, deep within, you really want to be. You allow your mind and your conditioning and your patterning to dictate the possibilities, and you then accept them as your fate and your lot, when truly, the sky is the limit. There are no limitations except for the limitations you place upon yourself. 

Dear Ones, if your heart and your passion is leading you, if you hit roadblocks, and naysayers, and doubts creep in and try to stop you, or sabotage your efforts before you begin, just believe in your right to be happy and fulfilled, and believe in the perfection of everything, and stop fighting. Surrender to the flow of life and let it carry you along. There is a plan for you, Dear Ones — a perfect plan! All you have to do is believe and trust that life knows this, and always has your greatest life in mind, and allow yourself to be taken there. Yes, it’s a choice that you make every second of every day. Do I resist, or do I allow? Do I judge, or do I accept? Do I face whatever is before me with equanimity and courage, or do I run for the hills and hide? All choices — choices that we make everyday. Be aware, and conscious, and present. And see what happens. Really, what do you have to lose? Your time? Your stuff? Your relationships? Yes, you could lose some or all of that and more. But what do you have to gain? Peace of mind? Fulfillment? Joy? New relationships? New career? New stuff? 

Really, it all comes down to this: Are you happy with your life? Are you enjoying your life? When the time comes to say goodbye, will you feel satisfied that you lived a great life? Will you be able to leave without regret? If you can look at your life and say yes, then congratulations, well done, carry on as you are doing. If you think though that your answer might be otherwise, then we highly recommend that you seriously consider risking the possibility of regret on the possibility of fulfillment and joy, on the possibility that you just might discover a little more of who you really are and what you are really made of, on the possibility that you can transform your life into a life of purpose and meaning and contentment, on the possibility that you can wake up every morning and feel excited by life, and go to bed every night satisfied, ready for rest, and with great expectation and joy for the day to come. 

Bless you, Dear Ones. We love you dearly, and wish you the peace, joy and contentment that we feel. 

The Guardians (through Mathew Hart)

So with these word in my heart,  I took a deep breath and finally allowed my life to roll like a perfect wave ~ and would you believe it?!   What was a fairly dire morning of fighting upstream became and incredible afternoon of picnics by a waterhole at the base of Mount Warning with incredible people talking about how we can unite to heal the world. I had a healing from a new wild vagabond friend and danced like a goddess in my new Spell kimono… 100% connected to heart, the earth and to the order if the Universe… WOW!

I am forever grateful to all of the situations I place myself in and the guides I meet along the way who help me learn so much about myself.  This life is truly and ADVENTURE!

Are you with me?